Importance of mock test to crack CAT

Importance of mock test to crack CAT


Sohini Deb, a primary year IIM Kozhikode student who cracked CAT 2013 offers credit of her success to taking mock tests and regular observe. “I wont to provide Mock test on each weekend as practice is that the key to crack this test.” Before the ultimate show, a mock drill or rehearsal is a very important a part of preparation. Same goes with CAT or any Master in Business Administration exam preparation. If you’re a significant CAT aspirant, you need to have started taking mock tests towards shaping your D-day performance. If not, this can be time you begin.

Change your Mock strategy:

With a modified pattern of CAT this year, students will ought to amendment their communication taking strategy. Sandeep Manudhane, Chairman, platinum Education feels that the new pattern is way higher and additional candidate friendly. “The new pattern is astounding, solely as a result of it permits the liberty to maneuver between sections, as per can. this will prove strategic: you are doing what you\’ll be able to do, first. Then you are doing what you’re comparatively not glorious at. the quality technique of scan – search – choose – solve works splendidly well during this new system.”

Not solely has the check period exaggerated by half-hour, from a hundred and forty minutes to a hundred and seventy minutes, you’ll conjointly get chance to maneuver to and fro between sections. Earlier, the sections were time sure for seventy minutes every.

The following table shares with you the new pattern of CAT.


CAT 2014 pattern

Section Area No of Questions Time allotted
Section I Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation 50 Flexible
Section II Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning 50 Flexible
Total   100 170 minutes

The amendment in CAT pattern ought to conjointly guide you your Mock check methods. you’ll be able to currently pay less time on the section you\’re snug with and choose further minutes on the queries that you discover long. whereas taking the mock check, you must conjointly keep tab on creating the recent changes to figure in your favour.

Now that there’s about a month left for CAT 2014, mock tests ought to kind associate degree integral a part of your preparation. this text of Careers360 can guide you on why mock tests ar necessary and the way to best utilize them.

Why mock tests?

Mock check is that the handiest methodology of evaluating your current preparation level and re- methods your future preparation plans. It conjointly causes you to acquainted to the question varieties. As consultants recommend, if you solve the past ten years queries of CAT, you have got high possibilities to crack CAT.

Also, if you\’re taking mock check during a proctored atmosphere, that is presumably, you\’ll get wont to the communication taking strategy and also the time management for the communication day.

Therefore, you need to begin taking full length mock tests in proctored state of affairs. Kumar Pratik, IIM Kolkata student who obtained 99.7 %ile in CAT 2013 says, “Give heaps and much of Mock Tests for CAT. determine and rectify on your weak areas, and once you’ve ready entirely simply relax and have faith in.”

When to start out taking Mock Tests

Ideally you must begin taking the mock checks around seven to five weeks before the test. By then, you’d have completed your basic preparation additionally. confirm that you just take mock tests from a noted institute which is able to not solely offer you queries on relevant topics and problem level however conjointly a proctored atmosphere and also the navigation would be in accordance to the newest changes introduced in CAT. “You ought to currently use mock tests to seem at obtaining advanced level observe on the ideas, at the side of sprucing the strategy,” says Manek Daruvala, Director, T.I.M.E.

How to best utilize mock tests

According to consultants and toppers, your methodology of taking mock check can verify your performance on the ultimate day. Following points share the check taking ways to use throughout your mock tests.

Take three to four mocks during a week – Take a minimum of three to four mock tests during a week and analyze them in between. confirm you have got a minimum of one day gap in between two mocks so you’ll be able to analyze and brace oneself for ensuing check. “I strategized in such a way that I resolved three mock papers on Sat and Sunday, every followed by two additional throughout the weekdays. Pre-planning and effective execution of this schedule allowed me to crack the examination,” shares Ajinkya jain, a primary year student of JBIMS Mumbai.

