Welcome to CATKing Reading Speed Tool (RST):

Many students have struggled with the question of how to increase reading speed to help them with a solution CATKing has introduced his reading speed tool. We all know that Reading Comprehension has a good weight-age in various management entrance exams such as CAT, CET, GRE, GMAT, NMAT and other competitive exams. It's not only important to read and comprehend the details in the RCs but also to do this quickly.

How to use, in order to increase your reading speed:

Click on New to add your custom text; in-case you don't want to, it will use the default text on the website. Once done click on play (highlighted in green) button to start reading. You can also set a reading speed from the left sidebar where you can modify:

Words per minute, i.e. the speed at which the words will move forward; start with low speed and gradually increase it; ideal time to increase is once a week. However note, if you are increasing the words per fixation; you can keep the speed constant. Else it will be an exponential increase.

Words per fixations i.e. the words that will be highlighted to set your eye span, initially start with small span and eventually increase the same.

Fixation points: How long / short should the highlighted word move forward; to be gradually increased, recommended that you increase it once in week.

Font Size: To adjust the size of the fonts based on your convenience; you can start with big size fonts however eventually use a standard size to make sure you are used to smaller font sizes as well.

Space between the lines: To set the space between the lines to avoid disruption, while reading. You can keep it more during the initial stage but later on reduce it.

Some shortcuts have also been provided which can be seen in the left sidebar.

Happy Reading!

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Words per minute: 295
Words per Fixations: 2
Fixation Points: 3
Font Size: 18
Space in between lines: 1.4
Lines Showing: 12
  • s: Stop
  • p: Play/Pause
  • r: Restart
  • h: Toggle highlight
  • a: Autoscroll
  • i/d: +/- WPM