Most difficult topics in Quants

Most difficult topics in Quants

Few topics that cause Death of scores in CAT exam:

  • Mixture Allegations – 1 question
  • Permutations & Combinations – 1 question
  • Coordinate Geometry- 2 questions
  • Number system- Euler’s theorem- 3 questions
  • Trigonometry- 4 questions
  • Functions & Graphs- 5 questions
  • Logs – 6 questions
  • Inequalities – 6-8 questions


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How to study?

  • Attend live classes regularly.
  • Do not study through hardcopies but take the dashboard access which is now available at a 50% discount, and in that, you will get CATKing LOD 1 &2 bible.
  • After 2 months, do all the Must-do sections present in the dashboard where you need to do all the questions. This is particularly for LOD 2 STUDENTS.
  • There is study material for every kind of student. We can attend recorded lessons for them. There are Advanced sessions, Shortcut sessions, and advanced shortcut sessions from faculties of IIMs, NITIE, etc. There is also a recording of sessions section, so that if you miss a session that this comes to you.
  • When you feel demotivated, look at your final goal. Got to alumni profiles and watch them on the dashboard. Learn through them.
  • Do not leave your preparation till the last day of CAT.

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Timetable for CAT

  • On a daily basis, cover the topic in two sections at least, for example
Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Quantitative Ability Data Interpretation Verbal Ability
Data Interpretation Verbal Ability Quantitative Ability


  • Here, in 3 days, you are covering everything at least twice. You need to do this on weekdays repeatedly and then on weekends, Revise everything, Consolidate and give a mock. Give a mock on Saturday preferably then analyze the same on Sunday.


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