NMIMS CDPI Experiences

NMIMS CDPI Experiences

NMIMS CDPI Experiences

Note: This page will be updated regularly as and when we receive PI Experiences directly from students and trusted sources

NMIMS CDPI Experiences

What to do after giving the NMAT exam? How to prepare for CD-PI? What is this CD-PI Process? What questions are asked in NMIMS Personal Interview? These are the questions that revolve around your mind after getting NMAT and NMIMS results or after getting a call from NMIMS. Find below some of the most genuine questions and experiences of NMIMS interviews and Group Discussion directly from students.

CATKing NMAT CD/PI Preparation Course 

NMIMS CD-PI Experience

NM Bombay MBA Analytics “detailed” WAT-PI experience, 10th March 2021

Candidate background: GEM, good acads and overall good profile with achievements and experiences.

A write-up about how the Indian fruit market is more than half flooded with imported fruit, some politician commenting on that. Passage was in a tone to seek importance and solution for our in-grown fruits to avoid imported fruit market.
Answer: couldn’t write much, could write up only three paragraphs with mere 3-4 lines each in that given Google form for answer. Starting from the crux of the problem to kinda reaching the possible solutions.

PI experience: (had to wait for like 3 hours)
All 3 Female (F) panelists.

F1 – Senior citizen, apparently looked a bit tired and in hurry. Slightly irritable but matured, knowledgeable and experienced.
F2 – younger dynamic lady with a smiling face and charm throughout the process.
F3 – younger lady with moderate poise and grace throughout.

F1: So briefly introduce yourself
Me: Tried to be quick enough and could tell introduction in a sequence till the graduation experience but suddenly stopped then, so couldn’t say anything about workex

F1: quickly gimme an insight what’s happening with our economy currently and the situation beneath.
Me: tried to explain her the post Covid downfall and adversities. And tried to recollect some pre Covid situation with examples.

F1: If given a chance, what would you recommend to better the situation.
Me: talked about educational reforms and reliefs in tax and upliftment of make in India rigorously.

F1: coming from an engineering background and industry, didn’t expect you to say to our Prime minister about education reform for economic development. You could pose a better option.
Me: tried giving instances for enhancement of ease of doing business and the associated practical constraints in Indian market with it, make in India campaign and vocal for local and how authorities can ample the resources and funds for in grown material.

F1: I’m done, you may continue (passing the mic to F2)

Conversation with F2: (pretty interesting)
F2: you’ve mentioned about APJ Kalam sir as your idol in your SOP, can you name his autobiography?
Me: told about the wings of fire and that I had read it.

F2: you talked about make in India, what’s that? How’s it different from made in India?
Me: explained the make in India concept. Cited examples and references. Gave the difference of made in India by starting that it’s the past form of verb make, so for that we are rest assured. We need to focus and push on make in India.

F2 gives a smile at the Grammar wit thing.

F2: you were talking about a national achievement in your pre grad time, what was that, how you reached there?
Me: explained them in detail.

F2: you’re into design and creativity and also your achievement is in creativity. What else creative you like to do as an interest?
Me: mentioned oratory, blogging, poetry

F2: what’s your favourite poem.
Me: thought a bit and just said “Mahabharat” (especially the Bhagwad Geeta part)

F2: now you’ll have to recite a verse from it.
Me: thought about a bit. Recollected the verse I could remember “yada yada….” Made a tiny negligible error but rectified it and she smiled a bit in that lil awkward situation.. haha

F2: she said you seem to know this shlok. Asked me it’s meaning
Me: explained in detail. Also told that my initial recitation might be a bit here and there but I corrected and I’m in and out overwhelmed with the very essence of this verse.

