IIM Lucknow Personal Interview Experiences

IIM Lucknow Personal Interview Experiences

Note: This page will be updated regularly as and when we receive IIM Lucknow Personal Interview Experiences directly from students and trusted sources

IIM Lucknow Interview Experiences

Preparing for CAT? It is the exam to get admission into any of the IIMs. Also, the CAT exam is considered the toughest of all exams. After the exams, it is equally important to prepare for Group Discussion and Personal Interview. In this article, you will know more about the IIM Lucknow real PI experience shared by candidates.

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IIM-L Interview Experience 1

WAT Assessment
Higher pay- is it a solution to corruption?

There were 8 candidates in the group exercise. 15 minutes were allotted to the candidates for testing their respective written ability skills. I wrote about the pros and cons of higher pay directly leading to the change in mindset of money-hungry people. Talked about the scams by people receiving a fat pay check, like Rajat Gupta the first Indian CEO of a Multinational firm, MCKINSEY. He was indicted for insider trading when he was finance director of GOLDMAN SACHS. I also, highlighted various aspects of ethics, which should be taught, starting right from childhood. I talked about various scams that have earlier taken place in India like the 2G scam, chopper scam, and CWG scam and stated how demonic is the stature of these crimes due to the big names linked to it. I also added the point how India is a corruption driven country, and what are the necessary steps required to provide a solution to the problems. I also gave examples of the ways the problem of corruption can be curbed in the country. i mentioned about Jan Lokpal Bill, and the initiative taken for transparent governance, which might turn out to be one of the most important steps.

Personal Interview:
The interview lasted for about 15-20 minutes. There were 2 panelists, a Lady of around 40 years and a Sir of around 55-60 years.

Panel1: Tell me something about yourself.
Candidate: I told them about my schooling, the place where I was born and brought up, recalling my journey from a small town of Midnapore to Jadavpur and how topping there gave me self-confidence and self-belief. I also mentionded how my internship at Ericsson as a consultant gave me the required push towards management, and told them my hobbies and interests.
PANELIST2: What principles of Arya Samaj did you learn in DAV – will it help you in management?
Candidate: I was quiet awestruck, but I cogitated and gave the answer. I told them I learnt perseverance, ethics and integrity which would help me more in handling a good business rather than being only successful. I told them how we were made to perform ‘havans’ and yoga in our extra period in school, and how they help me concentrate and focus better on the work that’s in hand.
PANELIST2: Seemed satisfied, but then asked can you tell me the name of a company that works with absolute ethics?
Candidate: Was caught absolutely off guard! I told them about TATA, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and the way Bill Gates invested most of his income in philanthropic activities. But my biggest mistake was to take the name of Reliance (Beware guys, do not tell anything which is not under the purview of you knowledge or understanding!!)
PANELIST2: Haha!! Did you just say Reliance? My boy, you need to do some homework!!!
The baton was then taken by the Female Professor who was a little scary!!
PANELIST1: Okay X, you have done secondary market research. Can you tell me what this secondary market research is?

Candidate: I explained that basically when you do a market study of the paper and information collated by a huge market research or consultancy firms like Gartner, PWC, Deloitte etc., then that is called as secondary market research.
PANELIST1: Was pretty satisfied. Then asked me what I had done in the project?
Candidate: I told them that my research areas which were basically the upcoming technologies related to the internet of things like cognitive computing, mobile financial services, automation of vehicles, future networks etc.
PANELIST1: Can you tell me a real scenario where you could apply IOT?
Candidate: This was the best phase of my interview (smile)!! I started by telling them that I have a startup idea based on internet, of things which I would like to share with them. (Interviewers got excited!!).
Sir, I have got a business idea in line with OLA and Uber cabs. Sir/ma’am, we can connect sensors to our electrical lines. We would provide mobile phones to the electrician in a neighborhood and connect the sensors to the respective mobile phones. Whenever there is a fault in the electrical line, the nearest electrician would be notified of the problem. By GPS the nearest mobile phone will be connected and he can come and fix the problem. In this way we can have things connected, like the electrical line to the net and can bring it under the purview of the internet.
PANELIST1 seemed Satisfied!!
Again the male Prof. interjected and started asking questions.
PANELIST1: Asked questions on probability distributions that I had studied in my engineering.
Candidate:I told them about normal, Poisson and Gaussian distribution (Was expecting cross questions and got extremely tensed as I am not a stats guy).
PANELIST1: What is basic difference between Poisson and binomial distributions?
Candidate: I explained with examples, but he was not satisfied.
The next question that was asked to me was quite shocking and a little funny.
PANELIST1: Have you ever visited a saree shop with your mother? Do you know which is the most famous saree available in Midnapore district?
Candidate: Completely surprised!!! What sir? I don’t sir, absolutely no idea!
PANELIST1: You would become a manager one day, but to be a good one you have to be aware of your surroundings. The place where you stay – what is it famous for?. Which handicraft industry is famous in Midnapore district?
Candidate: I said terracotta, and how the idols and utensils made of terracotta are very famous.
PANELIST1: Not really satisfied. Asked PANELIST2 if she had any questions?

PANELIST2 said no.Then both of them said thank you and asked me to leave. I thanked them and took a breath of relief as my most difficult interview finally got over.

Verdict: Converted!

