Important Topics for CAT 2016

Important topics 2016

Important Topics for CAT 2016

As it’s a wel-known fact that IIM B is setting up the CAT 2016 paper some common expectations are VA-RC would be difficult, LR-DI could be moderate and Quants will be easier. Chances are that RC will be given a lot of importance.

Based on the previous pattern we could figure out the following: 

Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation:

Chances are, there will be more logical based DI questions (difficulty levels: moderate to difficult). You can’t afford to miss practising these types of questions.

Important from CAT 16 point of view:

  • Logical DI
  • Caselets
  • Venn Diagrams
  • Seating Arrangements
  • Tables

They can play with the difficulty either by bringing more logical aspect in DI questions or by bringing in more calculations. Be prepared for both the ways.

Verbal Ability:

You can expect the same number of questions on RC (23-25) as asked in CAT 2015; in 2016 CAT as well. IIM B could play on difficulty of the RC by including highly diverse topics. You can also expect parajumbles. The rest- Sentence Correction, Para Completion and FIJs could have questions ranging from 1–2. You can go smooth with that!

So it is highly recommended to Practise RC.

Quantative Aptitude: 

For quants; if you look for some previous years papers, you will be able to deduce the pattern. CAT has set quantitative aptitude section with max questions from geometry, numbers, functions and graphs. This does not assure 2016 will have focus on the same topics  but atleast it will help you identify the pattern.

In decreasing order of importance; here are some of the topics of importance:

  • Algebra and Functions
  • Geometry
  • Number System
  • Arithmetic

These 4 topics should cover 75-85% of Quantative Aptitude Section.

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