F2: you seemingly tend to have a righteous inclination in your ways and path and after I heard your previous answer it becomes quite apparent.
Has ever in past any such situation arised of conflict and disagreement where your morals and the others person’s didn’t gel well? if ever the other person is in authoritative position how would you deal with that?
(This was a genuinely very good question)

NMIMS CD-PI Experience

09th March 2021
Civil engineering 1 yr work ex

Panel 1 ( male )
1. Do you know who regulates stock market(mentioned stock market in sop)

2. Who regulates financial institutions.

3. Who is head of sebi n rbi
not Answered

4. Questions on work ex
Answered with justification.

Panel 2 ( male )
1. Have you read any management books

2. Why MBA ?

3. In which companies did you invest

4. Name the pe ratios of some auto stocks
Not Answered.

Panel 3
1. You mentioned you tackled problems in your company Explain with example

2. Name 7 type of construction in civil construction ( there are only 4😂)
Answered (I mentioned only 4)

3. Any other management book

4. Why civil engineering?

Pretty chilled interview.

NMIMS CD-PI Experience

Wat was easy . It’s was about cloud computing and how it is the future

No Gk not current affairs

1. Which company you want to join and why

2. Explain the quote I wrote in my sop

3. Explain mean median mode with examples

4. Fav books ( mentioned I am an avid reader)

5. Fav author

6. How was covid and what did you do during it .

7. Why switching and not focus on banking and finance (doing a diploma in it from BSE )

8. My 3 Learning and how will they help you in mba

9. When to hold sell and buy stock

NMIMS CD-PI Experience

Profile: Nmat 251, workex 14 months as Technical Analyst in Banking industry

3 Male panelists

Panel 1
1. Tell me any experience from workex and rate it with explanation

2. Tell me about a situation where you were supposed to take a tough decision which had negative impact

Panel 2
3. What was your job role in organization

4. Why MBA now since you had a great role

5. Why did you leave your job and what you did in this period

6. What do you feel made your organisation successful and what attributes about it you’ll carry with you

7. Your organisation was in news with RBI. What went wrong?

8. People often say your organisation is like a bureaucratic government department. What are your views on it and why

Panel 3
9. Why should we select you at Nmims?

10. Which specialiation and why?

Overall interview lasted for 13-15 minutes. Was allowed to complete my answers. Panelists are expressionless throughout the interview. Literally

NMIMS CD-PI Experience

24th Feb.
2 Male and 1 Female Panelists

1. Tell me about yourself.

2. Tell me about your academic achievements till date.

3. Why MBA. Not GRE as you have very good Acads.

4. Tell me more about your company. Told about various sectors and financial statements about them and current scenario.

5. What did you do in your job?

6. Tell me about people management and how you managed it?

7. Tell me about some instances where you resolve any issues.

8. Tell us about current maintenance practices followed by you in the company.

9. Which field you want to join post MBA and why.

10. Tell us more about Indian FMCG sectors and companies.

11. What do you do in your free time. Favourite sports.

12. Correlation between chess and life.

13. Tell us more about the most challenging aspects of your job.

14. What do you like and dislike the most in your company.

Overall 15 mins. No grilling. Mostly focused on Workex.

Learn for NMAT from the best experts.

NMIMS CD-PI Experience

Panels: 2M 1F

1. Why MBA? (Told idea of entrepreneur)

2. Asked about it

3. Asked to do entrepreneurship course from NMIMS

4. Why consider you above someone who wants to go in some company?

5. What does your friend like about you?

1. Ask something regarding interest in tech or no?

2. Any business paper you read

3. Any business news in 3-4 months..told budget

4. When it came out

5. What did you like..told privatization

6. What things are privatized?

7. Who presented budget?

8. Secretary of FM


10. Repo rate

11. President of US

12. Something about his book I didn’t knew

NMIMS CD-PI Experience

Panels: 2F 1M all chilled

1. Tell me about yourself

2. Football clubs and international team u follow

3. Who are their managers

4. Why those teams

1. Whats your job role

2. Would any change in schemes of Retail affect your team

3. What specialization

4. Why finance

5. What are the fields you can get into through finance

6. What is F&O

7. Who is RBI governor

8. Who is governor of Maharashtra

1. Other hobbies (workout and listening music)

2. What scheme related to fitness govt launched in past

3. Do u practice yoga

4. Mention some asanas

5. Role model other than Ronaldo that i mentioned

Overall very good interview experience and cracked jokes and made them smile and laugh wherever possible.

