IIM Lucknow Personal Interview Experiences

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IIM Lucknow Personal Interview Experiences

Note: This page will be updated regularly as and when we receive IIM Lucknow Personal Interview Experiences directly from students and trusted sources

IIM Lucknow Interview Experiences

Preparing for CAT? It is the exam to get admission into any of the IIMs. Also, the CAT exam is considered the toughest of all exams. After the exams, it is equally important to prepare for Group Discussion and Personal Interview. In this article, you will know more about the IIM Lucknow cut-off, GD topics, and a real PI experience shared by a candidate.

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IIM Lucknow Cutoff

The Indian Institute of Management Lucknow cutoff for the General category candidates is 90 percentile. The CAT cutoff for IIM Lucknow has remained more or less constant for the past few years. Let us take a look at the detailed analysis of the IIM Lucknow cutoff.

IIM Lucknow Cutoff

Category        QA     DI & LR    VARC      Overall Percentile
General               85          85            85                       90
NC-OBC              77          77            77                        82
SC                         55          55            55                       70
ST                         50         50            50                      65
PWD/DA            55          55            55                       70

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After clearing the cutoff the next step is to be preparing for GDPI most important and tough. The process of selection at IIM L consists of an Essay writing, Group Discussion (on the essay topic) followed by a Personal Interview.

steps for iiml

First step:- Essay Writing

Average Duration: 15 min.
No. of Panelists: 2
No. of Participants: 13

Some actual topics of Essay writing:

1. The bad news in time flies the good news & you are the pilot!
2. Intuition is the loss of scientific knowledge.
3. Glory is transitory but obscurity is forever.
4. There have been discussions to abolish the death penalty. What are the pros and cons of abolishing capital punishment?
5. A man who won’t die for something is not fit to live
6. All exact sciences are dominated by the idea of approximation

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Second step:- Group Discussion

Average Duration: 15 -20 minus.
No. of Panelists: 2
No. of Participants: 13
Same as an Essay Writing topic

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Last step: – Personal Interview


Average Duration: 15 mins.
No. of Panelists: 3

In personal interview questions are generally asked about self, work, general knowledge, hobbies, and interest-based questions, etc.

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Some sample of questions asked in a past interview:

1. So, walk me through your background.
2. why do you want to do an MBA now?
3. Which is your favorite book? Detailed inquiries about the book?
4. Do you know Demand-Supply Law in Economics? Explain.
5. Have you read the latest budget? What are the key highlights of the budget? Profs may take one highlight and ask you to explain the benefits of it.
6. Why has the Indian IT Industry grown significantly in the past decade? What factors have contributed to it?
7. How do you think about the company that you are in doing? Are you aware of how it is doing financially?
8. If you were to recommend changes to your current company as a consultant, what would they be and why?


IIM-L Interview Experience 1

Lucknow had also very generously provided a fact sheet to brush up recent events in India and globally, which I went through diligently. So I was somewhat more confident on D-day. Visited Taj Bengal for the first time in more than 10 years. The panel consisted of a lady (L), and an older gentleman (G).

The moment I took my seat,

L: So Sambit you are into the theater! What kind of plays do you do?
Me: (Aha! Area of strength!) I have done most of my acting in Bengali. In college, we generally re-enacted existing plays by the likes of Badal Sarkar, Bratya Basu, Utpal Dutta, etc. In Jamshedpur, we tried to put a little more of our creativity into the plays. We took some well-known stories of Tagore and others, and put in some original chunks to concatenate them, and presented them as a common theme.

L: No I mean what have the themes of your plays been?
Me: We have done everything from comedies, tragedies, political satire, to mythology.

G: (cutting in) So being in the theatre circuit and all, what are your views on the debate going on about Freedom of Speech?
Me: (Thank god for Google News) Sir I feel that whatever JNU students have said are definitely objectionable, however, morality and legality cannot be considered to be the same. It was wrong to have taken legal action against the students.

