GK for MBA exams

GK for MBA exams

Students preparing for MBA entrance exams get too much engaged with quants, verbal ability, DI & LR, that they stop paying attention to what is happening in and around the globe which generally results in lack of general awareness. I know students will be like my prime focus is CAT and General knowledge is not there in the exam, but you are forgetting the fact that once you clear your written exam, general awareness will be required to crack your group discussions and personal interviews. And apart from CAT, there are many other MBA entrance exams like IIFT, SNAP, CMAT, NMAT, MAT, TISS and IBSAT. General knowledge is something which you acquire over time and not within a day or two and it’s utmost important to improve your general knowledge..

In this article, I will be discussing some ways to improve your general knowledge which will be useful for you to get into top B schools.


One of the most common and successful ways of improving your general awareness is to start reading a good newspaper. Newspapers like the Hindu, the Economist etc. provide you wide range of topics to build your general awareness. The articles and news in the newspaper will not only help to broaden your knowledge horizon but will also help you to improve your verbal ability skills. Basically, by reading newspapers you will get benefitted in one or another way.

Online Apps:

I understand that students sometimes find it difficult to read newspapers, and that’s the time when you can use your smartphones in a really smart way. Because of the technological advancements, almost all the newspapers are now available in the form of App which you can be easily installed on your phones. You can go through these apps whenever you get time. Mobile phones provide you an opportunity to keep news handy with you. there are apps like inshorts which gives you news in a really crisp and precise manner. Make it a daily habit to read news either offline or online, but do push yourself to take out time and go through daily news.

News channels:

Another way can be by watching the news on news channel. All the news channels are now available 24×7. I am not proposing that you sit in front of a television entire day and keep on watching the news as you and I, we both understand how precious this time is for you. What you can do is to select any news channel, say, ABP or NDTV and watch special current affairs programs daily and make it a habit.

Make notes:

One suggestion here is that there is lots of news which will come each and every day and it’s really difficult to keep each and everything in your mind, so what you can do is to jot down the points of the specific news which you find is important. This will act as a database for you and you can even refer this database for your GD-PI.

General Knowledge magazines:

Another way is to subscribe to General Knowledge books/ Magazines. This will give you an option to attain knowledge quickly and efficiently. Magazines like Pratiyogita Darpan and Manorma etc. can be of great help to provide you a collated data to improve your general awareness.

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Discussion forums:

Also, you can get involved in different discussion forums where people share their views on a particular topic. This is useful in a way that it will increase your knowledge as well as help you to broaden your perspectives. Discussion forums can also be helpful even if you are not much aware about a particular topic,  it will help you to understand more about that topic and you can easily grab some really good points to structure that particular topic.

Online Quizzes:

Another effective way can be to take mocks and other online GK quizzes to help understand overall improvement.

General knowledge being one of the most ignored and avoided part of the MBA examinations can turn the tables upside down in exams which check your general awareness. It will be really helpful for you if you people start following the above mentioned suggestions to secure a good rank in a top B school.


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