Screamed Prof. Thomson, a professor of Mechanics, when he found her fellow student dosing in his lecture.

Maria, who was still in her sweet hallucination, responded while rubbing her eyes!

Maria: What happened sir?

Prof: You moron how dare you sleep, in my lecture?

Maria: I am sorry sir but i wasn’t sleeping.

Prof: In that case Miss Maria, could you please explain me how does the induction motor starts?

Maria: Ummmm…

Prof: Don’t stress your brain much!! I know you were struggling to stay awake.

Prof. Thomson asks maria to sit down and inquires,

Prof: Class, what do you feel, Are my lectures so soporific??

Guys, have you ever faced a situation as maria?

Have you ever wondered why you feel drowsy in a lectures which don’t interests you much?

Have you ever felt asleep in a seminar or board meetings?

Well, the answer to all is pretty simple!!

Its Boredom which induces sleep!!

This chapter is all about boredom and sleep. Hope you guys enjoy learning the new words based on them.

Here comes the first word!!

Meaning : not likely to cause offense or disagreement and somewhat dull.
This is daytime television at its most anodyne.
Anodyne came to English via Latin from Greek anōdynos (“without pain”), and it has been used as both an adjective and a noun (“something that relieves pain”) since the 16th century.
It has sometimes been used of things that dull or lull the senses and render painful experiences less. So, Edmund Burke used it this way, for example, in 1790 when he referred to flattery as an “anodyne draft of oblivion” that renders one (in this case, the deposed king Louis XVI) forgetful of the flatterer’s true feelings.

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Meaning: A trite statement that is intended to soothe or placate.
A bromide is a common saying or proverb that is obvious and not that helpful, like “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.”
Some people love to say things like “Follow your dreams” and “Love takes hard work.” Such trite, clichéd sayings are bromides. A bromide isn’t very helpful or specific, and people tend to say them repeatedly. The word bromide comes from the chemical compound made of the element bromine and another metal. This kind of bromide was historically used as a sedative, a medicine that dulls your senses, just as figurative bromides are boring and dull.
Shibboleth, Chestnut are synonyms of Bromide.
The meeting produced the usual bromides about macroeconomic policy, third-world debt and the environment.
His speech had nothing more to offer than the usual bromides about how everyone needs to work together.
A newspaper editorial offering the timeworn bromide that people should settle their differences peacefully.

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Meaning: Having no excitement, interest, or new and different events; Boring; Dull
She said horse-riding was “fun” and “exciting” which took her away from her humdrum life.
Somebody who feels comfortable whilst in the home environment, and rarely leaves the boundaries of their property. They may feel pressured to communicate, or may simply feel repulsed by the freedom in which other people mix and integrate. Others see them as “boring” or “dragsters,” with Glibster a modern definition of a Humdrum.
Screw all this humdrum! I’m going out for a drink.
Jack fell asleep during the professor’s humdrum speech.

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