7 Must do things to score 700+ in GMAT

7 Must do things to score 700+ in GMAT

  • Have a routine

Try to maintain a defined study schedule for each day and make sure you follow it religiously. For example, try studying every other night for 2 hours. It will help in much more long-term retention of content rather than doing the weekly mug ups. Studying most days of the week will definitely improve your score more than studying one or two days a week.

    • Mix and match

Do not spend a week or a month only focusing on quant or verbal. Mix it up, so you make an equal amount of progress across topics. It will make the learning less monotonous. You might come across some people who will tell you to focus on either quant or verbal. But in reality, you never know which section might be easy or which might be difficult. Thus, you need to prepare yourself for every possible situation.

  • Focus on your weaknesses

If you focus only on your strong areas, you might face a situation in GMAT where you have to make a choice between solving two questions and both are from your weak areas. For situations like these, you have to pay a good amount of attention on your weak areas. Not that you should divert all your focus from strong areas but also pay a decent amount of attention on your weak areas especially you are losing significant points in your weak areas.

  • Break down questions

You need to break down complicated questions into basic concepts. Try visualizing lengthy questions into conceptual frameworks. One you get habituated to this, you will start getting to the solutions even before you actually start solving the problems. Unless and until you follow a structured approach towards solving problems, you are less likely to come to an end solution.

  • Repeat and Revise

The only mantra which you must know while prepping for GMAT should be Eat-Sleep-Study-Repeat. Revise everything. Solve the questions again which you missed the first time. The only thing which you should not be repeating is your mistakes. Keep track of your mistakes and try to avoid them at all possible costs. Also, make sure that whatever you learn at the start of your prep is still fresh on the test day.

  • Don’t overdo practice tests

Full-length mock tests are necessary, but it is not advised to overemphasize on them. Giving more and more practice tests leads to test anxiety. Three to four practice tests for the prep duration is an ideal structure. In case the prep schedule is longer, a couple of more tests can be taken. Rather than focusing on the scores you get, devote more time on your errors and mistakes and missed questions.

  • Watch the clock

Time management is one game changing aspect of acing GMAT. If you cannot finish each section with some time left, you might not score well. Once you find the right pace, things will start falling into places. With practice only you will develop a mind clock which will tell you that you are over the time limit. You must also be willing to give up lucrative question when time is scarce.

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