G: (Slightly agitated) What are you saying! Have you seen the video where he is saying all that anti-national stuff?
Me: Yes, but…

L: (to G) Oh that video was doctored. It was a ploy of the politicians or the media.
G: (to L) But how is it possible to edit a video so convincingly?
L: They will do anything to create an issue.
G: But they also had banners and signs saying the same thing.
Me: sitting in awkward silence while the two panelists continue debating among themselves about the issue.

L: So Sambit your final views on the matter?
Me:(Remembering a quote but not who it was from) Ma’am all I would like to say is that I do not agree with what the students have said, but I will defend their right to be able to say it.
L and G both look pleased.

I hope this article helps you with your preparation.

Keep going and All the very best!

IIM-L Interview Experience 2

Cat 97.39 obc, work ex 3.5yrs

P1: Are you working or student
Me: Working Sir

P1: From where you did your graduation?
Me: Answered

P2: Where are you working?
Me: Answered

P2: What exactly you guys do?
Me: Explained

P2: How the crude oil is carried from exploration to site via truck or any other mode?
Me: Explained in detail with difference between Piping and Pipeline

P2: Do you know Cairne company
Me: initially said no, then panelist pronounced it correctly, I said yes I know

P2: What is NRV?
Me: Answered

P2: Where it is placed?
Me: Answered

P2: In drawing, how pump is drawn?
Me: Done

P2: Draw NRV in that
Me: Done

P1: What are your hobbies
Me: Trekking, teaching

P1: What kind of teaching
Me: I teach maths of school level for competitive exams

P1: Is it CAT level?
Me: No sir, it is school level, which is applicable for competitive exams

P1: Is it for part time earnings?
Me: No sir for part time earnings, I do society accounting stuff (no cross question)

P2: Which other calls you got?
Me: BCI, Cap along with L

P2: So how many are done?
Me: Sir done with C, cap interview and this is 3rd one

P1: So you selected all 3 courses?
Me: Explaining the glitch in form on day1

P1: So you guys initially fill all options in cat, and then when u get shortlist, u think this other field are not good acreer option
Me: Sir first part is right, in cat I did it, but in form because of glitch to be on safer side, I chose all 3 but it is not like other branches are bad, it’s just my inclination towards Operations.

P1: So it is your preference, so you want to get considered for other two branches or not?
Me: No sir, I am just looking for Pgp.
P1: Ok we are done

IIM-L Interview Experience 3

Accounts and finance fresher

1. What are you doing currently

2. If u don’t get admitted to mba this year will you look for placements

3. Suppose you get ur dream job what will be your first thing to do on a typical day

4. What is sunk cost

5. Suppose a company is worth 5 crores and the company is over insured to 10 crores and there’s fire in the premises and u get a claim of 10 crores… where will you account for the rest 5 crores

6. Suppose u sell a factory of a poorly performing company that is located in a prime area and u get double the book value…is it windfall gain? How will you account for it

7. What is price elasticity

8. What is elastic and inelastic goods… provide examples

9. Extempore – Privatisation

10. Talk about farm bills – do you support them or oppose them

IIM-L Interview Experience 4

Panel 2
Two panelists, both male

Workex – 24 months, data analyst

P1: How has life been treating you these days?
Me: I’m good (discussed my packed interview schedule with them)

P1: So that’s good, you’ll get done early. So tell us about yourself.
Me: (prepared answer)

P1: How have you prepared for this interview?
Me: spoke about life history, current affairs etc.

P1: Acha, what should we question you on?
Me: umm, football will be a good topic.

P1: No, why football, why not cricket?
Me: Not a big fan very honestly, gravitated towards football.

P1: Okay what else then?
Me: my work?

P1: Everyone wants to talk about their work. Chalo tell us about your job.
Me: (prepared answer)

P1: What about statistics?
Me: Okay sure sir.

P1: Okay tell me a distribution other than the normal distribution.
Me: gave a detailed answer on the binomial distribution.

P1: What are type 1 and type 2 errors? Give examples.
Me: Answered. Gave examples from my work itself.

P2: What books have you read recently?
Me: Spoke about Delhi by Khushwant Singh, The palace of illusions by Chitra Banerjee devakurni. Specifically spoke about the latter and the context of the book (written from the POV of Draupadi).