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IIM-L Interview Experience 2

Date: 19.2.2021 3:00 PM
10th/12th/grad (GEM): 95/95.4/85.7
18-month work ex @ EXL
P1 & P2 – Both male around 30-40 years old
Started at 3:30PM

P1 – How are you?
(Greeted both the panelist)
P1 – show me your ID card (Shown the aadhar)
P1 – Your username is “Suyash Mishra 4yr Ceramic Engineering”! Good, we won’t be asking anything from your B.Tech then (Lol moment…I just smiled)
P1 – You are working right? Are you on leave today or working? Did we disturb you?
P1 – what other calls you have? (Replied ABCLKI)
P2 – Is this your first interview? (I replied Yes)
P1 – It’s great then.
P1 – I see you are creative and have various achievements. With this stellar profile, you can get into any consulting firm…What’s the purpose of doing an MBA? (Told them, but was interrupted after 3-4 sentences)

P1 – That’s ok. Didn’t you had a clarity of career goals prior to choosing Ceramic Engineering? (Told, was interrupted again)
P2 – You said you explored things in your first half of graduation…How did you choose MBA? (Told but interrupted again) few cross-questions on my internship at EY (answered)
P1- How did you prepare for the interview? What do you expect us to ask you in this interview? (I told I read about past PI experiences and I expected few clichéd questions like “tell me about yourself…MBA purpose etc)
P2 – What did you prepare? (I said personal questions, work ex and few of the current affairs questions)
P1 – Tell me Binomial distribution. (Told). Did you expected this question? (Said no, but I prepared for it)
P1 – Name your clients and what work you do for them. (Told I cannot disclose the names….and was about to describe my work but he interrupted)
P2 – We read it in your form what you do. Save it. Just name few other organizations in the same category as your client. (Told)
P1- You seem to be a gym-goer. Tell me what’s the motivation? (Interesting exchange)
P2 – You have leadership experience. Do you plan to spread gym culture at IIM Lucknow… (Didn’t expect this…lol)
P1 – Why don’t you start a gym? (I was like …what?!) (handled it …pheww)
P1 – Ok..I’m done (and he walked away)
P2 – Tell me one thing you like about BHU. (Told)
P2 – What do you dislike? Is politics involved in every IIT?
P2 – You can easily get into EY. (Told and justified my stance for MBA again)
P2 – Ohk…That’s it from me. (I said “Can I have a question moment?” and then smiled)
P2 – Yeah… sure. No one was asking today anything, so I didn’t bother you.
Here they said that will be all
All the best to you.
(Extremely chill interview … no acads …nothing substantial from work ex…. just casual conversation… I don’t what happened there)
Duration: ~15 mins

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IIM-L Interview Experience 3

Venue: IIM Lucknow Campus, Noida
10th: 95%
12th: 91.8%
Graduation: B.E Mechanical (Punjab Engineering College Chandigarh) – 85.7%
Work Experience:
10 months – Alstom India Pvt ltd. (7/17–4/18)
2 years -. ZS Associates India (5/18- 5/20)

WAT Topic
Greed is good… (Time limit: 20 mins)
I wrote about how historically greed has been an initiator of change. How greed is the cause of competition and the need to be innovative and evolving. Though I maintained the fact that greed has always had negative consequences. Ended with mentioning Mahatma Gandhi’s quote “There is enough for everyone’s need but not for anyone’s greed”.

Personal Interview Experience
2 panelists

I greeted the panelists and they asked me to sit down.
P1 asked me to show my 10th, 12th and graduation mark sheets and looked through my personal data form.
Interviewer1: Looks at my form and asks Sharma Ji aap bhi Punjab se ho ! Because of my graduation in

Me1: (Smiling inside for the positive start of the interview but trying to not get carried away)
I answer with a smile. No sir, I am from Himachal Pradesh. I studied in Chandigarh from 13–17.
Interviewer1: Looking at my pre-interview form. You have mentioned your current work experience in ZS Associates. Tell me about it?
Me1: Told them about how I am currently working on sales and marketing projects for one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies, my current project estimated around $3 million of budget for a marketing campaign that involved segmentation.
Interviewer 2 was looking at me with a poker face.

Interviewer1: So, how does the pharma market work as he was quite curious about it?
Me1: I explained about the patient cycle and once the HCP wrtites a prescription the process in availing the drugs and the claim process theroff. I had some understanding about the US market and could answer properly.
Interviewer 1: Asked me about the metrics to be used and the matrix of qualitative and quantitative fields?
Me1: Told. (They cross questioned me but most of them were clarifications related to the market)
Interviewer 2: Still had a poker face on. He gets up and starts to walk out. I keep calm and focus on the conversation ahead.
Interviewer 1: *With a satisfied look on his face* Ye sab to theek hai but koi leadership role ka experience hai?
Me1: I had a long list of my experiences for this. I was in lead of LMRC metro project (I had stars on my side that day) and had led a team of 30 operators to carry out production activities for other international Metro projects as well.
I told him how I managed the workforce with diligence (leave management, daily activity tracker, 5s ,Lean blah blah…) on top of the production pressure that we faced to deliver the cars due to UP state elections.
Interviewer1: Questions me on my work in detail.
Me1: I am able to answer few questions but make sure that I tell them about my experiences more.
Interviewer 2 comes back and sits again. Still no questions asked or comments made.
Interviewer 1: Seemed satisfied with the answer and started a casual conversation. Online series dekhte ho?
I say yes to which he says kahaan dekhte ho?
I tell him that I have Hotstar, Netflix subscriptions to which he says ki tum to Ameer ho!! (He was having chai biscuit and felt more like a chai sutta conversation I would have with my colleagues)
Me1: No sir, it’s feasible when you share the subscription and told him about how Netflix has these various plans and price brackets.
He then asks to calculate the cost per person for these plans. I am able to answer correctly.
Interviewer 2 finally gives in and starts asking.
Interviewer2: Okay, tell me whether correlation is causation?
Me1: Answered. I had this discussion one day at my home with the flatmates so was able to explain in detail. Also I brought in the example of Regression to explain the difference and how it established a mathematical relationship between the variables.

