Infrastructure Management: A New MBA Avenue

Infrastructure Management: A New MBA Avenue

What is Infrastructure Management?

Infrastructure Management is all about taking care of the policies, data, human resources and taking care of all the equipment and other resources of the company. That’s where management comes in. Management helps to organize and look after all the resources and data, policies in a systematic manner.

Which colleges offer this course?

Some of the colleges that offer this course are as follows:

  • Adani Institute of Infrastructure Management.
  • Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development.
  • University of Petroleum and Energy Studies.
  • Amity University

What are the job opportunities that come up with this course?

The opportunity for an individual in this field is huge. The individual will gradually find numerous opportunities as they go forward and explore the market. Exposure and experience in this field will help the individual in achieving higher goals. Jobs like assistant engineers, service managers, project and operations managers and many more.

Which are the companies that hire infrastructure professionals?

  • Multinational business consultancies
  • telecommunication companies
  • cloud service providers
  • global financial institutions

 There are many universities abroad that provide infrastructure management. This course is provided mainly in USA and Australia. The benefit of getting the course done abroad is that a student/individual will get global exposure.


We can conclude by saying that MBA in infrastructure management is a course that will make an individual capable of handling the policies, data, operations, services, equipment’s and the human resources in a systematic manner. Also, the individuals have a wide scope in term of gaining job opportunities.


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