How to score in NMAT

How to score in NMAT

How to score in NMAT

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The major difference between CAT and NMAT is that you cannot move forward to the next question without answering the question in NMAT. Therefore, you cannot scroll and select which question you want to attempt in NMAT just like CAT; attempting all the questions is compulsory though NMAT is a forgiving exam as it is adaptive in nature but again overall, it is not a very high-risk situation as there is no negative marking.

The approach was to aim for higher accuracy in the initial level of each section and then solve the question that you get. Higher the accuracy, tougher the questions, and more marks you get for the same.

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Consider it as a game. The thought process was to give NMAT before CAT. Next, choose the sections in the order of VARC- LRDI- QA i.e. Verbal Ability, Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Ability, since, the CAT exam has the same structure. There is not much difference between the two exams.

You need to give mocks before attempting the final exams as it familiarizes you with the structure, shows where you stand actually before the exam itself, and evaluate your scores too. There is a substantial difference between the types of questions so you need to see all the different types of questions as well even if your syllabus is the same. Familiarize and don’t get surprised in the actual exam attempt.


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