In this chapter we will discuss about people who live in the big city go to theatres, attend concerts, visit Restaurants and Clubs, and browse in bookstores, shop at shopping malls, or other large departmental stores.

These activities fill them with culture and sophistication.

Also, they crowd into jammed trains or buses, squeeze into packed elevators, cross the street in competition with high powered Cars and bikes ,patiently stand in line outside the movie theatres and then wait again in the lobby for seats to be vacated. Also, they have the privilege of spending many hours a day going to and coming from work.

As a result, city-dwellers are more refined, polished and sophisticated

And some people live a laid back life far away from hustle and bustle of city

They sometimes lack in social grace, and are considered as unsophisticated and uncultured people

Let’s discuss few words describing above category of people that will always remain in your memory!

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 1.09.30 PMMeaning: Lacking in sophistication, subtlety; not yet processed or refined.

Ram and Rahul were talking to Farida about the lunch and the crude Ram referred Rahul to a sickly person who was eating the leftover food.

“So I’m not toilet paper?” she asked, waiting for the crude Xander to respond.









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Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 12.21.34 PMMeaning:  An uneducated and unsophisticated person from the countryside.

He was a clean looking young yokel; he walked with the typical swaying gait of the ringer, and he wore the green jodhpurs and the elastic –sided boots this marked his calling.

She won’t say anything until she and her husband are back on the road with the windows powered up and with the safety of half a mile of tarmac between her and the crude mouthed yokel.





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Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 12.16.50 PMMeaning: a socially awkward person from the countryside.

This word is so cute, try pronouncing it BUUMMPPKKKINNN !!

Arnav, the minister of the country took such a nasty decision on such a relevant matter that even the bumpkin of another country would not think about it.

Why did that hurt so much? Was it just her ego being bruised? She couldn’t really care for such a low-life bumpkin as he, could she?






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Let’s Play Dirty


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Let’s Learn about God


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From Uncultured to Cultured People


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Experiences do Matter


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What If you Want to Kill Someone


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Class of Secrecy


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Whatsapp Words


Chapter XIX:

Are You A Braveheart?


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Bon Appetite


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Learn About Bad Tempered People


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The Maniac Episode


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People Are the Craziest Animals!

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Magic Of Sounds!

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When Boredom Induces Sleep!

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Smart People

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Praising People

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