MAH CET 2012 Analysis

MAH CET 2012 Analysis

MAH CET exam was last held in the year 2012. It is expected that the exam will follow a similar pattern to the last test. On the basis of the last exam, we will provide you the MAH CET Analysis.

The MAH CET 2012 Analysis will give you an extensive detail of the exam pattern and the type of questions to expect for the exam. The following table will give you the basic structure of the MAH CET exam.


Type Duration Areas No. of questions
Paper pencil test 150 minutes Areas of testing are Quantitative Ability, Verbal Ability, Data Interpretation/ Data Sufficiency, and Reasoning. 200


Now let us have a detailed look at the MAH CET Analysis of the year 2012 when the exam was last held. The area wise analysis is given in the table below.

AREA No. Of Questions
Analytical Puzzles 34
Analytical Reasoning 32
Data Interpretation 15
Data Sufficiency 7
Non-Verbal Reasoning 30
Quantitative Ability: Pure Math 17
Quantitative Comparison 6
Reading Comprehension 10
Verbal Ability 42
Verbal Reasoning 7

MAH CET 2012 Analysis – Area Wise

Analytical Puzzle

This area contained the maximum number of questions. The questions were on Tables and Circular Arrangements. The questions appeared in sets.

Analytical Reasoning

This section has 32 questions. The question types included direction sense, deductions, input-output, and Venn diagram were easy to attempt. The difficulty level of this area was moderate to tough.

Data Interpretation

This section was quite easy. The questions were set based. The difficulty level was quite easy. There were some sitter questions as well but they were not too difficult to crack.

Data Sufficiency

The difficulty level of this section was moderate. The logic-based questions were a bit tedious in nature.


There were 30 questions in this area with 9 questions on analogies which were manageable in nature. The rest of the 21 questions were on series.

Quantitative Ability

This section contained questions on pure math. The number of questions was 17. According to the experts, the difficulty level was very easy and the candidates could attempt all 17 questions in this section.

Quantitative Comparison

The difficulty level of this section was very easy. The number of questions was 6. All the questions were attemptable.

Reading Comprehension

This section saw a significant change in terms of the number of questions. Compared to MAH CET 2011, the number of questions reduced to 10 in MAH CET 2012. There were 2 passages with 5 questions each. The questions were both direct and indirect in nature, as well as inference based.

Verbal Ability

This section had 42 questions. The difficulty level was easy to moderate. The topics included cloze passages, vocabulary, which further included synonym, antonym and odd man out, jumbled paragraphs and grammar. While the grammar questions and jumbled paragraph questions were easy to solve, the other questions were of moderate difficulty level.

Verbal Reasoning

There were 7 questions in this area. The questions were of moderate difficulty level and it was possible to attempt all the questions of the area.



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