Interviewer2: Draw the graph of correlation R= -1
Me1: Took a pad and drew the graph. He looks at it and gives no reaction.
Interviewer 2: (Who didn’t feel like much questions starts a casual conversation) Do you see Stand Up comedy.
I say yes. He asks if I know Kunal Kamra.
I had seen his new stand up two days back and had posted the John Lennon quote on my Insta story .
Me1: Discussed how Kunal Kamra uses comedy to do political satire. Also told him about the post as to how the system is equipped with the means to handle violence and want us to react that way but humour is something they do not have an answer to and acts as a means of expression while making the system uncomfortable and helpless.
I assumed that he had some interest in the political ideologies as he specifically asked me about Kunal Kamra so I brought up the Post.
Interviewer 2: (Shook his head in affirmation and went on with some additional details on the topic being discussed)
Me1: Nodding till he was done.
He lays back and looks at the old professor.
Interviewer1: Goes through my profile and asks me about the revenue of the companies I have worked in, my extra-curricular activities (I mentioned I was a part of my University Cricket Team and the Dance club).
Then he stops and asks me about why I didn’t join the army (I had mentioned that I got through NDA SSB and was in the merit)
Me1: Told him on the lines of the need to explore on my own and I felt engineering was a better option for me. (I spoke what I felt when I made the choice. A bad choice though) No reaction.
Interviewer 1: Okay x, I think we are done.
Me1: I get up. Thank you, sirs. Have a nice day.

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IIM-L Interview Experience 4

Profile: Class 10 – 93
Class 12 – 95
CGPA – 6.9
Interview: 1 Interviewer

Int: A very good morning. How are you?
Me: Sir, a very good morning to you too. I am great and excited to participate in the interview.
Int: Well great. May you introduce yourself?
Me: I am ABC XYZ. I have completed my 10th standard in the year 2014 and my 12th standard in the year 2016 from PQR. In the year 2019, I have completed my graduation from STP. I have worked as an SME at EHT for a period of N months. During the year 2020-2021, I have been involved with QWE club, being a core member and engaging in multiple activities of the club.
Int: You come from a good college. So, I hope you are through with all the Physics concepts. Can you tell me about the third law of thermodynamics?
Me: Sir. The thermodynamics talks about the entropy. It states that the change in entropy is equal to the amount of heat transferred divided by the temperature of the system. Moreover, the entropy of the universe is increasing.

Int: So, do you really think that entropy of the universe changes?
Me: Yes sir. The entropy of the universe increases indeed, and nothing has been found out which can disprove this theory.
Int: What do you mean by change of entropy in layman’s terms.
Me: To some extent, increase in entropy can be corelated with increase in disorder of the system. The more the entropy, the more the system is less orderly, or more chaotic.
Int: Well, tell me something. You know that we humans originate from monkeys. You must have observed monkeys. They jump up and down all the time. It can be said that they are in a state of high disorder. Whereas we humans are much calmer and do are not as outrageous in our ways as the monkeys. But we developed from these monkeys. How does the second law of thermodynamics hold in
this case?
Me: Sir, as I have said earlier, it the entropy of the entire universe that is on the increase as per the second law and not individual components of the universe. Moreover, the disorder of an entity cannot be revealed through its physical activities alone.
Int: Still can you give an explanation for this?
Me: Well, even if we consider this, I can give you an alternate explanation. Monkeys may seem to be in a state of disorder, they keep springing and leaping from here to there, but their explorations are mostly restricted to a specific area, a forest, or a park. On the other hand, humans travel more. A person, on a daily basis, travel to multiple places, which are often far away from home. A person may travel to a different continent altogether, to holiday or for business purposes. In this regard, a man might live in a more disorderly fashion than a monkey. This again is in tune with the second law.
Int: That seems fair. Well thought of. With this we come to the end of the interview. All the best for the coming days.
Me: Thank you very much sir for giving me this fantastic opportunity to sit for the interview. I hope I have given apt answers to your questions.
Int: you may leave…

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IIM-L Interview Experience 5

Profile: 95, 93.4, 9.16 (CAT: 99.95)
BITS PILANI Chemical Engineering
20 months workex in Logistics
Professors: P1, P2. Shivam: S

P1: What are you doing?
S: Started speaking about a video (he stopped me)
P1: No, no I mean are you working?
S: Yes Sir. At Delivery Private Limited.
P1: What is your job role?
S: (his video froze, I adjusted my screen) explained my role.

P1: What is your educational background?
S: Sir I have done my undergraduate in Chemical Engineering. I also went to NUS Singapore for my final year thesis.
P1: Explain your thesis project
S: Explained in great detail.
P1: So your project was related to Plastics. Which marine animal one should use to prepare plastics and why?
S: I said brine shrimp because my project at NUS was related to that. But I gave random reasons. (He didn’t cross question)
P1: Which ministry will you approach if you want to amend a policy in plastics industry?
S: said don’t know.
P1: Who is the Chemical and Fertilizers minister?
S: Sir, is it Devanand Gowda? (It is Sadanand Gowda)
P1: I am asking you this. (I smiled and said I am not sure)
P1: Who is the petroleum minister?
S: Couldn’t recall. Said sorry.

Over to P2
P2: Tell me three application of math’s which is used in Chemical Engineering.
S: Sir Newton Raphson, Simplex for LPP, differentiatial eqn for heat and Navier Stokes.
P2: When is simplex method used?
S: Explained. Talked about slack and surplus variable (he cut me in between)
P2: No no don’t tell me the method. What is the starting solution?
S: I said first feasible solution would be X1=X2= 0. Then we find the intercept and perform next iterations.
P2: What is bisection method?
S: Sir it is for root finding where root lies between (X1, X2) if f(X1).f(X2)<0.
P2: which theorem is used which leads to conclude root lies between (X1, X2) if f(X1).f(X2)<0?
S: Said mean value theorem. (I was not sure). But tried to explain.
P1 enters again.
P1: who is xyz? (Don’t remember the name what he said)
S: I don’t know
P1: So you don’t follow news.
S: Sir I follow it, but I am unaware of this person.
P1: So you come from Muzaffarpur. What is the historical significance of Muzaffarpur?
S: Told about how Muzaffarpur got its name. And then I told about Khudiram Bose and how his activities led rise to revolution in Indian Freedom movement.
P1: Any medieval significance?
S: Talked about Magadha, Patliputra which is near Muzaffarpur. Gupta Dynasty. Maurya Dynasty.