P2: which other famous book has been written from the POV of a Mahabharata character?
Me: didn’t know (stupid answer, it’s obviously the Gita)

P1: So you’re an expert authority on the Mahabharata, which character do you relate to from the Mahabharata?
Me: chuckled and said I’m no expert, both of them started laughing. I then spoke about Karan at length and how I’m a moral person.

P1: You’re a moral person then why Karan? He was evil. So you support evil too?
Here we had a really long back and forth on the definition of evil. How I felt it is very subjective and the Gita literally talks about a similar dilemma on Arjun’s mind. The panelist told me I would probably support Hitler but I stood my ground and told him that was clearly wrong, but in the Mahabharata’s context the moral ambiguities are quite apparent.

P1: So will you sell poison to increase shareholder value?
Me: Wouldn’t that be illegal?

P1: Suppose you find a way, then?
Me: I won’t, it doesn’t align with my principles.
P1: Okay that’s what I wanted to know.

P2: There’s only one great book by Khushwant Singh, in my opinion, which one is it?
Me: this is the first time I’m reading him, so I don’t know that.

P2: So this book on Delhi, what is it about?
Me: Said it’s about the history of the city from the 13th till the 20th Century.

P2: A very famous history professor passed away recently, who was he?
Me: I’m unable to remember his name but I’m sure he was a faculty at DU.
P2: Yes he was a professor at DU.

P2: Why did you pick up this book by him?
Me: Said how I was at the airport and was interested in the topic.

P1: Any questions for us?
I asked one question

It felt like a borderline stress interview, but a good panel with quality questions.

IIM-L Interview Experience 5

F1, F2 – Male (40 years)

F1 – Show us one of your identity proofs

F1 – Introduce Yourself
Gave a well-prepared answer

F2 – So, you are from Civil Engineering!!
Yes, Sir.

F2 – Why your grades are low in Undergraduation
Told that organized more than 10 events continuously. But topped in the 8th sem in the batch.

F2 – What is Cantilever Beam

F2 – Draw a Cantilever beam

F2 – Show me the cross section of a cantilever beam if I cut that at a point P

F2 – Draw the Shear Force Diagram and Bending Moment Diagram of that thing.
SFD was correct, BMD was wrong

F1 – Why there are gaps in the Roads?
Told about to bear stress and all.

F1 – Draw what have you said
Out of scope. So, Don’t know.

F1 – While marching on a Bridge, the footsteps are not matched. Why?
Don’t know sir. But will take a guess.
Due to slight Oscillation of the bridge

F1 – So, you are from Odisha. Tell me one famous person from there apart from Naveen Babu
Said about Dharmendra Pradhan

F1 – So, is there not any other famous personalities other tham him in the pas too?
Told about Ex-PM P V Narsimha Rao contesting from my constituency (he said ok, great)

F1- Ok, X. Thank You for your time.

IIM-L Interview Experience 6

3 years work ex at itcP1 : Male 35 yrs
P2 : Male 45 yrs
P1 : How was your day ?

P2 : What did you do waiting for your turn?

P2 : Tell us about how the threads were traced linked to farm bills toolkit

P2 : Take a minute to introduce yourself briefly( background ,weakness)

P1. : What did you study in engineering mathematics?

P1 : Tell any function which is not differentiable

P1 : When is a function differentiable

P2: how do you integrate a discrete function

P1 : gauss jordan matrix

P1 : What else did you study in maths

P1: when is fourier transform used and why

P1 : what is predictive maintenace

P2 : Tell the mathematical model involved in the predictive maintenance models?

P1 : what is fiscal deficit as per latest study ?

P1 : At What rate gdp is growing or declining

IIM-L Interview Experience 7

1. Opinion about farmers protest and laws.
Then grilled me a lot. Students at IIMs are very selfish, they only care about grades, internship and good package. They don’t care about others and social issues.
But you are a very social kind of person. You feel disheartened if farmers don’t get proper food and sleep during the protest.
You should join JNU, why you are joining IIMs?

