IIM Shillong Interview Experience.

IIM Shillong Interview Experience.

IIM Shillong Cutoff 2017 is the minimum marks required to qualify for getting a call from the institute to participate in the further rounds of admission. The candidates interested in pursuing management courses from IIM Shillong will be required to appear for CAT 2017 and clear the cutoff for getting shortlisted. Apart from the cutoff, IIM-S uses multiple parameters for shortlisting the candidates such as the past academic performance in 10th, 12th & graduation, work experience, etc. The shortlisted candidates are then required to appear for the Writing Skills Assessment Test (WSAT) and Personal Interview (PI).

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Expected cutoffs off IIMs:

IIMs cutoff

Category SSC Percentage HSC Percentage Graduation Percentage VARC DI & LR QA
DA 50 50 45 50 50 50
ST 50 50 45 50 50 50
SC 55 55 50 60 60 60
Others 80 80 65 70 70 70


Process for selection:- 

The process of selection at IIM-Shillong includes an Essay and a Group Discussion on the same topic followed by a Personal Interview.


First step:- Essay + Group Discussion

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Average Duration: 10 mins (Essay writing) + 15 mins. (Group Discussion)

No. of Panelists: 3

No. of Participants: 8

Students are given a case study and are asked to suggest and give their opinion on them. students need to evaluate the case study properly before giving their opinion.


Examples of sum GD case studies:-

  1. An advertisement agency is known for the originality of work. It has been given a deadline for a huge contract. The design team of the agency finds the deadline too short. Someone in the design team suggests picking up the idea of another ad firm in a foreign country. Should they steal the idea and complete work within the deadline or be original and risk losing the contract?
  2. A company wanted to reduce its labor cost, so it moved to a new place where it acquired cheap fresh talent. In this process, the company’s supplier lost 18% of its employees to this company. What should the company do, move back and incur losses, or stay there with new employees and suffer supply shortage because of migration?
  3. Which is more important: experience or talent of the youth?

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Step 2:- Personal Interview:-

Average Duration: 20-25 mins.

No. of Panelists: 3(1-Current affairs, 1-Academics, 1-Ethical questions)



  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. Questions about the cities you have lived in?
  3. Why MBA?
  4. Are you aware of the opportunity cost to do an MBA?
  5. Why Indian Institute of Management, Shillong?
  6. What was your last project? How do you think it would benefit the customers
  7. Have you read the latest budget? What are the key highlights of the budget? Profs may take one highlight and ask you to explain the benefits of it.
  8. Why has the Indian IT Industry grown significantly in the past decade? What factors have contributed to it?



Make your profile perfect 

Excerpts From Interview 1:

(A candidate with 93.68 CAT percentile with 10th -89.2%, 12th -90.4% and B. Com. Economic honors – 82.28% and 1year finance experience at Earnest and Young).

What was your job profile? Why did you leave the job? How did you manage conflicts at work? What are your views on ethics in business? If you know companies projections for the next 5 years, what will be the first thing you will do? What is the payback period? What are the methods of capital budgeting? Name three govt. schemes related to children, healthcare, and women? Explain the uses of mean, median, and mode?

Excerpts From Interview 2: 

(A candidate with 92.53 CAT percentile having 10th -96.2%, 12th– 91.4% and B.Tech Biotech -9.9 CGPA. Started an NGO for underprivileged children and is a national level basketball player).

Tell us about VVIP chopper scam? If you were the defense minister, what would you have done? Should we scrap the deal or not? How exactly your NGO works? What is your height? What is the difference between a slam dunk and three-pointer? Do you know anything about the human genome project? How has the human genome project benefitted humans so far?

Excerpts From Interview 3:

(A candidate with 98.2 CAT percentile with 10th -94.5%, 12th-92.6% and B.Tech. in ECE – 9.42CGPA and interest in movie making).

What do you understand by repo rate? What happened in Egypt last year? Tell me about the controversy with Vishwaroopam. Quadri is leading a protest in Pakistan, what is happening there? Who gave hate speech at Andhra Pradesh? Recently after Afzal Guru was executed, a leader in Kashmir shared the stage with a Lashkar-e-Taiba leader; what was the controversy all about? What is the difference between the end-fire array and broad site array? Tell about the skip distance? What are omnidirectional and unidirectional antennas, give examples? 2014 elections are coming, choose one leader as PM. If you are a company would you like to work under a democratic leader or an autocratic leader?



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