P1: What other calls do you have?
S: Sir I have calls from all the IIMs.
P1: old and new both?
S: Yes Sir.
Ok you can log off. Thank you.

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IIM-L Interview Experience 6

Lucknow had also very generously provided a fact sheet to brush up recent events in India and globally, which I went through diligently. So I was somewhat more confident on D-day. Visited Taj Bengal for the first time in more than 10 years. The panel consisted of a lady (L), and an older gentleman (G).

The moment I took my seat,

L: So Sambit you are into the theater! What kind of plays do you do?
Me: (Aha! Area of strength!) I have done most of my acting in Bengali. In college, we generally re-enacted existing plays by the likes of Badal Sarkar, Bratya Basu, Utpal Dutta, etc. In Jamshedpur, we tried to put a little more of our creativity into the plays. We took some well-known stories of Tagore and others, and put in some original chunks to concatenate them, and presented them as a common theme.

L: No I mean what have the themes of your plays been?
Me: We have done everything from comedies, tragedies, political satire, to mythology.

G: (cutting in) So being in the theatre circuit and all, what are your views on the debate going on about Freedom of Speech?
Me: (Thank god for Google News) Sir I feel that whatever JNU students have said are definitely objectionable, however, morality and legality cannot be considered to be the same. It was wrong to have taken legal action against the students.

G: (Slightly agitated) What are you saying! Have you seen the video where he is saying all that anti-national stuff?
Me: Yes, but…

L: (to G) Oh that video was doctored. It was a ploy of the politicians or the media.
G: (to L) But how is it possible to edit a video so convincingly?
L: They will do anything to create an issue.
G: But they also had banners and signs saying the same thing.
Me: sitting in awkward silence while the two panelists continue debating among themselves about the issue.

L: So Sambit your final views on the matter?
Me:(Remembering a quote but not who it was from) Ma’am all I would like to say is that I do not agree with what the students have said, but I will defend their right to be able to say it.
L and G both look pleased.

I hope this article helps you with your preparation.

Keep going and All the very best!

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IIM-L Interview Experience 7

Panel 2
Two panelists, both male

Workex – 24 months, Data analyst

P1: How has life been treating you these days?
Me: I’m good (discussed my packed interview schedule with them)

P1: So that’s good, you’ll get done early. So tell us about yourself.
Me: (prepared answer)

P1: How have you prepared for this interview?
Me: spoke about life history, current affairs etc.

P1: Acha, what should we question you on?
Me: umm, football will be a good topic.

P1: No, why football, why not cricket?
Me: Not a big fan very honestly, gravitated towards football.

P1: Okay what else then?
Me: my work?

P1: Everyone wants to talk about their work. Chalo tell us about your job.
Me: (prepared answer)

P1: What about statistics?
Me: Okay sure sir.

P1: Okay tell me a distribution other than the normal distribution.
Me: gave a detailed answer on the binomial distribution.

P1: What are type 1 and type 2 errors? Give examples.
Me: Answered. Gave examples from my work itself.

P2: What books have you read recently?
Me: Spoke about Delhi by Khushwant Singh, The palace of illusions by Chitra Banerjee devakurni. Specifically spoke about the latter and the context of the book (written from the POV of Draupadi).

P2: which other famous book has been written from the POV of a Mahabharata character?
Me: didn’t know (stupid answer, it’s obviously the Gita)

P1: So you’re an expert authority on the Mahabharata, which character do you relate to from the Mahabharata?
Me: chuckled and said I’m no expert, both of them started laughing. I then spoke about Karan at length and how I’m a moral person.

P1: You’re a moral person then why Karan? He was evil. So you support evil too?
Here we had a really long back and forth on the definition of evil. How I felt it is very subjective and the Gita literally talks about a similar dilemma on Arjun’s mind. The panelist told me I would probably support Hitler but I stood my ground and told him that was clearly wrong, but in the Mahabharata’s context the moral ambiguities are quite apparent.

P1: So will you sell poison to increase shareholder value?
Me: Wouldn’t that be illegal?

P1: Suppose you find a way, then?
Me: I won’t, it doesn’t align with my principles.
P1: Okay that’s what I wanted to know.

P2: There’s only one great book by Khushwant Singh, in my opinion, which one is it?
Me: this is the first time I’m reading him, so I don’t know that.

P2: So this book on Delhi, what is it about?
Me: Said it’s about the history of the city from the 13th till the 20th Century.

P2: A very famous history professor passed away recently, who was he?
Me: I’m unable to remember his name but I’m sure he was a faculty at DU.
P2: Yes he was a professor at DU.

P2: Why did you pick up this book by him?
Me: Said how I was at the airport and was interested in the topic.

P1: Any questions for us?
I asked one question

It felt like a borderline stress interview, but a good panel with quality questions.

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IIM-L Interview Experience 8

Cat 97.39 obc, work ex 3.5yrs

P1: Are you working or student
Me: Working Sir

P1: From where you did your graduation?
Me: Answered

P2: Where are you working?
Me: Answered

P2: What exactly you guys do?
Me: Explained

P2: How the crude oil is carried from exploration to site via truck or any other mode?
Me: Explained in detail with difference between Piping and Pipeline

P2: Do you know Cairne company
Me: initially said no, then panelist pronounced it correctly, I said yes I know

P2: What is NRV?
Me: Answered

P2: Where it is placed?
Me: Answered

P2: In drawing, how pump is drawn?
Me: Done

P2: Draw NRV in that
Me: Done

P1: What are your hobbies
Me: Trekking, teaching

P1: What kind of teaching
Me: I teach maths of school level for competitive exams

P1: Is it CAT level?
Me: No sir, it is school level, which is applicable for competitive exams

P1: Is it for part time earnings?
Me: No sir for part time earnings, I do society accounting stuff (no cross question)

P2: Which other calls you got?
Me: BCI, Cap along with L

P2: So how many are done?
Me: Sir done with C, cap interview and this is 3rd one

P1: So you selected all 3 courses?
Me: Explaining the glitch in form on day1

P1: So you guys initially fill all options in cat, and then when u get shortlist, u think this other field are not good acreer option
Me: Sir first part is right, in cat I did it, but in form because of glitch to be on safer side, I chose all 3 but it is not like other branches are bad, it’s just my inclination towards Operations.