CATKing NMAT CD/PI Preparation Course

NMIMS CD-PI Experience

2 M, 1F Panelist

1. Why mba?

2. Who is 15th president of India?

3. Would you like to become RBI governor? Why, how?

4. Why engineering?

5. Sop se related lot of questions.

1. 2 Learnings from a start-up?

2. Prominent faculty from nmims?

3. Start-up culture in India?

4. Govt. Role in it?

5. How has been pandemic to you?

6. Why coding skills? (I mentioned i learnt them in lockdown)

7. Why c++?

8. Why not java?

9. How it is going to help you?

1. What do you like about your city? (Bhubaneswar)

2. What do you dislike?

3. What do you like about cuttack? (Neighbouring city)

4. So finance? (I said no sir, marketing)

5. So fmcg?

6. Sell me coconut oil? Give me 3 solid points? (He was bald)

Intially started with stress interview but then i handled it somehow with other 2 panelists

NMIMS CD-PI Experience

1. Describe yourself in 10sec

2. What is IOT

3. Describe your work

4. What happened at NSE today

5. Sectors which one should invest in

6. What is hyperloop ( Couldn’t answer)

7. Have you met with a person of different personality than yours

8. What did you learn from it

9. Why MBA when you have a good job

Overall not satisfied with my interview .( It was average )

CATKing NMAT CD/PI Preparation Course

NMIMS CD-PI Experience

NMAT score – 248
10th – 95%
12th – 88.4%
Graduation (B.Tech CSE) – 93.9%
Work ex – 18 months @ Deloitte

Interview Questions –

1. Tell us something about yourself

2. Which specialisation ?

3. Marketing vs Sales

4. Why did Tata Nano vanished from the market ?

5. Should we bring private sector in the distribution of Covid-19 vaccine ?

6. You are already in Deloitte. Why MBA ?

7. What did I do at the NGO (mentioned in SOP) ?

NMIMS CD-PI Experience

Serial no 01
Around 25 mins

Three panelist p1(F ,40 years), p2(F, 40 years) p3( M ,50+ years )

1. Greeted nd asked how are u ?

2. Den asked r u nervous?

3. Which stream ? Y marketing?

4. Fav campaign?

5. How will u take forward?

6. How will ur friends describe u ?

7. Mention ur leadership experience and strength ?

8. Had mentioned about cricket so p3 jumps in and asks who is the defender, forward, mid fielder of ur organization? ( I had no clue about football )

9. If there is a team of 6 , how will u score ?

10. Ronaldo is getting all the attention but the defender isn’t, how will u make him appear in the headlines

11. What ur daily work day looks like ?

12. Ur name means happiness, what was the happiest movement in ur life ?

13. How will u make ur parents happy ?

14. If u r sitting with ur 4 friends how would u make them happy ?

15. What is India’s gdp ?

16. Tell in terms of indian rupees.

17. What is fiscal deficit ?

18. Y is govt expense more ?

19. Followed by more questions related to income and expense

20. U r an extc engineer, how would u digitalize everything and bring in new technologies ?

21. Followed by some more technical questions and some scenario related question to market a campaign nd increase ur target audience which I don’t remember

CATKing NMAT CD/PI Preparation Course

NMIMS CD-PI Experience

2.5 yrs Workex – Oracle

1. About work ex

2. Tell anyone business leader you follow in India apart from Ratan Tata and Dirubhai Ambani (Role Model)

3. How will you manage covid crisis from managerial’s perspective

4. Which Specialization

5. Python and R – Any projects and Certifications?

6. Big Data

7. Stock Market – My Final year project was on that

8. Name any two positions you wanna work post MBA

NMIMS CD-PI Experience

Profile : 9.5/91/8.17
Workex : 18
NMAT Score : 250

P1 :

