Accelerate your GD PI

KJ SIEs / Dalmia

GDPI is most important part of MBA admissions. You can score well in the written test on the basis of your preparation but for GDPI it all depends on how you convince the panelists. A comprehensive course for the Next level preparation of the B-school Selection Process.

Now AIM for the BEST!


Delivery by Mentors from IIM / SP Jain / NMIMS / JBIMS – These elite trainers are there to guide you through your GD PI Preparations. They understand strategy and pacing and how to transform an ‘average’ shortlist to a ‘smart’ one!

Dhwani Solanki Meenaz Shaikh Kirti Dash Shipra Tandon Maitri
Amit Saahil Javkar Farheen Patel Asther Rathod Adhyatm
Sarita Shivangi Apurva Deshmukh Daksh Harshit
Hitesh Chawla Nayan Jain Atul Zore Saish Sankhe Neeraj
Pooja Mehta Hitesh Chawla Payal Chetan Jadhav Nirmay Shah
Sadhana Sushmita Sunny Shroff Mohit Vora Maitri
Rishabh Darshan Devyani Jha Gaurish Mansi Bodas
Sanika Zeel Pathak Harsh Daisy Alphanso Kiran Yadav
Khushboo Aditya Walinjkar Payal Aditi Sawant Rahul Yadav
Nidhi Sachdev Manas Matkar Janhavi Parkar

And many more.... 50 plus students made it to Welingkar this year!!

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Knowledge Transfer Sessions

You will get guidance from your assigned trainers in the form of review and feedback interviews.

Get the insights from the MBA perspective on the current affair topics, what are the success factors and some constructive criticism to all the key initiatives being taken in the economy. Know the statistics that can give you an edge over the others in every Group Discussion and Personal Interviews.

Simple Concept:” You get us a call and we will convert it for you”