Must bring things on the GRE exam day success

Must bring things on the GRE exam day success

Imagine it’s just the night before the GRE exam and you’re already prepared for the test. You want to list down things important for the GRE Test Day. In this guide, we’ll go over the most important list which you can’t afford to miss! Also, read to find out what makes a good GRE score!

The #1 Item You Must Bring: Valid Identification

A must bring item to any administration of the GRE is valid identification. Without this, you will not be able to take
your exam.
So, what are the requirements for a valid ID?

    • The name on your ID and the one written during registration should be matching exactly, excluding spaces prefixes, accents, suffixes and apostrophes.

  • It is mandatory to have a recognizable photo of you and a matching signature.
  • The ID must be strictly original—not a photocopy.
  • The validity of the ID must have not been expired.
  • In general, it must be a government certified ID; student college IDs, credit cards, and so on are not acceptable. The exact forms of ID that are acceptable vary in every country.
  • If you do not have a single ID that meets all of the criteria, it is acceptable to use supplemental ID. However, the name on all types of ID must match the name you used to register for the test. If you can, bring multiple valid identification proofs. That way if there is any discrepancy with your primary ID, you
    can produce additional identification and still be able to take your test. Read on to find Writing Tips for GRE

Necessities to bring to the GRE Exam: Computer-Based Administration

While valid ID is the only thing that you must bring with you to the computer-based GRE, there are other must bring items for a more pleasant and smooth testing experience:

Extra woolens/Sweaters: Testing centers are usually quite cold due to low centralized AC temperature. Bringing a sweater or light jacket that you can layer on will help you to maintain your own body temperature instead of complaining about the external factors hampering during the test.

Water: You can’t carry a water bottle inside the testing room with you, but you will require it to drink water during the break. Being dehydrated not only makes one uncomfortable but also makes you less productive. Make sure you are well hydrated before the test.

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Healthy Snacks/Energy drinks: This is another item that you is not allowed into the testing room, but can be accessed during the break. A snack is important because the GRE is of very long duration, so keeping your blood sugar up is essential to maintain your energy levels. In that case, it is advisable a snack with complex carbs and some protein—like a peanut butter bar, almonds, fruits, fruit juices, cake, etc. If you just choose something with simple sugars, like a candy bar, your blood sugar will spike immediately and then drop, causing fatigue and drowsiness.

Confirmation E-mail: Along with your ID, kindly bring a printed copy of your confirmation email sent at the time of registration. This email will serve as your admission ticket.

Pencils and Erasers(paper-based examination):  Bring your own #2 or HB pencils and erasers! You can’t rely on the test center having an extra.

Make yourself acclimatized to test-giving conditions by trying out mocks at home in a similar environment and under similar constraints. This will make you ready for the BIG DAY!

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