P1: So it is your preference, so you want to get considered for other two branches or not?
Me: No sir, I am just looking for Pgp.
P1: Ok we are done!

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IIM-L Interview Experience 9

Electrical and Electronics Engineering/NIT Calicut/Fresher
Two panelists(Both males) M1 around 45-50 in age, M2 around 30-35

M1: So You got the first position in a quiz on Engineer’s day. Tell me who is (a very complicated south Indian name which I had never heard before) (grilling)

M1: 1-2 Questions related to power systems (grilling)

M1: Your grades were low during the 1st year…any reason?
(gave the well-prepared answer, panelist nods in satisfaction)

M1: so have you studied any management-related subject during your engineering?

M1: Give your opinion on farm laws
(after listening to my opinion, he initiated the conversation and gave his opinion on the same)

M1: what are your interests?
(told that I like to cook, playing badminton, football and have an interest in Stock Markets)

Over to panelist 2
M2: So you mentioned stock markets, have you traded before?
(shared my experience during the stock market crash due to covid and lockdown)

M2: tell me how do you choose a stock
(explained in detail about the 4-5 parameters that I consider)

M2: what is the P/E ratio?

M2: what value of P/E ratio you would choose while choosing the stock?
(explained the ideal P/E ratio and how it changes year on year basis and can’t be solely relied upon and other factors to be considered) (satisfied look from panelist)

M2: what if I purchase a stock of P/E ratio lying between 30-40
(explained with example)

M2: okay one math question: draw the graph of y=square root (x)

M2: does it touch anywhere on the x-axis
M2: Okay, thank you

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IIM-L Interview Experience 10

2 panelists Both Male one in 40s and other in his 50s

P1- Asked where are you from

P2- Give a short intro ( talked about that and last mentioned Saskhar Bharat Mission and my Job offer from TCS)

P2- Asked about literacy

P2- Asked why MBA and then told me to go to work with TCS rather doing an MBA( I gave my reasons for why I want to do MBA)

P2- then mail to TCS and say that you don’t want their boring job

P2- Asked about flip flops ( couldn’t answer and tried to divert but he came back)

P2- Asked about Fourier transform

P1- Gave me sequence questions and asked about it

P1- if price of Wheat and data is increased what would I choose.

P1- who manufacturers Ashirwad atta and how do they regulate the prices

P1- what other calls do you have

P1- you may leave

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IIM-L Interview Experience 11

2 panel members 1M (40+): Mostly a professor 1F (30+): Mostly an Alumni

P1: Good morning
Me: Good morning Sir and Ma’am

P1: So you have graduated in 2018….your specialization?
Me: Mechanical Engineering

P1: Where do you work and what does the company do?
Me: Answered

P1: What does your team do?
Me: Answered

P1: As you work in the Oil and Gas sector, do you think India can move towards Renewable energy? What is your opinion
Me: Gave an elaborate answer

P1: What sources of news do you read?
Me: Gave an answer and included that I’m interested in world affairs. Since I am interested in geopolitics I have also read S. Jaishankar’s “The India Way” which was recently published

P1: So you are interested in geopolitics.. does geopolitics play a huge role in Energy sector? What is the impact of politics on the energy sector?
Me: Gave an elaborate answer

P2: What makes someone a huge failure?
Me: Answered with example (They seem impressed)

P2: You have mentioned a quote “Life is too short to learn from your own mistakes so learn from others”, some people say that MBA is a mistake so why not drop the idea of an MBA and take their advice?
Me: Answered (Answer was okayish I guess)

P2: You have written in your form that “With greater power comes greater responsibility”
Give me an example of a person you follow, which has or had great power but failed miserably

Me: Answered but I couldn’t think of a good example at that moment
P2: Thank you! You can leave. Best of luck

Pretty chilled out interview. Panelist were also in a good mood.

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IIM-L Interview Experience 12

CSE Major – 2019 passed out

They were eating and asking

1. I thought you were going to come in normal dress why did you wear all formals?

2. For which course are you chosen? PGP / PGP ABM

3. What is your preference?

4. If you don’t get anything except PGP ABM – Will you join? – I said no

5. Show me your ID – showed PAN card

6. Which department issues PAN card?

7. Types of Taxes?

8. Difference between personal tax and GST?

9. √-12 x √-14?

10. If travel half the distance from source to destination and then again half of it and I will keep repeating – how much time will it take? – I said it will become an infinite series

11. How does it become infinite – the distance is limited right?

12. How do you find the continuity of a function?

13.1 If graph is not given?

14. Minister of social welfare? – couldn’t answer

15. Minister of external affairs, Finance minister?

Time: 15-20 min

Couldn’t answer anything properly.
Overall it went very bad

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IIM-L Interview Experience 13

1M 1F (Both Soft Spoken)

BBA (Finance and Accounting)

Hello, How are you….Da da da

F: So what are you doing nowadays? Walk us through your day to day activities
Told (I mentioned that I’m trying to learn Intraday Trading)

M: So when do you think markets are going to crash?
Told him that I’m no expert in this

M&F: Which all subjects did you have? What was you favourite subject in which you scored highest
Told them the subjects
Told them that favourite subject and highest score subject are different

M: Asked a random case, what kind of investment will you suggest a 60years old
Short Discussion happened

F: You’re young, why don’t you travel or gain some experience and then get into the MBA? (Basically Why MBA)

F: Jatin tell us something about yourself, like your greatest achievement or anything
Asked them if I can mention an achievement from personal front
They said sure
Then told.

