Must do things inside a b-school (ft. Dr. Pritee, IBS Mumbai)

Must do things inside a b-school (ft. Dr. Pritee, IBS Mumbai)

When you join any b-school, know that you are the customer of your MBA college. You should be Sell-able enough to be ahead of the race with your fellow-mates. Your college is determined to admit a professional who is well rounded enough to study at their institute, perform well and is easy to be placed, hence, they place a huge emphasis on work-ex & character. Do killer internships & certifications as much as you can.

CATKing online courses and mocks

Things to Find:

  • Your Professional USP. You need to sit with yourself for a month or so and find that skill or trait that makes you the best in any field whatsoever. Be it anything, just find it and take it to the moon by making business sense out of it.
  • Extra-curricular Activities. Understand your extra-curricular activities are not your USPs, these are your talents that you need to chisel and showcase to perfection so build this up thoroughly.
  • Ask your Why as to why have you pursued the hobby that you chose. These hobbies could be anything, for example- reading, stock market etc. in order to introduce your hobby to your recruiters or college peeps, you need to do it interestingly by building a story around it. Tell your Why as well as your Niche.
  • Why is your Hobby important to you?
  • What have you done to achieve them?

Now, to answer this with an example: your friend always calls you every time he/she buys a new cloth, why? This showcases your knowledge, instincts & inherent passion to find what is right. Therefore, defines your USP.

The USP crowd

To be more specific, we would insist to write down your skills that you have on a piece of paper and Work on them. Have a USP crowd around you. These crowds are of two kinds-

  1. Inner Crowd– These are more private in nature and shows how your genuine traits. Qualities like empathy, leadership, amiable etc.
  2. Outer Crowd– These traits are more customer centric to put in a broad spectrum. They vision to keep customers before yourself. Qualities like Tech skills, Professional skills etc.

Pro Tip:

Shortlist the Top 4 dream companies that you want to get into and see whether you are aligned to the same according to your inner and outer crowd skills. Always remember, you are doing MBA to hone your USPs & your traits. You can also email the HR of your dream company and ask for their mentorship to have skills required in demand for the position you want to get into.


All the best!!

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