MBA Cost and ROI | Secret Of ROI | Education Loan

MBA Cost and ROI | Secret Of ROI | Education Loan

MBA is one of India’s most expensive degrees but on the other hand, it provides high-quality education and industry exposure while offering the best return on investment. The average total expenses for a PGDM/MBA course at any IIM is more than 20 lakhs, and students who are ready to pay so much will surely expect good returns.

What is Return on Investment (ROI)?

Return on Investment (ROI) refers to a college that charges minimal tuition fees but pays large packages or the money the candidate invested. Because an MBA is a costly degree, students frequently seek loans to help pay for it. Every student must choose an MBA college with a high return on investment in order to pay their loans on time and receive the finest possible package.


When it comes to money Indian usually think in a long-term manner like they are investing 20 lacs in any of the MBA colleges and expect that return within a year and this is the right approach. On the other hand, when you’re evaluating your MBA ROI, you should consider the impact of a strong professional network on the value of the MBA investment in addition to the numbers. The quality and quantity of the network one create while pursuing  MBA is one of the most powerful benefits of the program. The ability to influence the value of your network directly. It can and should include your instructors, mentors, and even corporate executives you encounter, in addition to your classmates and peers.

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