Screamed Prof. Thomson, a professor of Mechanics, when he found her fellow student dosing in his lecture.

Maria, who was still in her sweet hallucination, responded while rubbing her eyes!

Maria: What happened sir?

Prof: You moron how dare you sleep, in my lecture?

Maria: I am sorry sir but i wasn’t sleeping.

Prof: In that case Miss Maria, could you please explain me how does the induction motor starts?

Maria: Ummmm…

Prof: Don’t stress your brain much!! I know you were struggling to stay awake.

Prof. Thomson asks maria to sit down and inquires,

Prof: Class, what do you feel, Are my lectures so soporific??

Guys, have you ever faced a situation as maria?

Have you ever wondered why you feel drowsy in a lectures which don’t interests you much?

Have you ever felt asleep in a seminar or board meetings?

Well, the answer to all is pretty simple!!

Its Boredom which induces sleep!!

This chapter is all about boredom and sleep. Hope you guys enjoy learning the new words based on them.

Here comes the first word!!














Meaning: A phrase or expression that has been used so often that it is no longer original or interesting.
The macho cop of Hollywood movies has become a cliché.
The words cliché and stereotype have a good deal in common. Both come from French, both were originally printers’ terms, and both have come to take on somewhat negative meanings in modern use.
Their original meanings are essentially synonymous, referring to printing blocks from which numerous prints could be made. In fact, cliché means stereotype in French. Their modern meanings, however, are quite distinct.
Cliché is today overwhelmingly encountered about something hackneyed, such as an overly familiar or commonplace phrase, theme, or expression.
The stereotype is most frequently now employed to refer to an often unfair and untrue belief that many people have about all people or things with a certain characteristic.
The adage, Platitude, Trope are synonyms of Cliché.
The worst critic for a writer would be, his book is cliché-ridden.
The saying “a diamond in the rough” is a cliché used to describe someone whose true value has not been revealed.
“Time heals all wounds” is a cliché most heartbroken people do not immediately believe.

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Meaning: a feeling of utter weariness and discontent resulting from satiety or lack of interest; boredom
“As she started to snore contentedly, I lay there confronted with a gnawing ennui, a confounding disappointment that crept up into my brain as I realized I felt nothing but contempt for the person beside me.”
The French loanword ennui comes from the very same Late Latin word that gave us annoy — inodiare (“to make loathsome”).
The English Language borrowed ennui several centuries after absorbing annoy into the language. Ennui deals more with boredom than irritation – and a somewhat specific sort of boredom at that.
It generally refers to the feeling of jadedness that can result from living a life of too much ease.
The poet Charles Lloyd described it well in his 1823 Stanzas to Ennui when he referred to that world-weary sensation as a “soul-destroying fiend” which visits with its “pale unrest / The chambers of the human breast / Where too much happiness hath fixed its home.”
When the antiproton was discovered … it sent a wave of ennui through the physics community. Not that its discovery was unimportant, but based on Dirac’s theory, everybody expected it.
Chrissy got caught up in academic ennui so much that she dropped out.
If there were more entertaining events in town, we wouldn’t be saturated with ennui.

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Meaning : lacking in energy or vigor : apathetic, dull

While the adjective torpid sounds a lot like the noun torpedo, it describes something slow or even inactive, like the torpedo that’s just sitting around before it’s launched.
Torpid comes from the Latin word torpere, meaning “numb,” which is exactly how torpid things act.
A hibernating bear and a caterpillar holed up in a cocoon are two good examples.
You might feel torpid sitting in front of the fire after a big meal.
The mind, too, can become torpid. The writer Samuel Johnson said, “It is a man’s own fault, it is from want of use, if his mind grow torpid in old age.”
When June is torpid, she will snuggle under her bed covers and watch television until she falls asleep.
Although my cat appears to be torpid, it can open its eyes in less than a second and then leap in pursuit of a moving object.

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