1. Tell me about yourself

2. What is corporate governance?

3. Name 3 CEOs globally?

4. Who is CEO of Bajaj?

P2 :

1. Why MBA?

2. Which domain u want take in MBA?

3. How do u raise capital for a company?

4. Difference between Angel Investor and Venture Capitalist?

5. What are recent changes in labour laws


1. Tell me a stressful situation which u faced with the team

CATKing NMAT CD/PI Preparation Course

NMIMS CD-PI Experience

3 panelists

1. Tell me about your acads?

2. What role do you do in your job?

3. Few questions related to that?

Switches to other panelist.
4. Why mba?

5. How mba will help you, you can do mtech and all or read books on business etc.

6. Many people don’t do mba and degree yet they are leaders?

7. Goals short term long term and medium term?

Moved to other panelist.
8. So your answers are related to tech field. What else do you know about outside your tech field. Have you gone out and explored other areas?
Said yes to that.

Asked to explain a scenario.
9. Explain rcep and india’s exit.

10. Was cut short and asked about trade deficit.

11. Trade deficit of India.
Couldn’t ans.

12. How trade deficit impacts dollar value(something like that).
Couldn’t ans.

13. Largest economy.

14. Asked about the value.
Couldn’t ans

NMIMS CD-PI Experience

(It majorly revolved around my graduation)
P.S. I am a fresher.

Q1. Why MBA after architecture?

Q2. What has 5yrs of architecture taught you?

Q3. Any architect you admire? What is his work like?

Q4. What elements from his work, do you like to incorporate?

Q5. What is the balance of importance between the structure and design of a project?

Q6. Function or form? What do you follow?

Q7. Which specialisation do you wish to pursue?

Q8. How will you integrate operations and Architecture?

Q9. One thing you feel missing in today’s real estate projects?

CATKing NMAT CD/PI Preparation Course

NMIMS CD-PI Experience

1. Give a short introduction about yourself?

2. Explain your work?

3. Why MBA now? Why not MS? Why study so many unnecessary subjects and spend so much, rather you can switch companies to learn?

4. How many customers does your company have? And some more questions on my company.

5. What is PLI scheme.

6. Can it give returns in 1-2 years?

7. Which all sectors do you guys have clients from?

8. In the current India, which 2 sectors have maximum growth potential? Answered EdTech and Manufacturing

9. What is this years budget doing for these 2 sectors?

10. Why not join airforce (My father’s in the air force)?

11. Tell some negative points because of which you want to leave the defence lifestyle?

NMIMS CD-PI Experience

8/9/9 Fresher Marketing

Nmat : 255
3 panelists.
1 male (40+) 2 females (40+, 30+)

F1 : why marketing after civil engineering

F1: cross questioned on my answer
Explained again

F1: which brand do you like
Answered with the reason

F2: which is the most valuable brand in the world
Me: I haven’t read about this but ACC to me it’s Apple

F2: 4Ps of marketing

F1: Are there any more
Answered with explanation

M1: why did you mention this quote? Is this to impress us?
Explained that it has relevance with my experience and not just to impress.

M1: do you know who is Albert Einstein (quote was of Albert Einstein)
I was expecting this question and then answered who’s Einstein and his works and the rest.

M1: do you have anything to ask?
I asked about Atal incubation Mission but they did not seem interested and told we do not know much.

6-7 mins really quick Interview

CATKing NMAT CD/PI Preparation Course

NMIMS CD-PI Experience

3 panel – 1 young lady (F1 ), 2 middle aged professors ( M1 and M2 )

F1 – Tell me something about yourself.

F1 – Why do you want to do MBA in marketing ? You have mentioned it in SOP.

F1 – Can you tell how would you convince the users to HRMS products ( related to work ex ) ?