F: You’ve grown above your age Jatin. Be happy and all the best 🙂
Thankyou 🙂

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IIM-L Interview Experience 14

Two panelits: F and M

1. M: We tried to connect to you but there was nothing, never mind. Tell something abt yourself
Told the practiced one

2. M: So you want to do a MBA, thus you will resign from your job or take a study leave.
Sir my company gives sabbatical after 5 years of service only, although I would request them to offer me a sabbatical but if they don’t then will go for resignation.

3. F: So you work in a oil rig right?
Yes Mam I am currently at a rig

4. F: So the oil prices are rising how your company is going to benefit from that.
Mam the oil price have increased due to extra tax put on by state and central government. The crude oil prices are somewhat stable. But if crude oil prices increase my company is going to benefit from that as it has low price per barrel.

5. F: But if your company buys a downstream firm then how the petrol price fluctuation will affect you.
Mam my company bought a downstream firm two years back. It helps to form a buffer zone to accommodate fluctuations. If crude oil prices increase then by default we benefit otherwise the downstream company will help us to earn benefits

6. M: So what are your hobbies?
Sir Cooking, Reading and Watching Movies

7. M: So what you like to cook?
Sir the most I like is to make chicken

8. M: You know only one thing to make and you say like cooking.
No sir I can make from chappati to full course meal, chicken is something which I love to make.

9. M: How many types of chicken do you make?
Sir I don’t have any count but I keep doing experiments. Recently during lockdown I learned to make a Turkish style chicken in which we fry the spices initially and add it to chicken in the end.

10. M: I love to cook myself thats why I am so eager. Ok what else was your hobby?
Sir Watching movies and reading

11. M: What type of movies do you watch?
Sir I like the movies from the director Christopher Nolan. Inception and Dark Knight Trilogy are my favorite. I also watch movies based on underworld and crime thrillers of Scorsese.

12. M: Ok So you watch Netflix series also?
Sir I am not a Netflix series fan. I like the concept of Movie rather than of series

13. F & M: Ok Akshay It was nice talking to you. You may now log out.
It was pleasure to talking you as well. Thank You

Overall the interview was very calm. Both the interviewers were very accommodating and let me answer completely. I panicked in Tell Me about yourself as it was more than 90 minutes and there was no reponse from Admission Office. After a couple of calls I was able to activate my link. The interview took approx 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

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IIM-L Interview Experience 15

7 months experience in telecom.

Why MBA after engineering?

What are EM waves ?

Explain 5G STA implementation of 5G? (My Btech Project)

Questions on implementation of 5G and India’s struggle

The questions related to my SOP

Now Why MBA?

You should continue with engineering related field I believe, you will do well.

Current Affairs- Reliance Oil to chemical biz.

Stress Interview, panelists were cutting down every now and then.

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IIM-L Interview Experience 16

Two panelist male(very old and arrogant) and female (young and smiling) entire interview::

1. Tell me about yourself

2. Why grad marks are low

3. Are you good at maths

4. Political leaders from your state

5. 1+logx graph

6. X intercept of above graph

7. 5/10+55/100+555/1000+5555/10000…….

8. (1+x)**n expansion

9. Definition of π

10. No of constituency

11. Why scored low in 3 rd year as I gave reason for first two years only

12. Why are you double minded

13. What will be your specialization??

14. What do you do in your free time (said cricket)
Answered all of em and they were satisfied except one question thought interview was going well)

15. Don’t you read books ??
(I said I don’t read )

16. Even one book??
Chetan Bhagat answered
(All of us laughing)

17. Are you good at English??
(This was the worst mistake I did )
I said i am okay with it not as good as maths
They asked spelling of accessories
If you answered you will be selected if not rejected serious and sad faces from them????
Spelled wrongly
Finally they said it’s ok
Try it for next year you will be doing fine you don’t get selected this year.

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IIM-L Interview Experience 17

Bsc maths hons.

Asked about sri Venkateswara college

Then applications of mathematics in business
(I gave the example.of marginal cost and revenue) .

Next follow up quesn. On marginal revenue.

A quesn. Of the shortest path for an ant to travel along the longest diagonal of a cube but not through the longest diagonal.

Cabinet minister in delhi and about legislative assembly.

Then quesn. On signature bridge. (What’s special about it)

Why have I done Mathematics if I wanted to do an MBA as maths required for an MBA is done by 12th. . (Countered him by saying the importance of mathematical modelling in Business)

Next quesn. On Covid mathematical modelling. (That there were many models done in march -april on covid, are they are all in futility?) .
(Countered it )

Then what do you like apart from mathematics and why?
(Said marketing)

Difference between sales and marketing?

Since I’m a Goyal- Baniya , next quesn about that. Who was the first baniya? ( I didn’t knew)

And then he told me answer was Maharaja Agrasen, then I remembered.

And that was it.
(There were two people in the panel but only one asked the questions throughout the interview)
(Seemed like a friendly conversation rather than an interview)

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IIM-L Interview Experience 18

I have Work-Ex

P1: What calls do you have?

P2: Which interviews are over?

P2: How was Calcutta?
-told that they asked only math and gk. Got one math wrong and one gk wrong.

P2: So we will not ask math and GK.

P1: hobbies?
– told I like sports cars, I like researching about them.

P1: I have 10 lakh rupees, recommend me some car.
– did

P1: Why MBA? Which specific domain?

P2: Tell me your future plans regarding your career in that domain?

P2: Any questions for us?
– asked why didn’t they ask me anything?

P2: (laughed) your grades are good and consistent, You have a good job which pays well, no gap years, answers were convincing. You tell me what should we ask.
– at this moment I was like ” wow, what did I even do, why are they praising me”
– told them they can ask about my job and the projects I am working.

P1: (smiled) Tumko jo kehna hai kaho
– told them about the projects in my job.

P1: very impressive, you can log off now

It was over within 15 mins, and I don’t even know how that happened so damn smooth.

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IIM-L Interview Experience 19

Two Panelists(1M 1F), Me (A)

M: Show your ID
A: Should I screen share it or show the original?

