MBA Interview- what a dean looks for

MBA Interview- what a dean looks for

MBA Interview- what a dean looks for

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As a dean, what do you look for in students?

Students should have a good story & profiles and should have good content to tell in front of the interview panel or recruiters. Certainly, we are looking for good communication skills. Students should dress well for interviews in formals whether the interview is online or offline as this shows good mannerism and professional behavior. Apart from this, they should have business awareness, current knowledge of what is happening, and spend time researching interesting topics. Be genuine as sometimes it is okay to say no when you do not have an answer for something. You should also be able to exhibit a zest to succeed. Consider consciously having a positive attitude and your body language has to be optimal.

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People having some work experience should be able to articulate what they have learned, and how they have contributed to the organization. Show a lot of eagerness to learn and want to take things forward in terms of their career. Some attributes that need substantial attention are Leadership, Teamwork, Inclusivity in this new world & urge to be an entrepreneur as it makes them proactive and contributive.


The future is good for us as there are plenty of opportunities available there. Thus, explore great opportunities for you and then dive in fully.



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