M1 – you left job after 6 months ?
Me – yes

M1 – why ?
Me – told due covid related… Increased working hours + to prepare for mba exam

M1 – okay , do you follow news ?
: Yes, a bit .. mostly related to my field.( BIG MISTAKE )

M1- Did you study about budget ? (

M1 : Okay, tell me a recent news …
: Told about BUMBLE IPO , was going to say about Byju’s acquisition..

M1 ( interrupting ) : okay, so what did you do after you left job.. did you do anything apart from preparing for MBA ?
: Said was able to pursue my love for fiction ( reading books )

M1 : okay, so convenience this panel why we should select you for MBA ? Bcz we have people with far more work exp …you won’t be getting much points for 6 months ..if any and you even left job for MBA prep … Will you be able to multitask ? Bcz we would be having people who would be able to do so ? And what about MBA pressure ?
: I gave answer along the lines that I was a BCOM graduate, and was the only one in the BD team of an IT company. So I believe I have ability to learn quickly+ multitasking is something which an MBA would teach me ( I couldn’t judge if he was convinced or not )

M2 : tell me about the product on which you were working on ( app )… Who was your market ?

Ended with Thanks.
Lasted 15-16 minutes

Checkout: NMAT Preparation Plan

NMIMS CD-PI Experience

2 male, 1 female panelist

M: briefly introduce yourself in 30 seconds

M: tell us about the kind of work you do + what’s your project about

M: what kind of a company you would like to work in

M: ok great, any particular company in particular?

M: okay how is FMCG coming up with stores that enables auto checkout system

M: how is FMCG benefitting from technologies

M: since you mentioned Big data and analytics, how are they benefiting from that exactly

Okay I’m done

M2: highlight your workplace achievement

M2: let’s check your current affairs/GK, any major news

M2: what’s the difference between actual price we pay for petrol and the crude one

M2: Tell some Budget highlights

M2: you mentioned about tax on education sector, what kind of tax is it

M2: okay. Since your client is from telecom domain, what are the challenges and opportunities for telecom domain
– sir can I take 30 seconds to think about it?

M2: sure but I believe you can handle parallel questions so here’s a question for you, what could have been introduced in the budget.

M2: so do you remember the previous question I asked, you may answer that now

M2: ok so you mentioned the problems for telecom sector. Do you think Jio’s monopoly is good for masses-

M2 to Female panelist: I’m done ma’am you may proceed

F: that’s enough I guess, no questions from my side. Thank you. (Smiling)

M1: all the best (smiling)

M2: you may leave now (smiling)

Overall friendly panelists but cross questioned a little.

NMIMS CD-PI Experience

1. Tell Me about yourself

2. Why MBA HR

3. Why not marketing and Finance

4. Tell me about your favorite internship experiences

5. Your fav company you would want to work in

6. Strengths and weaknesses

7. What will HR professional do in today’s scenario

NMIMS CD-PI Experience

BMS – Fresher – Nmat score-263

1. Why mba

2. views on women empowerment

3. why less women in top management

4. do you read newspaper

5. 3 news from today

6. why less innovation in finance industry and in general in India

7. why indian economy slowing down and how does budget address it

8. digital well being

9. do you track your digital wellbeing

NMIMS CD-PI Experience

Economics grad
21 months workex in digital marketing.

2 males & 1 female
No grilling & they were smiling throughout while listening intently.

It was majorly driven by my SOP, no acads no gk

1. Asked about why mba? (some cross questioning here)

2. Asked me how i’d explain my work to a layman.

3. One major contribution made by me at workplace

4. One weakness

That’s it.

NMIMS CD-PI Experience

GEM – 9/9/7

Btech Civil Engg- PEC Chandigarh

26 months work ex – Engineering design & construction in Atkins

NMAT score-245

PI experience:
1) Tell me about yourself

2) What were your roles & responsibilities.

3) According to you which two sectors will boom after covid pandemic

4)Two salient features of budget

5 )Any Acquisition/merger in Ed tech industry

6) Where do you see yourself 5 year down the line.

