Like thousand other students, I stepped out of my graduation with the dream of doing an MBA from one of the best B schools in India. Determined towards my goal I started appearing for CAT and OMET examinations. The anxiety while you prepare, the rush when you give an examination, the wait and fear of the results all had taken a special place in my life. All of this finally makes sense when you succeed to make your dream come true. The dream of studying in a top ranked B school.

I still remember the day when i came back from my office and a friend texted me that the final results were out. Heartbeat pounding at a thousand beats per minute i opened the site and closed my eyes while waiting for the result to upload. Finally, when I opened my eyes it said “Shortlisted’. That was one of the happiest moments of my life. So soon after the payment of the fees and after the admission process was over I arrived at NMIMS on 5th June where are induction began.

The induction was a one-week process which covered a lot of aspects of the life we were going to face ahead. We were made to watch movies and they were discussed with a management perspective. Then there was an outbound training which gave us the glimpse of how hectic life could be. There were other introductory activities for finance marketing and other domains of management. The induction ended with a Mumbai Darshan to make us familiar with the city.

Soon after the induction the classes started. With an official timetable of classes up till 2, our days ended at 6 or 7 in the evening. Closer to the submissions the college library, cafeteria, the atrium and the classrooms would see us struggling with the submissions until 12.

Our examinations were divided in three components: the class assessment, the midterms and the end terms. During midterms and the end terms the college would remain open until 3. The chatter and clatter of students, the nervousness, the adrenaline rush as time passed away, the tired weary faces which lit up on winding up the courses made it a beautiful place to observe people. The variety that the college had retained was marvellous. You could all types of people. So much so that the batch could demonstrate the complete diversity of India. The air is a home to the thousands of emotions. The place is the birth to most amazing success stories around the globe. And this is how a trimester would just pass away. A blink of an eye and we stepped into Trimester 2.

The trimester two was the toughest part of the year. Our subject count had increased. The courses had become more intense and on top of the mania of summer placements started. The 80% mandate attendance was even more pressurising. From classes to PPTs and then back to projects the trimester ended in a blink of an eye. Though it had beaten the life out of us, it had also prepared us for the lives that we would be living. Stress is one thing that every student at NMIMS knows how to handle well. Towards the end there were a lot of events to relieve us from the days we had seen. Among them the best were the flash mobs. The dance committee would keep on organizing the flash mobs and the whole college would collect and cheer the dancers on random days and at random times.

The third trimester was a slow-paced trimester. The experience of social service which was mandatory for us was phenomenal. Every year NMIMS sends its first-year students to Work in NGOs for a month. This adds so much of value as a manger.

If you would ask me a day at NMIMS, it would be just as normal as every other day in any other person’s life. But it would provide you the exposure with such diversity that will help you build a personality in ways you could not have thought of.

The journey in the college in the past one year has been so enriching. I would say this is not true only for NMIMS but for any good B school in the country. They shape you in such a way that brings the best out of you. The experience of a b school is definitely worth the hard work!


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