2. Asked me about Hitler and WW II.

3. Do you think the agricultural sector on the corporate hand will be a good initiative?
What’s your opinion?

4. Would you join ITC? (I said yes)
They grilled me there also. ITC is selling Cigarettes and you want people to die of cancer? And they laughed

5. They asked me about the Telecom sector and 5G technology.

6. What other calls do you have?

IIM-L Interview Experience 8

3 months work ex Electrical Engineer
2 male Professors P1 and P2.

P1: How do I produce your name as it as 2 a’s in it?

P1: Tell me about yourself.

P1: What other IIM calls u have?

P1: Is this your first interview?

P1: Asked when is my Ahmedabad and Bangalore interview.

P1: How do u see yourself after doing MBA? What roles you would like to take up?

P2: Kaashyap, I can see that you have published a research paper, tell me about it.

P2: What are your hobbies other than Academics?

P2: Did u get placed somewhere or not?

P1: Asked about bigdata.

P2: Do you have any questions?

P1 asked me to log off.
10 mins interview.

IIM-L Interview Experience 9

20 months work ex Electronics and communication engineer
2 male Professors P1 and P2.

P1: Introduce yourself.

P1: Why mba when u have only 20months of work ex?

P1: Do u know anyone who has done there mba and been an entrepreneur?

P1: What other calls do u have?

P2: What is a capacitor and how does it work?

P2: What all circuits did u use in ur lab?

P2: How do u make an opamp work? and give me the functioning of a circuit with opamp?

P2: What is an oscillator?What are different oscillators?

P2:what is a multi vibrator?

P2: what is a sinusoidal wave? difference between sinusoidal wave and square wave? how do u convert one to another?

P2:What are z-transform,laplace transform and fourier transform?

P2: Asked few questions on differentiability continuity of a functions.

30 mins interview 25 mins on acads

IIM-L Interview Experience 10

Electrical and Electronics Engineering/NIT Calicut/Fresher
Two panelists(Both males) M1 around 45-50 in age, M2 around 30-35

M1: So You got the first position in a quiz on Engineer’s day. Tell me who is (a very complicated south Indian name which I had never heard before) (grilling)

M1: 1-2 Questions related to power systems (grilling)

M1: Your grades were low during the 1st year…any reason?
(gave the well-prepared answer, panelist nods in satisfaction)

M1: so have you studied any management-related subject during your engineering?

M1: Give your opinion on farm laws
(after listening to my opinion, he initiated the conversation and gave his opinion on the same)

M1: what are your interests?
(told that I like to cook, playing badminton, football and have an interest in Stock Markets)

Over to panelist 2
M2: So you mentioned stock markets, have you traded before?
(shared my experience during the stock market crash due to covid and lockdown)

M2: tell me how do you choose a stock
(explained in detail about the 4-5 parameters that I consider)

M2: what is the P/E ratio?

M2: what value of P/E ratio you would choose while choosing the stock?
(explained the ideal P/E ratio and how it changes year on year basis and can’t be solely relied upon and other factors to be considered) (satisfied look from panelist)

M2: what if I purchase a stock of P/E ratio lying between 30-40
(explained with example)

M2: okay one math question: draw the graph of y=square root (x)

M2: does it touch anywhere on the x-axis
M2: Okay, thank you

IIM-L Interview Experience 11

2 panelists Both Male one in 40s and other in his 50s

P1- Asked where are you from

P2- Give a short intro ( talked about that and last mentioned Saskhar Bharat Mission and my Job offer from TCS)

P2- Asked about literacy

P2- Asked why MBA and then told me to go to work with TCS rather doing an MBA( I gave my reasons for why I want to do MBA)

P2- then mail to TCS and say that you don’t want their boring job

P2- Asked about flip flops ( couldn’t answer and tried to divert but he came back)

P2- Asked about Fourier transform

P1- Gave me sequence questions and asked about it

P1- if price of Wheat and data is increased what would I choose.

