Management Development Institute (MDI) PI Experiences

Management Development Institute (MDI) PI Experiences

Note: This page will be updated regularly as and when we receive MDI Personal Interview Experiences directly from students and trusted sources

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MDI Personal Interview Experience 1

1. Tell me about yourself

2. What’s your work about?

3. What is your role in it?

4. Who are your clients?

1. What is the first internet called?

2. How does HTTP works?

3. Types of OS that we have?

4. Why do we use Windows not Linux?

5. Can the computer OS be used for mobiles?

They both are dull and seemed very disinterested.

Time: 15-20 min

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MDI Personal Interview Experience 2

1. Introduce yourself

2. Why Electronics and Communication in

3. Current Affairs – About Atma Nirbhar Project

4. How did Covid affect automotive industry?

5. Tell me three new car manufacturers entered india?

6. What is MG in MG Hector?

7. Tell three automotive companies which left india?

8. Parents Company of Jaguar?

9. More about my work-ex

MDI Personal Interview Experience 3

1 M 1 F

1. Tell me about yourself that’s not written here?

2. Different types of software?

3. What is metadata and how can companies generate revenue from that?

4. Path to desktop?


6. Netizen?

7. Orkut still functional or not?

8. Liveware?

9. Any authors that you follow?

10. Differences between the book shiva trilogy and show mahadev?

11. Who is Abhijeet Banerjee?

12. Name any nobel prize winner who is also a computer science engg?

13. Any business person you follow and what quality you like about him?

Thanks all the best.

MDI Personal Interview Experience 4

2 panelists, 1 m and 1 f

F: What is the meaning of your name?

F: Do you live upto the meaning ?

F: Where are you working ?
(Followed by some discussion on work ex)

F: Opinion on cloud computing and data security

F: WhatsApp privacy policy

F: Issue with FB against Australian Government

F: Governor of west Bengal ?

F: Finance minister of West Bengal ?

F: Do state governments also have a budget ?

F: Where is townhall in Kolkata?

F: Where is Eden Gardens

Over to Male
M: Do you know what’s happening in Myanmar?

M: Do you know what is FATF ?

M: My job role

M: How many crypto currencies are there ?

M: Difference of Crypto currency and Fiat currency ?

M: Security of crypto currency ?

MDI Personal Interview Experience 5

Background- 97.18, 8/8/7

Non-engineer male (20 months workex)

2 Female panelists both in their 40s

F1: Tell us something not in your form
Talked about the family business and workex

F1: What kind of business

F1: impact of a pandemic on your business

F1: do you know about quad

F1: impact of quad on brics
Answered that they are different and there wont be an impact as objectives are different

F1: what is make in india
Answered but in brief

F1: is there any difference in made in india and make in india

F1: what are your core values
Talked about empathy and philanthropy and mentioned my ngo work

F1: answer in 5 seconds- a brother has 1 brother 1 sister and a sister has 2 brothers. How many brothers and sisters?
Answered 2 brothers 1 sister in 1 second (seemed impressed)

F2: so tell me the impact of rise in price of raw material on your business (asked this question twice)

F2: what kind of market structure do you have
Didnt understand what she was asking told I don’t know

F2: if you have to measure the impact of covid on the economy what factors will you look at
Answered but fumbled a little (she look unimpressed at first and then looked satisfied)

F1: what were your grad subjects
Told (no follow up questions on acads)

F1: what other calls do you have
Told (again no follow up)
Asked to log out

Lasted for 15 minutes dont know what to make out of it but the panelists were polite

MDI Personal Interview Experience 6

BCOM Grad, 6 months exp

P1: Tell me something about yourself

P1: So ur from Punjab, tell me the biggest contribution of punjba?
Told about independence, green revolution, etc

P1: What is green revolution?

P1: negative effects of green revolution?

P1: How to improve?
Some follow up

P2: Diff between afternoon and evening
Told about the English traditions

P2: What is cancer train?

P2: U r an auditor, tell me how would u audit a b school?

P2: So u r coming to MDI to join Unati?

P2: What electives will you choose?

P2: Name a few finance faculty?
Could name only one

P2: Is rahul Gandhi a leader or manager?

P2: Are managers born or made?

Max 12 min interview

MDI Personal Interview Experience 7

GEM 98.8 percentile
10/12/graduation: 9.6/78/81
2 male panelists

P1: Introduce yourself
Started with the introduction when I told him about my graduation from amity then he cut me saying ki amity th bht zoro se advertisements kar rha hai ki world no 1 wagerah wagerah so I had a smiled a bit and said yes sir and continued with my introduction

P1: what was your percentile and calls

P1: what are your hobbies

P2: asked question regarding my work exp

P2: asked me about DBMS and RDBMS
Jitna yaad tha sab bol diya maine with examples

P2: do you remember anything in statistics
I said yes sir but just the basics so he asked me about normal distribution and regression analysis and I only knew normal distribution

P2: Abhigyan I am sure if you try for amity you get admission for free why do you want to join mdi

MDI Personal Interview Experience 8

2 panelists (1M, 1F)

P1: introduce yourself
I did

P1: Questions on labour laws
Answered whatever I knew.

P1: GDP contribution of Kolkata towards the nation
I was not aware.

P1: Kolkata’s business history

P2: work ex

P2: how does the startup you’re working in generate the revenue?

P2: elections in West Bengal

P3: Mamta Banerjee’s broken leg
Answered but they didn’t seem convinced.

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