Motivation for CAT: Time for Change!

Motivation CAT Time Change

Motivation for CAT: Time for Change!

           Just after your bachelor degree, master’s degree or for that matter 2-3 years of work experience once a thought might have come to everyone’s mind: Is that all, folks. Being addicted to education for odd 25 years of your life, we become accustomed to learning via classroom coaching. So, when we are at the cross roads to begin our corporate life we tend lack certain skills encompassing both hard and soft skills. Then and there we decide to prepare for CAT. But, after a few steps we decide to chuck that idea because the road is not that smooth and it’s very competitive. Motivation CAT Time Change

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           This article will not only help you realise the importance of formal education in management but also motivate you to apply for a full-time 2 years MBA for the target audience mentioned in the first paragraph. First, of all the people that prepare for MBA, they can be divided into 3 types:

  1. Those who have just completed their graduation or are in their final year. These people typically take the CAT journey.
  2. Those who have some years of work experience (typically below 5 years) and whose objective is to reach their maximum potential in their professional life. This could entail either Career Progression or a Career Shift.
  3. Others, having 5 years plus work experience prefer the taking GMAT exam.

Secondly, I have divided the reasons to do an MBA in 2 broad heads of Not-So-Important and Important categories. The first comprises of:

  1. We want to earn more money
  2. We hate are current job

           If these are your only two reasons for becoming an MBA; they my friend I am sorry to point out to you that your vision about your future is very short-sighted because after a point, these reasons will appear miniscule to you.

Anyways the Important category comprises of:

  1. Career Advancement

           People having approximately 3 years of work experience will relate to this more. Even after spending 3 years for the company (short span) you will still be following orders and executing other people’s ideas.

           After acing your CAT exam, and completing your MBA. You are required to complete jobs end-to-end. From its inception to its execution. It’s like handling a lot more responsibility and delegation of tasks.

  1. Career Changeover

           There a time after working 1-2 years in a profession or after the 2nd and 3rd year of the bachelor degree, we figure out that “ This profession is not my cup of tea. “

           We all know how students end up taking engineering, it’s like fulfilling our parent’s ambitions. Actually after studying a few subjects and mainly after the practical knowledge gained via internship we come to know if we really like to pursue this as a career or not.

           This narrows down to a time for change of profession to a field which aligns with our likings and interests.

  1. Intelligence

           Knowledge gained while doing a MBA is empyreal. In our bachelor, our intelligence was only restricted to the technical aspects of the subjects but, in MBA we require a holistic view about the subjects in general and business in particular. Therefore, with the changing times we also have to change or else we would become obsolete.

  1. Make new contacts

           If you have a friend who is a doctor, another who is a lawyer, CA and other professions life would become so much easier. You will have a specialist to deal with all the problems.

           Education in management will open new doors to people from various backgrounds and walks of life. It is a great place to network and make friends that can make your life not only easier but also happier.

  1. Brand Equity

           Collection of tags to your name always helps. Be it your bachelor degree like IITian, NITian, Xaverian or your MBA Bschool like IIMs etc. When we are starting our career we are judged on the basis of the tags we possess. The better brand, the better job you receive. It’s illogical but this is the harsh reality of life which we can’t push off.

  1. Self-Improvement

           CAT is just a key that opens the door to the elite Business schools of India which takes it upon themselves to make a man/woman out of you. Your whole self-growth is put on fast-track and it leads to a lot of development.

           Adhering to strict headlines, making presentations/ delivering them also, short naps, trimesters, quizzes, case studies, projects all sum up to self-improvement when stretched to a span of 2 years in a Bschool.

  1. Location change

           If the above reasons are not motivating enough for you. After MBA, people also get opportunity change their location.

           Different people have different reasons for location change. Some want to be near their loved ones (Homemade food), others want to fly abroad, meet new people. All your wishes pertaining to this aspect can be fulfilled via CAT exam.

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In the End, we should remember that change is the only thing that is constant. After following our boring monotonous 9-5 routine it’s high time for change. This will lead to the greener pastures and thunderbolt you 8-10 years ahead in your career path.

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