P1- who manufacturers Ashirwad atta and how do they regulate the prices

P1- what other calls do you have

P1- you may leave

IIM-L Interview Experience 12

2 panel members 1M (40+): Mostly a professor 1F (30+): Mostly an Alumni

P1: Good morning
Me: Good morning Sir and Ma’am

P1: So you have graduated in 2018….your specialization?
Me: Mechanical Engineering

P1: Where do you work and what does the company do?
Me: Answered

P1: What does your team do?
Me: Answered

P1: As you work in the Oil and Gas sector, do you think India can move towards Renewable energy? What is your opinion
Me: Gave an elaborate answer

P1: What sources of news do you read?
Me: Gave an answer and included that I’m interested in world affairs. Since I am interested in geopolitics I have also read S. Jaishankar’s “The India Way” which was recently published

P1: So you are interested in geopolitics.. does geopolitics play a huge role in Energy sector? What is the impact of politics on the energy sector?
Me: Gave an elaborate answer

P2: What makes someone a huge failure?
Me: Answered with example (They seem impressed)

P2: You have mentioned a quote “Life is too short to learn from your own mistakes so learn from others”, some people say that MBA is a mistake so why not drop the idea of an MBA and take their advice?
Me: Answered (Answer was okayish I guess)

P2: You have written in your form that “With greater power comes greater responsibility”
Give me an example of a person you follow, which has or had great power but failed miserably

Me: Answered but I couldn’t think of a good example at that moment
P2: Thank you! You can leave. Best of luck

Pretty chilled out interview. Panelist were also in a good mood.

IIM-L Interview Experience 13

CSE Major – 2019 passed out

They were eating and asking

1. I thought you were going to come in normal dress why did you wear all formals?

2. For which course are you chosen? PGP / PGP ABM

3. What is your preference?

4. If you don’t get anything except PGP ABM – Will you join? – I said no

5. Show me your ID – showed PAN card

6. Which department issues PAN card?

7. Types of Taxes?

8. Difference between personal tax and GST?

9. √-12 x √-14?

10. If travel half the distance from source to destination and then again half of it and I will keep repeating – how much time will it take? – I said it will become an infinite series

11. How does it become infinite – the distance is limited right?

12. How do you find the continuity of a function?

13.1 If graph is not given?

14. Minister of social welfare? – couldn’t answer

15. Minister of external affairs, Finance minister?

Time: 15-20 min

Couldn’t answer anything properly.
Overall it went very bad

IIM-L Interview Experience 14

1M 1F (Both Soft Spoken)

BBA (Finance and Accounting)

Hello, How are you….Da da da

F: So what are you doing nowadays? Walk us through your day to day activities
Told (I mentioned that I’m trying to learn Intraday Trading)

M: So when do you think markets are going to crash?
Told him that I’m no expert in this

M&F: Which all subjects did you have? What was you favourite subject in which you scored highest
Told them the subjects
Told them that favourite subject and highest score subject are different

M: Asked a random case, what kind of investment will you suggest a 60years old
Short Discussion happened

F: You’re young, why don’t you travel or gain some experience and then get into the MBA? (Basically Why MBA)

F: Jatin tell us something about yourself, like your greatest achievement or anything
Asked them if I can mention an achievement from personal front
They said sure
Then told.

F: You’ve grown above your age Jatin. Be happy and all the best 🙂
Thankyou 🙂

IIM-L Interview Experience 15

Two panelits: F and M

1. M: We tried to connect to you but there was nothing, never mind. Tell something abt yourself
Told the practiced one

2. M: So you want to do a MBA, thus you will resign from your job or take a study leave.
Sir my company gives sabbatical after 5 years of service only, although I would request them to offer me a sabbatical but if they don’t then will go for resignation.

3. F: So you work in a oil rig right?
Yes Mam I am currently at a rig

4. F: So the oil prices are rising how your company is going to benefit from that.
Mam the oil price have increased due to extra tax put on by state and central government. The crude oil prices are somewhat stable. But if crude oil prices increase my company is going to benefit from that as it has low price per barrel.

5. F: But if your company buys a downstream firm then how the petrol price fluctuation will affect you.
Mam my company bought a downstream firm two years back. It helps to form a buffer zone to accommodate fluctuations. If crude oil prices increase then by default we benefit otherwise the downstream company will help us to earn benefits

6. M: So what are your hobbies?
Sir Cooking, Reading and Watching Movies

7. M: So what you like to cook?
Sir the most I like is to make chicken

8. M: You know only one thing to make and you say like cooking.
No sir I can make from chappati to full course meal, chicken is something which I love to make.

