IIFT Personal Interview Experiences

IIFT Personal Interview Experiences

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IIFT PI Experience 1:

19/2/2020 Delhi

Percentile: 98.26

No documents verified, only ID card checked

WAT Topic – For the powerful, crimes are those committed by others (300 words)

GD Topic – Will ai take away jobs from the workforce?
– I’ve never seen a worse GD in my life. After the compulsory one minute per person, it turned into pure chaos. 6-7 people shouting at a time, the loudest one clearly having no idea about the topic and talking about climate change and initial coin offerings. GD moderators said that they’ll throw all of us out due to the sheer chaos, but that wasn’t enough to deter people from valuing quality over quantity and volume. Through and through atrocious. I didn’t participate in the madness and was asked to conclude. I summarised the few understandable points and concluded that we didn’t address the important questions during our ‘discussion’ to arrive at an answer.

PI – 2F, 1M(all very senior), Me(S)

M: introduction please
S: blah blah…I’m a computer science engineer…blah blah

M: are you a CSE or a computer engineer? (My degree says computer engineering?
S: computer engineer

M: what’s the difference
S: told about the difference in curriculum

F1: what do you do at your (American investment bank)?
S: told about team structure + oracle project

F1: what application are you working on?
S: explained more about oracle

F1: (annoyed) I’m asking what do you do
S: i work on oracle

F1: what does that oracle do for your team
S: explained business use

F1: how do you price your services?
S: the team I work in generates it revenue thru…..

F1: can’t you understand my question, how do you earn?
S: (annoyed) I’m telling that only…proceed to explain

M: why u want to do international trade after cse
S: explains how it’ll be easy for me to deal with data

M: then do pgdba?
S: (disinterested) explains about need to act on data

F2: what foreign banks operate in India?
S: do you mean retail banks?

F2: yes
S: Barclays, Citi, Deutsche, HSBC

F2: why was HSBC in news?
S: money laundering issues

F2: can you elaborate?
S: I only know the news, don’t know details

Them: we’re done thanks

Opinion: Very poor selection structure, gd was more of a mob, strange interview too

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