IIM-I Results Accepted

Domestic Candidates (in India) – CAT
International Candidate (outside India) – GMAT (and TOEFL if the medium of study has not been English)
For FPM – Application-Based

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IIM-I Admission Procedure

For the PGPM Programme
There are 2 stages that a candidate goes through before getting selected for IIM-Indore PGPM Programme.
1)The first stage is appearing for the CAT Exam conducted by the IIMs (GMAT for the international candidates).
2)On clearing the required cutoffs and the composite score, a candidate is called for
the Written Ability Test (WAT) and Personal Interview (PI).The candidate applying through GMAT must provide 3 letters of validation from people who know the candidate closely for academic and professional validation

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IIM-I Eligibility And Selection Criteria For PGPM At IIM-I

IIM-I shortlists candidates on the basis of the CAT score, past academic performance, and other criteria mentioned below.
The minimum CAT percentiles required in order to be considered for an IIM-I call have been tabulated below:
Category General
Section I (QADI) Percentile-85
Section II (VALR) Percentile-85
Overall Percentile-90

The interview calls made to the candidates are based on the composite score. The Composite Score reflects the components of the CAT score, Class X and Class XII aggregate percentages, and gender diversity factor.
The composite score of a candidate is calculated on the basis of the table below. All the components have a particular weightage.

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Real Interview Experience 

Q: Please share your WAT/PI experience in detail.
A: WAT and PI were the two vital stages of IIM Indore selection process. WAT was somewhat tricky with a question on précis writing and another asking about my opinion in a given situation where a choice was to be made between a family managed business and a professionally run organization.
PI probably was the most challenging part, with the interviewers asked extensively about my job profile and nature of work apart from a good amount of general knowledge. Work experience was somehow a difficult part to tackle questions ranging from basic programming concepts to industry quality standards and their constituents.
Overall, it was a mixed kind of interview which had its own high points and lows. I was hoping to convert with a good performance on almost all the measures which I later did.

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Q: Please share your WAT/PI experience in detail.
A: The WAT process for IIM Indore involved summarizing an article in one-third word limit and was followed by essay writing. I had been practicing essays during my GD/WAT preparations and this helped me perform well in the WAT section.
This was followed by a PI. Being a fresher, I was questioned thoroughly on my subjects. Professors checked every aspect of my personality through questions on general awareness, GK, current affairs and my background. The interview was a great learning experience and helped me gauge myself better and identify areas of improvement.

IIM Indore Experience

X: 81.4
Undergrad Major – GPA/%age 78.8% Electronics and Communication Engg

Work-Ex: 33 months IT sector
NIL/Sector – Number of Years

CAT Score: 243(98.92%)

Time: 9:00 AM 6th April 2010

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Essay Topic: The diverse demography of India is unused unless the manufacturing sector booms. (Take a stance and develop the argument in about 200 words)
Wrote about the services & manufacturing sector composition and how we need a boom in many for double-digit growth. wrote ok types will give 6 out of 10.
Psychometric test: 44 ques and 5 min. Basic questions like are you talkative? Are u shy? Are u a leader? With options like strongly disagree, partly agree, neither agree neither disagree, partly agree and strongly agree.
Then panel said we will call you for the interview. They called people in the random order and I was the 3rd last to go.
P1: A Bearded Prof
P2: A Serious looking Prof
M: Me

P1 was not in the room when I entered.
P2: So Sumit Khanna From where are you?
M: Sir I am basically from Ludhiana but currently working with Infosys in Chandigarh
P2: So what have you written in the essay?
M: Explained the things that I wrote
P2: You say the services sector will saturate. How can you say so?
M: Sir I work in the IT sector and I have seen that the margins which were there some years back are not there and profits are decreasing.
P2: What is the contribution of the IT sector to the GDP
M: around 7% sir
P2: that is too less
P2: What else comes in services
M: Banking sector
P2: How do Banks earn money
M: explained the concept of interest on loans.
P2: ok what else in services
M: Insurance, hospitality
P2: So are the margins in hospital sector lessening?
M: No idea sir J
P2: You say people in different locations are suited better for a particular job
M: Yes sir as a person who lives near a coal mine will be better suited as he is a climatized with the environment there.
M: Also some people have an inherent talent and that should be used for manufacturing like the handicraft industry in Kashmir is there.
P2: Define talent?
M: Talent is the characteristic of a person by which he can do a task better than normal
P2: you have written that India moved from agricultural to services based industry missing manufacturing. Is it a natural transition agriàmanuàservices
M: Yes sir as it is the case with China. I have read it somewhere
P2: What is the percentage of agriculture in the USA economy?
M: Sorry Sir J
P2: In USA agriculture has more contribution than services, so there is no rule like this ok?
M: Yes Sir J
(Meanwhile P1 joins in)
P1: So Sumit you have worked in career launcher (was looking at my file)
M: yes Sir but it was only because I passed out in June and my Infosys joining was in November, that’s why.
P1: ok so tell me about your final year project
M: Told him about how we had developed a railway monitoring and tracking system, explained to him that
P1: What was the component u used
M: 89c51 microcontroller sir
P1: Ok explain that
M: told what it is and the functions and the parts
P1: What kind of memory does uC have?
M: ROM, as well as RAM sir and there, is space for attaching external memory as well
P1: How many counters are there in uC/
M: 2 sir
P1: how many ways they can run
M: 8 bit, 13 bit and dual mode sir ( I think missed one here)
P1: What is ring counter
M: It is a counter in which after the last state it goes back to the first state, gave an example of the vehicle’s odometer here. JJ
P1: what is uP and different from uC
M: explained
P1: how does control happen in uC.
M: told control signals are there and there are address and data buses
P1: does uP has them?
M: Sir uP has an address and data bus but not sure about control signals
P1 looks at P2, he nods
P1: ok thanks
M: thanks sir
P2: So are these the posts from your blog ( I had placed the story at the end of the file)
M: yes Sir, I am writing a story and these are the few chapters and writing a college/school-based love story.
P2: you are proactive, normally people write after their MBA, Chetan Bhagat and all.
M: Yes sir I had the idea after engineering and started writing now as was finalizing the plot
P2: looking at my affidavit, So you didn’t get it on the stamp paper(was not on a stamp paper but on a plain paper with stamps)
M: Sir I went to the notary and he was not having the stamp paper one and said these govt stamps one will suffice, I argued with him but he said we make it daily and this will do, so that’s it sir.
P1: ok, Thanks. You can leave now
M: thank you, Sir.

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