9. M: How many types of chicken do you make?
Sir I don’t have any count but I keep doing experiments. Recently during lockdown I learned to make a Turkish style chicken in which we fry the spices initially and add it to chicken in the end.

10. M: I love to cook myself thats why I am so eager. Ok what else was your hobby?
Sir Watching movies and reading

11. M: What type of movies do you watch?
Sir I like the movies from the director Christopher Nolan. Inception and Dark Knight Trilogy are my favorite. I also watch movies based on underworld and crime thrillers of Scorsese.

12. M: Ok So you watch Netflix series also?
Sir I am not a Netflix series fan. I like the concept of Movie rather than of series

13. F & M: Ok Akshay It was nice talking to you. You may now log out.
It was pleasure to talking you as well. Thank You

Overall the interview was very calm. Both the interviewers were very accommodating and let me answer completely. I panicked in Tell Me about yourself as it was more than 90 minutes and there was no reponse from Admission Office. After a couple of calls I was able to activate my link. The interview took approx 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

IIM-L Interview Experience 16

1M, 1F. 3.5 yrs workex
Time: 10 mins

1. Tell me about yourself

2. Specific question regarding work

3. Follow up on the same question

4. What would you advise your 12 year old self

5. What would you advise your 50 year old self


IIM-L Interview Experience 17

1M, 1F. 3.5 yrs workex
Time: 10-12 mins

1. Tell me about yourself

2. Work ex related questions. Male prof teaches a course related to my current work ex

3. Describe one difficult/stressful situation at work

IIM-L Interview Experience 18

7 months experience in telecom.

Why MBA after engineering?

What are EM waves ?

Explain 5G STA implementation of 5G? (My Btech Project)

Questions on implementation of 5G and India’s struggle

The questions related to my SOP

Now Why MBA?

You should continue with engineering related field I believe, you will do well.

Current Affairs- Reliance Oil to chemical biz.

Stress Interview, panelists were cutting down every now and then.

IIM-L Interview Experience 19

1 male (around 50) , 1 female (around 45), Both were mostly professors

1. Debate on farm laws..

2. Lot of cross questioning , at last they seemed convinced.

3. Discussion on supply chain of my business.

4. How it got impacted due to farmers protest.

5. Discussion on revolt of 1857.

Answered all , they were very friendly . It was a mere conversation rather than a interview.

IIM-L Interview Experience 20

Two panelist male(very old and arrogant) and female (young and smiling) entire interview::

1. Tell me about yourself

2. Why grad marks are low

3. Are you good at math

4. Political leaders from your state

5. 1+logx graph

6. X intercept of above graph

7. 5/10+55/100+555/1000+5555/10000…….

8. (1+x)**n expansion

9. Definition of π

10. No of constituency

11. Why scored low in 3 rd year as I gave reason for first two years only

12. Why are you double minded

13. What will be your specialization??

14. What do you do in your free time (said cricket)
Answered all of em and they were satisfied except one question thought interview was going well)

15. Don’t you read books ??
(I said I don’t read )

16. Even one book??
Chetan Bhagat answered
(All of us laughing)

17. Are you good at English??
(This was the worst mistake I did )
I said i am okay with it not as good as maths
They asked spelling of accessories
If you answered you will be selected if not rejected serious and sad faces from them????
Spelled wrongly
Finally they said it’s ok
Try it for next year you will be doing fine you don’t get selected this year

IIM-L Interview Experience 21

1.Tell me your fav subject in Economics (my grad)

2. 7-8 acads questions

3. Which other calls do you have


IIM-L Interview Experience 22

1. tell me something about yourself

2. asked about gap year

3. why mba

4. asked about current economic situation

5. how did our govt perform since 2015

6. asked about gdp and gdp growth rate

7. farm bills

It felt more like a political debate rather than an interview.

IIM-L Interview Experience 23

Bsc maths hons.

Asked about sri Venkateswara college

Then applications of mathematics in business
(I gave the example.of marginal cost and revenue) .

Next follow up quesn. On marginal revenue.

