Often when two words sound similar, they are termed as “homophones”, “homo” being same and “phone” being sound. However, there are also a few words that don’t sound the same yet their similar pronunciation can lead to confusions as to their usage and distinction. Therefore, this chapter will run you through a set of words that sound similar or are bound to get interchanged in due course of daily usage.

Meaning : “Flair” refers to an innate ability and aptitude to do something and excel at it. For example: Everyone knew Ruskin had a flair for writing. On the other hand, “flare” is a sudden gust of light that is used in cases of emergency, to signal people, warning signs at battlefields, etc. Example: On being hit by the icebergs, the crew of the Titanic deployed flares in hopes some other ship would respond. Flares are also used by military aircrafts to deviate missiles aimed at them, because the missiles are programmed to follow heat signatures of their exhausts, but the flares trigger the missile at a distance away from the jet so safeguard the pilot and the payload.

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Meaning:  “Sanguine” is an adjective used to denote something or someone that is excessively optimistic or positive in an environment that is excessively demeaning or negative towards them. For example: Even during the flood, the sanguine padre continued chanting hymns to soothe the refugees. Something that is “genuine” is true and original and can be believed in. For example: His efforts towards attaining his diploma showed how genuine his dedication was.

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Meaning: Anything that is “adverse” is negative and painful in every way to a person. It could be used to describe situations, conditions, results, etc. For example: The adverse situations in the town owing to the drought continued claiming the lives of farmers. A situation that is adverse is called an adversity. “Averse” on the other hand, means to strongly dislike or loathe something. Think of the word “Aversion”. Example: His continuous work in the café had made him averse to the smell of coffee.

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Chapter I:

Let’s Play Dirty


Chapter II:

Let’s Learn about God


Chapter III:

From Uncultured to Cultured People


Chapter IV:

Experiences do Matter


Chapter V:

Lets Learn About Family


Chapter VI:

What If you Want to Kill Someone


Chapter VII:

Lets Learn About Clever and Cheats


Chapter VIII:

Future Prediction and Foretelling


Chapter IX:

Top Class People- Achievers


Chapter X:

What Do You Fear


Chapter XI:

What Money Does


Chapter XII:

Angels In Disguise


Chapter XIII:

The Official Guide for Condemn


Chapter XIV:

No Human Being is Same


Chapter XV:

Degree of Flattering


Chapter XVI:

Class of Secrecy


Chapter XVII:

Lets Learn Foolish People


Chapter XVIII:

Whatsapp Words


Chapter XIX:

Are You A Braveheart?


Chapter XX:

Bon Appetite


Chapter XXI:



Chapter XXII:

Learn About Bad Tempered People


Chapter XXIII:

The Maniac Episode


Chapter XXIV:

People Are the Craziest Animals!

Chapter XXV:

Magic Of Sounds!

Chapter XXVI:

When Boredom Induces Sleep!

Chapter XXVII:

Smart People

Chapter XXVIII:


Chapter XXIX:

Praising People

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