NMAT CD/PI – Tips (Session II)

NMAT CD/PI – Tips (Session II)

Hey there guys!!! How we all doing today? We are back some more tips for you to crack CD/PI sessions at NMIMS.

TIP 3: During the CD, it is not important the number of times you speak, what matters is that you put forward notable points, examples, quotes etc.

TIP 4: When waiting for interview, recollect positive thoughts in mind, talk to other candidates but pay no heed to negative comments.

TIP 5: During the interview, be yourself, do not try to fool the jury, if you don’t know it then say it.

TIP 6: Introspect well before you go for any interview, some questions about your personality may be so random but important that you won’t even realise what hit you. At that time, only introspection about yourself helps.

TIP 7: For GK questions have your opinions about that event, do not just quote the facts, by asking such questions they want to understand how you view the world, how you process things.

I can go on and on… But I believe these were some key points you need to keep in mind.

Be confident!!

Keep a beautiful smile on your face, dress well, have faith in yourself and you will be the winner at the end of the day.

All the very best!!!

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