A quesn. Of the shortest path for an ant to travel along the longest diagonal of a cube but not through the longest diagonal.

Cabinet minister in delhi and about legislative assembly.

Then quesn. On signature bridge. (What’s special about it)

Why have I done Mathematics if I wanted to do an MBA as maths required for an MBA is done by 12th. . (Countered him by saying the importance of mathematical modelling in Business)

Next quesn. On Covid mathematical modelling. (That there were many models done in march -april on covid, are they are all in futility?) .
(Countered it )

Then what do you like apart from mathematics and why?
(Said marketing)

Difference between sales and marketing?

Since I’m a Goyal- Baniya , next quesn about that. Who was the first baniya? ( I didn’t knew)

And then he told me answer was Maharaja Agrasen, then I remembered.

And that was it.
(There were two people in the panel but only one asked the questions throughout the interview)
(Seemed like a friendly conversation rather than an interview)

IIM-L Interview Experience 24

Computer science and engineering – IIT Tirupati

Work ex- 7 months

1: Tell me about yourself

2: Tell me something which is not in this form

3: If I ask your father to tell something about you then what will he tell me

4: average of numbers from 1 to 100

5: When did IIT Tirupati start

6: How many batches graduated before you

7: Difference between Data and information

8: Your birthdate is data or information?

9: Which graduation course you did not like ( DBMS)

10: What all you learnt in DBMS

12: What is SQL

13: what is RDBMS

14: Example of RDBMS

15: Do microsoft access use RDBMS

16: What all calls do you have (ABCLIK)

17: Which all interviews are done?(ABCK)

18: Asked feedback of all interviews

19: Which interview was best and worst for you among ABC ( B and C respectively)

20: Why C was bad ? Is it because there faculties are angry on director? (Jokingly)

21: What’s angle between Minute hand and hour hand at 3:15?

22: How many times in a day angle between them is 0 and give some examples of those times?

IIM-L Interview Experience 25

I have Work-Ex

P1: What calls do you have?

P2: Which interviews are over?

P2: How was Calcutta?
-told that they asked only math and gk. Got one math wrong and one gk wrong.

P2: So we will not ask math and GK.

P1: hobbies?
– told I like sports cars, I like researching about them.

P1: I have 10 lakh rupees, recommend me some car.
– did

P1: Why MBA? Which specific domain?

P2: Tell me your future plans regarding your career in that domain?

P2: Any questions for us?
– asked why didn’t they ask me anything?

P2: (laughed) your grades are good and consistent, You have a good job which pays well, no gap years, answers were convincing. You tell me what should we ask.
– at this moment I was like ” wow, what did I even do, why are they praising me”
– told them they can ask about my job and the projects I am working.

P1: (smiled) Tumko jo kehna hai kaho
– told them about the projects in my job.

P1: very impressive, you can log off now

It was over within 15 mins, and I don’t even know how that happened so damn smooth.

IIM-L Interview Experience 26

Two Panelists(1M 1F), Me (A)

M: Show your ID
A: Should I screen share it or show the original?

M: Original. Screen share can be a fake too
A: * weird smile * Showed the ID

M: Tell me a joke
A: A kid and his fat aunt are walking below a bridge. The kid stops and lets the aunt walk. When the aunt asked him why did he stop, he replies, ” There is a that sign which says let the heavy vehicles pass first. ”

M: Laughs and says, dont you think that this is a sexist joke?
A: No sir, I dont think there is so much to think about this.

M: If you replace the fat aunt with a fat uncle, will it be funny?
A: To me, it’ll be.

M: Let me tell you a joke. * Tells that joke where a kid asks his parents how we are born and the father says, the your mother’s family evolved from monkeys”. Is this a sexist joke?
H: No sir, it is not.

M: Why?
A: Coz no one knows what happened to the father after that. May he RIP
M: Laughs out loud

F: You are funny. Do you have a boyfriend?
A:Yes ma’am, I do.

F: Can you hide your emotions
A: No ma’am struggle with that.

