MBA in Finance ? Are u the right fit ?

MBA in Finance ? Are u the right fit ?

Let all your queries end here. Dr. Madhavi Lokhande­, Dean of Welingkar Banglore is not only a professor but a social activist who runs her own NGO – “Padhaai” – An education Initiative. Mam has addressed all your question in the given video. Mam has taken interviews in many IIMs & IITs and she has shared the insights on what these top B-schools are looking for. Mam has addressed all your question in the given video. So make sure you watch the whole video.


What are the key learnings if you’re keen towards MBA in Finance?

  • Have Passion and Inquisitiveness to Learn – MBA is not a degree it’s picking up an experience. When you join a Bschool you are passionate about learning and the exposure you get from the faculty. The candidate has a lot of curiosity and then the candidate becomes aware of his/her interest areas.
  • Unlearn and then Relearn – MBA is like a vibrant color box. Every individual comes from a different background. Some are freshers and some have work experience but unlearning those experiences and learning new things from all the bosses (faculty) is the main role of B-schools.
  • Have a passion for Finance – Finance is all about numbers. Finance is not only about investment banks. It’s a huge area to learn new things and tell a story with numbers. There are so many courses that are available online so make sure you make the best out of them.
  • Need for Critical Reasoning in Finance – The word finance deals right from the price of petrol to the war in Ukraine to what it has done to inflation and how Russia demanded money everything going to impact the business around the corner. These pattern needs to be understood and why they are impacting the Indian economy and businesses.
  • Be a Team Leader – If you’re a team leader how does his/her presence makes a difference to the team. Especially others who are coming from different backgrounds. As a finance manager, how will you work with them?  These scenario-based questions tell a lot about the individual’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as their analytics skills. The candidate is judged on his leadership skills, communication skills, and how he/she prioritizes in terms of Decision Making.
  • Be a continuous learner – It’s fine that you’re good with numbers and excels but one needs to be continuously evolving and keep digging only then he/she will keep growing. Nowadays content is available everywhere and if you decide to learn something you can do it.
  • Be the Change – The manager has the power to bring a change in society. As data has become the new gold so look at the things around which will be going to impact the individual behavior and businesses. We are not only talking about investments now we talk about neural networks. The world is evolving really fast so make sure you cope up with it only then you’ll bring the change to society.

Hope these insights helped you in the best possible manner.

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