Hey Amigos!! Have you ever come across any blockheads who love to make a fuss out of every smallest thing they face?
Well, if you haven’t yet, here we go! Hope this story will give you a slight hint of what exactly bad tempered creatures are!
25th April, it was a sunny day with sun casting over its blessing in form of scorching heat and drenching sweat all over the Chennai. Krishna, a young lad has just visited his native place to meet his grandparents and spend his summer holidays. It was around 5pm in the evening when suddenly he heard chaos of youngsters and ticks of cricket bat and bowl. India is a country where cricketers are preached as Gods. So, it wasn’t amusing, that our young lad sprang upon his bed just to hit some centuries and take few wickets. With the excitement and determination of being a true Viratian of the evening, Krishna inquired his grandpa, who was engrossed watching IPL match between RCB and MI,
Krishna: Dadu!! If you don’t mind, can I steal the show by being a true viratian today?
Grandpa: Sure krishu, I would love to dine with a true champ!! But how?
Krishna: Dadu, there are some boys playing outside in the colony, if you don’t mind can I join them?
Grandpa: Sure krishu! Just make sure the ball doesn’t hit Mrs Desai’s window.
Krishna: Why dadu? Is she a lady Hitler of this colony?
Grandpa: Yeah krishu! She is indeed; just avoid hitting shots that side, everything would be fine!
Krishna: Thank you dadu! You are the best dadu of this entire universe! Love you so much!
After getting the permission from Grandpa, Krishna’s wings were on fire!! He joined the kids outside and started playing cricket together. He was playing some great cricket shots but it seemed that ball was not in his court that day!! The ball hit the window of Mrs. Desai.
There was a big 10cm hole in Mrs. Desai’s beloved window pane!!
Since other guys were localities they knew the rage of Mrs. Desai which was about to unleash!! So, without wasting a single second they left our poor young lad to face the tyranny of the beast!
As expected, Mrs. Desai raged out of her home, holding the ball in one hand and broom stick on the other.
Mrs. Desai: Hey you, tiny chipmunk! Was it you, who broke my beautiful windowpane?
Krishna: I am so sorry!!
Mrs. Desai: I don’t want your bloody sorry!! Where are those other scoundrels!!
Krishna on realizing that he is in big trouble, tried to mollify the Mrs. Desai by touching her feet.
Krishna: I am new to this place aunty ji!! Please let me go. I won’t play hereafter.
Mrs. Desai: Your juvenile tricks won’t work on me kiddo, nor my windowpane going to get refurbished.
Krishna: I realize I committed a mistake, I will ask my dadu to pay for your losses aunty.
Mrs. Desai: So that you can break it again!! I want to put this end to this shit!!
Saying this she took the bat from Krishna’s hands and smashed it against the ground.
In no time, Krishna’s beloved bat was in two pieces!!
Krishna couldn’t hold this anymore and broke out stating,
Krishna: Dadu was very right! You are such a bad tempered and annoying woman!! I hate you aunty!! You are the worst person I ever meet.
So, fellas this are the characters of bad tempered people. In this chapter, we will learn more words which are meant for them.

Here is a list of few words:

Meaning : a violent, unpleasant woman who is often angry; battle-axe
“I refuse to go to your mother’s house,” Karen said angrily to her husband, “because that virago is always yelling at the kids and demanding we do everything she says.”
The original Latin meaning of virago was “female warrior”. In later centuries, the meaning shifted toward the negative.
The most famous virago in English literature is the ferocious Kate in Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew.
Some historical viragoes have also become famous. Agrippina poisoned her husband, the Emperor Claudius, so that her son Nero could take his place (but it was Nero himself who eventually had her assassinated). Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine, a powerful virago of the 12th century, was imprisoned by her husband, King Henry II of England, after she encouraged their sons to rebel against him. Today some people are beginning to use virago admiringly again.
In Hindi, the term “vir” means brave people.
Fairy tales that typically portray stepmothers as viragoes.
When the little boy dropped his ice cream, the virago grew red with anger and punished the child severely.

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Meaning:  an unpleasant woman, especially an older one, who is often angry and often tells other people what to do; shrew
If you were married to that harridan, you too, would take to drink.
You might call the old lady next door who yells at you to stay off her lawn a harridan. When you see the word harridan, think of the Wicked Witch of the West – a mean-tempered, sharp-tongued old woman.
Calling an older, bossy woman a harridan is certainly not a compliment, although most harridans — aside from your strict old scold of an English teacher — probably won’t be familiar with the somewhat obscure term.
It comes from seventeenth century slang, probably stemming from the French word haridelle, or “old horse.”
Shrew, Vixen and Termagant are synonyms of harridan.
Television satirists portrayed Maria as a pinstriped harridan who terrorized her male colleagues.

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Meaning: used to describe something that is spoken or written in a way that is direct, clever, and cruel
If you say something acerbic, or harshly bitter, to someone, it can leave a bitter taste in your own mouth that lingers, and the acerbic, or acidic, words can eat away at the person on the receiving end too.
After John heard his teacher’s acerbic comments, he was not motivated to complete his project.
It is fitting that the first part of acerbic sounds like the first part of “acid,” because the Latin source of acerbic is acerbus, “sour-tasting.” Acerbic speech is like acid, because it is sour and corrodes, or weakens, relationships.
There are ways to use sharp words for humor, and some comedians are known for their “acerbic wit,” but just as you would take safety precautions in using acid in a science lab, you should be cautious using acerbic in conversation.
Our district manager does not hesitate to make acerbic comments to employees who are not doing their jobs.
Mary’s attempt to be clever is often overshadowed by her acerbic nature.

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