F: Since you like taking a dig on men, does your boyfriend feel bad about dating you?
H: Why will he feel bad? If he had, he wouldn’t have taken the first step

F: * smiles*
M: Next time someone asks you to tell a joke, tell a gender neutral joke.
A: Sir, I will replace fat aunt by fat uncle and conduct a social experiment.

Thank u sir! 🙂


IIM-L Interview Experience 27

2 panelists – 1M 1F, Btech-CSE 32 month experience

1. Tell me about yourself

2. What is your role and responsibilities?

3. What are the products?

4. Which tools do you use?

5. What is difference between C++ and Java ?

6. What is super keyword ? exemplify inheritance with your project examples.

7. Use of inheritance

8. Why MBA ?

9. questions on blood groups as I had mentioned family background.

IIM-L Interview Experience 28

1. So you have done commerce! Why do you wanna join a management course?

2. Were you determined to join management program when you were in class 11th?

3. Favourite subject (management accounting and financial management)

4. Difference between financial and management accounting.

5. What is abc costing and how is it different from marginal costing?

6. Assumptions of EOQ (here I made a blunder)

7. What is the difference between current and acid test ratio?

8. Inventory to minus krdoge but bachega kya numerator me? (Formula for quick ratio)

9. What is Free cash flow to firm?

10. Repeat the formula! (I made a mistake but corrected it)

11. Do you know DuPont analysis? (I said yes and he stared for a minute but didn’t ask anything about it)

12. Do you know a company with negative cash to cash conversion cycle?

13. Narrate a hypothetical scenario depicting it (I did and then he told that dell is such company to which I added big bazaar bhi ho skta hai)

14. Do you have any questions for us?

It felt more like a discussion instead !

IIM-L Interview Experience 29

F1, F2 – Male (40 years)

F1 – Show us one of your identity proofs

F1 – Introduce Yourself
Gave an well prepared answer

F2 – So, you are from Civil Engineering!!
Yes, Sir.

F2 – Why your grades are low in Undergraduation
Told that organized more than 10 events continuously. But topped in the 8th sem in the batch.

F2 – What is Cantilever Beam

F2 – Draw a Cantilever beam

F2 – Show me the cross section of a cantilever beam if I cut that at a point P

F2 – Draw the Shear Force Diagram and Bending Moment Diagram of that thing.
SFD was correct, BMD was wrong

F1 – Why there are gaps in the Roads?
Told about to bear stress and all.

F1 – Draw what have you said
Out of scope. So, Don’t know.

F1 – While marching on a Bridge, the footsteps are not matched. Why?
Don’t know sir. But will take a guess.
Due to slight Oscillation of the bridge

F1 – So, you are from Odisha. Tell me one famous person from there apart from Naveen Babu
Said about Dharmendra Pradhan

F1 – So, is there not any other famous personalities other tham him in the pas too?
Told about Ex-PM P V Narsimha Rao contesting from my constituency (he said ok, great)

F1- Ok, X. Thank You for your time.

IIM-L Interview Experience 30

Waiting time – 25 mins
Panelists – 2 male, middle-aged

Mechanical engineer, 1.5 years work experience.

‌1. Tell us about your work experience and your role.

‌2. Tell me the difference between market size, market demand, and market potential

‌3. what is the difference between the top-down and bottom-up market sizing approach

‌4. Did you not like mechanical engineering?

5. Why didn’t you take up a job in mechanical engineering? And why did you choose to work in the consulting sector?

‌6. Tell me what you do in your free time. Do you have any hobbies?

‌7. Don’t you think Man’s search for meaning is a very dark book? How did it change you?

8. ‌What do you differently now?

IIM-L Interview Experience 31

1 M (in the late 40s), 1 F (in the late 40s)
Total waiting time: 40mins
Interview duration: 8mins

1. Why MBA?

2. Why ABM?

Then they asked about the companies I had mentioned in the profile form. Details about what the companies are doing for farmers and agribusiness and whose contribution is more significant financially?

3. My grad college was IIIT Allahabad. So they asked me about the food processing unit near IIIT Allahabad.

4. What other calls do you have?

5. When was your IIM Indore interview. How was it.?

Then they kept seeing my Profile form and kept saying “Okay, good, okay, good”

And then they told me to logout.

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