Keep half-hour buffer time – attempt to complete the check among a hundred and forty to a hundred and fifty minutes. Keep a minimum of twenty to half-hour buffer time in hand wherever you\’ll be able to try different queries which could fetch additional marks. “Since you recognize that you just ought to reach the top of the paper by the top of a hundred and fifty min, you tend to stay the pace high. try this by making an attempt solely the straightforward and do-able queries. Therefore, solve the best queries 1st, confirm that don\’t grind to a halt on any question for long and skip the troublesome queries,” advises Daruvala. when completion, you\’ll be able to revise the inquiries to check for silly mistakes. Don’t compromise on accuracy for speed.

Attempt the better section 1st – By currently, you need to have recognized your strengths and weaknesses. it\’s urged that you just begin the check with straightforward and do-able queries so you\’ll be able to gain confidence to aim the more durable and not thus snug queries. Sandeep Manudhane states, “The best strategy is to require 1st what you\’re best at. Do the maximum amount of that as potential, mark all answers consequently, take a stock of true, and having therefore completed that most popular section (test area) of yours, go on to the check space you\’re \’second-best\’ at.”

Allot period for sections and topics – Since CAT 2014 wouldn’t have sectional demarcation, you’re the only real decider of what quantity time to allot for every section and topic. With regular mock tests, you’d have a transparent plan on what quantity time you need for finding section wise queries. “Use the mocks to spot the time that may be needed for every section at numerous problem levels. you wish to know that the time allotted has to be exaggerated or reduced supported the problem level of the paper,” says Daruvala. Suggesting the strategy, Manudhane shares, “You will cut up the complete check into test-areas, and among every test-area, you’ll be able to have \’rounds of attempts\’ viz, first, second, and should be third.”

Sectional Mock Tests – you’ll take sectional mock tests additionally to envision your sectional preparation or right when finishing a selected section among Quantitative Ability & information Interpretation and Verbal Ability & Logical Reasoning. “At the top of every amount, take a simulated check and check your sectional performance. If your try and accuracy is bigger than or up to the benchmarked centile, you’re able to move to ensuing stage,” suggests Vinayak Kudva, PG Head for Mumbai & india.

What when taking mocks?

After taking a mock check, take a minimum of two to three days break before showing for one more one. within the in the meantime, you wish to investigate your performance and prepare consequently. If need be, you’ll amendment your preparation strategy additionally. Get your mock tests analysed by your mentor or seniors. a number of the tips to follow when taking the mock tests ar given as follows:

Analysis – Analysis is that the most significant task when taking the mock tests. determine your strengths and weaknesses, time taken to resolve every section and space and whether or not your mistakes ar a results of lack of focus and concentration or abstract ambiguity. “Mock exams offer associate degree insight concerning your preparations and assist you concentrate on key strategic points like performance, strengths, speed, technique and pattern of queries. a substantial time ought to be spent in analyzing the performances thenceforth. concentrate on your strengths and judge on a time management strategy,” says Soumik Biswas World Health Organization obtained ninety nine.94 centile in CAT 2013 and following PGP from IIM Indore.
Don’t be slowed down by the fluctuation of scores – Your scores in mock tests don\’t seem to be the precise reflection of your performance or preparation. If you\’re taking three mock tests during a week, you\’ll score three completely completely different marks. As Manek Daruvala explains, “This may happen as a result of you have got been enterprise unwarranted/not well thought out experiments along with your strategy, or are writing mocks after you ar tired or not during a position to concentrate. it\’s conjointly potential that there have been undue disturbances around you whereas you were giving the mock etc.”
Note your error kind and alter your strategy – If you’re perceptive any specific pattern or mistake within the mock tests, it might be fairly easier for you to rectify it when distinguishing the explanation for the error. Sharing his strategy, Sourabh Sharma, 99.38 percentiler in CAT 2013 and a student of TAPMI Manipal shares his expertise, “I analyzed the paper and checked wherever i used to be losing my marks. {this technique|this system|this Pine Tree Statethod} helped me plenty. If you follow this, you get to understand the topics and aras that are your weakness. I followed identical strategy for all the sections, revise, mock tests and eventually analyze.”

In the last week before CAT, attempt to take a full length mock check each day. Treat it as your stage rehearsal before the ultimate show. you’ll not solely be ready with the sections and topics, however to sit down through a hundred and seventy minutes straight while not losing focus from the queries.


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