This is the class of people, we come across very frequently. From the class test non-disclosing fellows to office boss secret keeper to political secrecy. Secrets and secretive people are everywhere. What is opposite of secret and start with ‘S’, can you recall any such word. Sharing!!! Thumbs up for those who got it, dead look for those who are in still perplexed.

Let me share with you my secret story. But before that anyone out there under 21 years, does not try at home or any other place till you are of licensed age. Story start with four friends including me. We all have different nature, as you can see i am the most entertaining one. Don’t smirk, I really am. Don’t believe then just wait and watch. So from time to time, one or the other friend used to get hung by the late night parties and there’s always some important work the other day. So like an angel I used come with the divine solution or godly portion which make them feel good in ephemeral time. This rout continued till one day when i have important meeting the other day and my friends forced stuffed me with 7 packs of JD (don’t know full form wait till grow up kiddo). What happens after that was legendary blackout. My friends surrounded me as mob surrounds the crime scene. Thinking what next to be done and how to get me back on my feet. They try to recall all the ingredients of solution but none of them knows the whole ingredients. They lose hope and returned back home. Next day in eve, I summoned all of them and they get whole chapter of or say book of abuse.

Vijay with leftover self esteem asked meekly, “what’s the secret ingredient of your portion, we would have got you back on time and you would not have missed the meeting, if you….

Before he can raise his voice and charge upon me, I interjected and he again began submissively

“If you would have been little supportive in telling us the secret ingredients, we would have conflated all of them to make you better” said Vijay.

Rest of guys, staring me with puppy eyes and Ii got carried away.

I replied with a shrug that there are no secret ingredients and before I could make them understand, they all charged upon me and also in compensation to the mental stress I caused them for 2 hours I have to buy those drinks.

My own experience tells me not to keep secret at least with your friends and family. But for rest of crowd and situation be little witty and cunning, because straightforward always get into net first. All charged up after the short story.

Let’s say our guru mantra loud and clear:

All the party people, let’s get startedddddd…….!!!!

Here is a list of few words:



Meaning:  (of a person or an organization) Inclined to conceal feelings and intentions or not to disclose information.I always find him working after school time. He was very secretive about his work. After the bomb blast, the police remained secretive despite the media’s demand for more openness to the issue.

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Meaning:   Kept secret, especially because it would not be approved of.No one can ever imagine that those two have surreptitious affair.
In theater, bags and purses were checked for possible video camera and recorder to prevent surreptitious recordings from leaking out.

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Meaning:  Attempting to avoid notice or attention, typically because of guilt or a belief that discovery would lead to trouble; secretive.

Shenoy was so scared to show her marks to her parent that she spent few furtive day with her friends.Mike and Joey exchanged the salt with sugar in the bottle before dine. When the visitors sprinkled the sugar in their soup, they exchanged furtive smiles across the table.

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