M: Original. Screen share can be a fake too
A: * weird smile * Showed the ID

M: Tell me a joke
A: A kid and his fat aunt are walking below a bridge. The kid stops and lets the aunt walk. When the aunt asked him why did he stop, he replies, ” There is a that sign which says let the heavy vehicles pass first. ”

M: Laughs and says, dont you think that this is a sexist joke?
A: No sir, I dont think there is so much to think about this.

M: If you replace the fat aunt with a fat uncle, will it be funny?
A: To me, it’ll be.

M: Let me tell you a joke. * Tells that joke where a kid asks his parents how we are born and the father says, the your mother’s family evolved from monkeys”. Is this a sexist joke?
H: No sir, it is not.

M: Why?
A: Coz no one knows what happened to the father after that. May he RIP
M: Laughs out loud

F: You are funny. Do you have a boyfriend?
A:Yes ma’am, I do.

F: Can you hide your emotions
A: No ma’am struggle with that.

F: Since you like taking a dig on men, does your boyfriend feel bad about dating you?
H: Why will he feel bad? If he had, he wouldn’t have taken the first step

F: * smiles*
M: Next time someone asks you to tell a joke, tell a gender neutral joke.
A: Sir, I will replace fat aunt by fat uncle and conduct a social experiment.

Thank u sir! 🙂


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IIM-L Interview Experience 20

F1, F2 – Male (40 years)

F1 – Show us one of your identity proofs

F1 – Introduce Yourself
Gave an well prepared answer

F2 – So, you are from Civil Engineering!!
Yes, Sir.

F2 – Why your grades are low in Undergraduation
Told that organized more than 10 events continuously. But topped in the 8th sem in the batch.

F2 – What is Cantilever Beam

F2 – Draw a Cantilever beam

F2 – Show me the cross section of a cantilever beam if I cut that at a point P

F2 – Draw the Shear Force Diagram and Bending Moment Diagram of that thing.
SFD was correct, BMD was wrong

F1 – Why there are gaps in the Roads?
Told about to bear stress and all.

F1 – Draw what have you said
Out of scope. So, Don’t know.

F1 – While marching on a Bridge, the footsteps are not matched. Why?
Don’t know sir. But will take a guess.
Due to slight Oscillation of the bridge

F1 – So, you are from Odisha. Tell me one famous person from there apart from Naveen Babu
Said about Dharmendra Pradhan

F1 – So, is there not any other famous personalities other tham him in the pas too?
Told about Ex-PM P V Narsimha Rao contesting from my constituency (he said ok, great)

F1- Ok, X. Thank You for your time.

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IIM-L Interview Experience 21

IIM LUCKNOW Interview Experience – 23/02/2022

Panel 7
Two male panelists

Q. Hello. What other calls do you have?
Q. Tell us something about yourself.
Q. How many people do you have in the family?
Q. You have a dog? What’s the breed?
Q. Why a Rottweiler? They are said to be dangerous.
Q. Where did your father work?
Q. What was his post?
Q. What is this graduation course? (BSc Electronics)
Q. How is it differnet from BTech?
Q. Why this uniquish course? Why not Btech or standard sciences?
Q. What is the difference between Telephone and Mobile?
Q. What is AND Gate?
Q. Asked to draw AND Gate.

Thank you.

The interview was okay. No grilling just normal convo.
The ending felt a bit abrupt. They just said thank you and left the meeting.

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IIM-L Interview Experience 22

IIM L Interview Experience – 24/02/2022

Work ex 25 months- Pharma consulting and shoe manufacturing

Panel 2 one male one female

1. Tell me about yourself
2. What is your family background
3. Comment on the statement – Having a sibling is better than being a single child
3.a advantages of being a single child?
4. Tell us a bit about your work in pharma sector
5. Why did you leave your job?
6. How does Indian Pharma differ from american pharma?
7. What is reference pricing?
(Did now know last 2)
8. What other calls do you have.?

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IIM-L Interview Experience 23

IIML Interview Experience: 24 Feb 2022

Work Ex – 18 months – Software Engineer, Versa Networks
10th – 91, 12th – 85,
Grad – 8.4 (IIT Tirupati, Computer Science),
CAT – 99.85

Panel 11


Tell me about yourself?
Why MBA ?
What all other calls do you have ?

What all mathematics related courses do you have during Btech ?
(Told Prob-stats, Complex number, Engineering mathematics)

Why complex number ?
How is it relevant to CSE ?
Tell me expansion of e^x?
Diffentiation of e^x?
Approximate value of e?
Tell some more mathematical values like e.
What is Golden ratio ?
Tell me different probability distributions.
Tell me about normal distribution.
Its Probability function?

Duration : 8-10 minutes.

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IIM-L Interview Experience 24

IIM Lucknow interview experience (Panel 11) – 24 Feb 2022
97.65 CAT, B.A. (Hons.) English, 32 months work ex
Two panelists, both male. One in his late 30s or early 40s. The other in his 50s.

1. Tell us something about yourself.
2. Why MBA
3. Why did you study English literature?
4. You are from motilal nehru college (Evening). What does this evening mean here?
5. Is that the student’s choice or does the college allot it?
6. So, why did you choose evening college?
7. So, do you regret pursuing English literature?

So, you have studied English literature.

1. What is a sonnet?
Explained. But grilled on this.

2. What are other kinds of poetry?
Named a couple.

3. Who wrote the canterbury tales?

4. Who wrote Paradise Lost?

5. You must have read Shakespeare as well?
Yes, sir. A bit.

6. Can you name some tragedies written by him?
Named four of them.

7. Now pick any one of these and recite some lines from it.
Could not do it.

8. What do you think is the impact of the French language on English literature?

9. Have you not studied cooperative literature? (Figured out after the interview that he meant comparative literature. I could not understand it because of the way he said it.)

No, sir. Hearing of this term for the first time.

P1 (entering again):
So, what other calls do you have?

So what is your ranking of IIMs?

