How do you prepare for MICA GE-PI process?

The MICAT has been designed as a comprehensive test to assess analytical and verbal ability, logical reasoning, divergent thinking, written communication skills, creative potential and general awareness about contemporary social and industry related issues including areas covering media, marketing, advertising and business.

We expect our prospective candidates to be well-read, innovative and intelligent with an analytical bent of mind. A regular habit of reading newspapers and practice in analytical and creative writing would be useful.

GE and PI – These consist of a series of interactions with the candidates to assess their suitability for the Strategic Marketing and Communication driven industry sectors. This does not require any prior preparation.

What is the pattern of GE and PI process?

  Group Exercise (GE)

A group exercise is a team based evaluation process wherein candidates will be judged                                on their performance with their allotted group members.

There will be no screening after the GE.  All those who have appeared for GE will also

Appear for PI.


 Personal Interview (PI)

This consists of interactions with the candidates, to assess their suitability for                        Creative Leadership in Strategic Marketing and Communication driven industry sectors along              with other required traits. This does not require any prior preparation.


What is the cut off score for MICA & GE/PI?


All candidates who apply to MICA with their scores of CAT 2016 / XAT 2017 / GMAT (2015 onwards), will be called for MICAT, subject to their application form being complete and accepted by MICA.


There are no standard cut-offs. Individuals taking the MICAT must attempt and complete all the sections of the test satisfactorily to qualify for the GE & PI.

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