There are times when you can’t tolerate a person may because of his habits, behavior, relation with you etc. It’s just that you can’t tolerate him/her for a single moment anymore. You ultimately want to kill him!!!

Umm…That’s not the right thing to do though! One should always try controlling anger.At times it becomes dangerous! And I guess you are aware of legal punishments you get for killing /murder.

Murder unfortunately is an integral part of human life, so there is a word for almost every kind of killing you can think of. Let’s look at some of them.

So chuck out the idea of killing….just learn these amazing words.
Root word in this chapter is CIDE- Killing of someone.

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Meaning: Killing of oneself (Suicide is killing yourself on purpose, dying at your own hand. Some people kill themselves by accident, but that’s not suicide, it’s just clumsy and unfortunate. The word suicide breaks down into the Latin words sui and caedere, which together translate to “kill oneself.”)More importantly,” Fred asked, “If Edith never knew Annie committed suicide, how did she just happen to hang herself the very same way.Are you really going to let your jackass brother send you on a suicide mission?


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Meaning: The killing of one’s king, president, or other governing officials.Pushing even Napoleon to more decided action, Lucien urged his brothers to break with Paoli, the leader of the more conservative party, which sought to ally itself with England as against the regicide Republic of France.Burke at the notion of negotiation flamed out in the Letters on a Regicide Peace, in some respects the most splendid of all his compositions.


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Meaning: Killing of one’s wife Judge of the sixth additional district found that Sidari Subba Rao, a farmer was guilty of uxoricide. The court sentenced him life imprisonment and also to pay a fine of Rs 100000.The risk of uxoricide increased with the greater age difference between partners.


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Chapter I:

Let’s Play Dirty


Chapter II:

Let’s Learn about God


Chapter III:

From Uncultured to Cultured People


Chapter IV:

Experiences do Matter


Chapter V:

Lets Learn About Family


Chapter VI:

What If you Want to Kill Someone


Chapter VII:

Lets Learn About Clever and Cheats


Chapter VIII:

Future Prediction and Foretelling


Chapter IX:

Top Class People- Achievers


Chapter X:

What Do You Fear


Chapter XI:

What Money Does


Chapter XII:

Angels In Disguise


Chapter XIII:

The Official Guide for Condemn


Chapter XIV:

No Human Being is Same


Chapter XV:

Degree of Flattering


Chapter XVI:

Class of Secrecy


Chapter XVII:

Lets Learn Foolish People


Chapter XVIII:

Whatsapp Words


Chapter XIX:

Are You A Braveheart?


Chapter XX:

Bon Appetite


Chapter XXI:



Chapter XXII:

Learn About Bad Tempered People


Chapter XXIII:

The Maniac Episode


Chapter XXIV:

People Are the Craziest Animals!

Chapter XXV:

Magic Of Sounds!

Chapter XXVI:

When Boredom Induces Sleep!

Chapter XXVII:

Smart People

Chapter XXVIII:


Chapter XXIX:

Praising People

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