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IIM-L Interview Experience 25

IIM LUCKNOW interview experience ( panel 7 ) – Dt: 24/02/2022
T.Y.BMS finance fresher

P2. So you said that you do trading, what is alpha and beta of a stock ?
P2. Why do you not use alpha and beta while trading ?
P2. What are the basics of trading ?
P1. I think this entire trading thing is useless, different people are buying and selling at the same time, is it right ?
P2. Do you use fundamental analysis while trading ?
P1. Can I short a stock for more than 30 days ?
P1. This entire stock market is based on emotions, isn’t it useless ?
P2. What are the different patterns and candles that you use for trading ?
P1. What has been your ROI of trading ?
P1. When did you start trading ?
P1. Then you should come and teach us instead of we teaching you…? (Why MBA)
P1. Thank you.

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IIM-L Interview Experience 26

IIML Interview Experience: 25/02/2022

Work Ex – 18 months – Software Engineer, Versa Networks
10th – 91, 12th – 85,
Grad – 8.4 (IIT Tirupati, Computer Science),
CAT – 99.85

Panel 11


Tell me about yourself?
Why MBA ?
What all other calls do you have ?

What all mathematics related courses do you have during Btech ?
(Told Prob-stats, Complex number, Engineering mathematics)

Why complex number ?
How is it relevant to CSE ?
Tell me expansion of e^x?
Diffentiation of e^x?
Approximate value of e?
Tell some more mathematical values like e.
What is Golden ratio ?
Tell me different probability distributions.
Tell me about normal distribution.
Its Probability function?

Duration : 8-10 minutes.

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IIM-L Interview Experience 27

IIM L Panel 4 – 25/02/2022
Morning slot
Cat -99.65
Academics- 79.8/95/73.5
B.A. (hons) Economics


1. How are you felling
2. What are 2 economic policies u like and don’t (budget policies for transport and make in India for like, crypto tax and demonetisation for don’t like)
3. What is crypto?
4. Can it be used to buy commodities?
5. What is repo rate
6. What is reverse repo rate
7. Can u explain different types of crypto’s


1. Why did you not find demonetisation good as a policy (Had a discussion on demonetisation for a long time where I mentioned some cons and M1 mentioned pros)
2. What are your plans after MBA
3. What is difference b/w marketing and sales?

1. Do you know 2 economists from India Who won Nobel prize for economics
2. Who was Amartya sen
3. What is developmental economics
4. What is Inclusive growth
5. Any questions for us?

Very very friendly panel. I was not able to answer a few questions but they did not grill on those.

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IIM-L Interview Experience 28

IIML PGP-SM – 25/02/2022

1. Tell me about yourself in brief?
2. Why PGP-SM?(Tried to grill a bit)
3. Define ethics?(Tried to grill a bit)
4. What do you do in your free time?
5. How do you identify if a video is authentic or not? (Tried to grill a bit)
6. It is seen that in states/nations rich in minerals there is a increase in poverty?
7. What is the most pressing issue going around the world?
8. Russia- ukran will lead to world war 3. Comment on it.

Overall tried to grill a little bit but they were chill.

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IIM-L Interview Experience 29

IIM L Panel 5 – 26/02/2022

Profile- GEM, 2.5 years work ex in IT

1. Tell me about yourself
2. Have you read the complete works of Swami Vivekananda
3. What is ohms law
4. What is flip flop
5. What is op amp
6. Asked about work ex- what tools do you use for testing, write test cases for a payment interface of an e commerce website (cross questions)
7. What is your take on Russia Ukraine Crisis
8. What is your take on India abstaining from the vote
9. What other calls do you have?

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IIM-L Interview Experience 30

IIM L Interview Experience – 26/02/2022

Mech engineer, 95/95.8/82.76/99.7

Panel 1

1. Tell me about yourself
2. Do you know about normal and Gaussian Distribution?
3. What is 6 sigma?
4. What is the significance of 6 in 6sigma?
5. What is sigma?
6. What do you know about economics? ( Told about disguised unemployment, learnt it in school, professor explained that back to me)
7. What is NITI Aayog, who is the chairman?
8. Who heads Rajya Sabha?
9. President of India?

Overall it was not a good experience, I had no idea of the statistics questions they asked. I thought they would ask me about mechanical engineering.

Learnings from the interview: Brush up basic statistics and know who’s who in the world and the country.

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IIM-L Interview Experience 31

IIML Interview Experience:
26th Feb 2022, 3:30-5:00 Panel 10 , GEM, 30 months Workex

1. Tell me more about your work experience
2. Since you are working in your core domain, What is the difference you see between curriculum and industry. Give 2-3 specific examples.
3. Do you want to completely switch your domain , why exactly you want to persue MBA.
4. You are in a PSU, will you take a study leave? (I said i was not eligible for it as of now ). Then why are you taking the risk, why not wait for 2-3 yrs.
5. Tell me about a country that is facing economic crisis.( I said Sri Lanka, they asked about a country part of both Asia and Europe).. I said Turkey, and told that inflation was skyrocketing there and its currency devalued, but i did not follow the story in detail so i am not aware of the exact reasons for the same

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IIM-L Interview Experience 32

IIML Interview Experience:
26th Feb 2022, 2:50-4:20 Panel 6, GEM, 42 Months workex.

1. Would you like to to introduce yourself?(Mentioned my interest in stock market)
2. Do you invest in stock market? Whats your portfolio size?
3. Stock market is a gamble. Only sentiments govern it, whats your opinion?
4. Investing is boring then whats the fun in doing it?
5. Some people say that RIL is a ethically corrupt company, do you agree?
(I work in RIL)
6. Tell me one highlight of the work that you do in RIL
7. Whats TQM (total quality management), lean manufacturing?
8. How do you track continuos improvement opportunities in your company?
9. Why didn’t you take study leave for MBA preparation? Then grilled me a little bit that i am doing mba just to leave my current job.
10. What will you choose PGP or PGP-SM? Why?
11. What will happen to RIL if you leave for MBA (both laughing)

Overall they were smiling alot and kind of a very casual conversation, didn’t grill much just alot of cross questions.

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