How to stay motivated for CAT

How to stay motivated for CAT

Examinations have always been stressful be it any level, school graduation or competitions. But when the examination decides your career and the its trajectory it becomes even more stressful. Most of the times stress is a major factor that affects motivation. Preparation for MBA entrance exams is not as exhaustive as for an engineering entrance or CA finals or medical entrances but it requires smart efforts consistently.

Cracking a CAT exam requires only decent language and quantitative skills. Rest consistency takes care of the examinations. But the question is how to consistently put in efforts without swaying away from the major objective that we have set. There were a certain set of things that worked well for me.

Firstly, keep talking to yourself at where you are. This is a very important. You must always keep questioning your preparation to come across the points where you lag efforts. This also dissects the time you have utilized and you can understand your pace and productivity. For this you can keep a tiny diary where at the end of the day you can record the activities of the day and every week at the end you can calculate how much you have progressed. This acts as a good kickstart at the starting of every week.

Secondly, if this doesn’t motivate you enough start watching success stories and interviews of famous personalities. This will inspire you to achieve huge targets in life. Read the success stories of the alums of the colleges you have been targeting at. This will push you to strive harder for the colleges you desire.

Thirdly, form study group. Peer motivation have been recorded as the most effective form of motivation according to the researches. In a healthy study group peers motivate you to catch up with the speed of the best. You learn a lot of new tricks and methods of solving question papers. Also, when you are stuck in doubts you can get help easily. I also find it that there are certain forms and colleges we might miss out. Peer groups take care of all such things.

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Fourthly, call your mentor. Go visit your coaching centre and tell your teacher that you are stuck in what areas. Even if you have given up hope share it with him. They take responsibility to solve your problem and motivate you because they have a lot of experience with the students. If you are not comfortable with you own faculty you can talk to some student or an alum via linkedin and other social media sites. If you want to talk to some expert or someone new, CATKing can also advice you. You just need to visit the section ‘Mentor on call’.

Lastly don’t be scared of the results. The anticipation of future destroys the present. Don’t focus on the long-term goals. Make short terms goals and keep implementing them. This will help you reach success more easily. I have seen a lot of students do well in mocks and ruin the final examination. Don’t let the fear of results hamper your efforts.


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