7) What difference did you find between indian engineers and engineers who worked with you from the UK team during your job.

8) What do you think is the most important vertical in a corporate -HR/finance/Ops/marketing

9) How has new technologiy helped E commerce industry?

10)What have been your learnings from the Pandemic?

PS-1 female panelist & 2 male they were chilled out.

NMIMS CD-PI Experience 

3 panelists (2 women W1, W2; 1 man M1)

Interview was based on my SOP.

W1 – You have a lot of social inclination, let us what have you done in the project? (Regarding my project)

W1 – So, where did you get the inspiration to do something like this?

W1 – So, what did you learn from it? What was the end objective.

W2 – How did you learn in engineering that helped you in accounting firm?

W2 – What has been your experience like in the corporate.

M1 – Tell us about the internship you did in BD role in college?

M1 – How long have you been working?

M1 – Why MBA and not go and work in NGO because of your social inclination?

M2 – What you want to achieve in life? Where do you see yourself in few years down the line.

W1 – Do you think business has anything to do with the society?

W1 – What are the various verticals of business?

M1 – Tell us about your parents.

W2 – Tell me if you have done any social activity in your company?

W1 – Are you aware of CSR report of your company? Do you know any change in the law for CSR?

W1 – What do you read in your free time. Any book that you have read recently.

Thank you, we are done. All the best.

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NMIMS CD-PI Experience

Education: BE CSE
Work ex: 0

2 male panelists 1 female panelist (M1, M2, F1)

Kept switching turns between themselves a lot (so the order is vaguely correct)
Lasted roughly 10 minutes

M1: So walk us through your day
-told something and mentioned that i read today’s headlines

M2: what did u read
-told 4-5 headlines then interrupted me

M2: engg and mba are so diff, how do u justify

M2: grilled me a little on that

F1: You’re into dancing a lot. If u were to set up a company for dance how would u go about it and how would an mba help u?

F1: big data is talked a lot about today. How is it relevant to mba or a business?

M1: Who is your role model?

M1: No, you’ve talked about climbing the ladder. Who is your role model when it comes to leadership?
-had to make something up on spot

M1: why?
-also made something up

M2: what are the courses provided in the first year of mba
-made vague guesses

M2: cross questioned on that a little

M2: you did computer engineering, what is the diff b/w structured and unstructured data

M2: was that a guess?
-a bit of it

M2: okay i’m done. Sir?

M1: I’m done too. Ma’am?

F1: same here, you may leave. Have a good day.
-thank you

All three panelists had a pleasant disposition overall and smiled a lot. Also no severe grilling. And no GK.

NMIMS CD-PI Experience

(A B.Tech. CSE pass out student with 10th -94%, 12th– 90% and graduation-83% and 18 months of work experience with a reputed Information Technology company).

Introduce yourself.

What was your job profile?

How do you manage your work? (System Integrator)

What did you learn at your work?

What are your weaknesses and do you plan to overcome these?

Who is the chairman of the planning commission of India?

What is the capital of Uttar Pradesh?

NMIMS CD-PI Experience

(A B.Tech. CSE student with 205 NMAT scores and having 10th -85%, 12th- 60.4% and B.Tech.- 72.4 %, 6 years of work experience with an NGO and interest in the stock market).

Why did you start working with NGOs?

Why do you want to come back and do an MBA?

What is the difference between a share and a bond?

How does a company price a bond?

What would you give more importance to Job or Organization?

Tell us in one line why are you coming back from the spiritual world to do an MBA?

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NMIMS CD-PI Experience

(A 98.6 NMAT percentiler from Kashmir with 10th -87.2%, 12th-81.5% and B.Tech. in Industrial engineering -67.1%).

Introduce yourself.

What are the modifications railways is planning to do?

Do you think those modifications are enough?

Name the company involved in the chopper deal?

What is the recent happening in that case?

What is your job profile?

Who are your clients?

Why did you switch to IT after doing Industrial Engineering?

NMIMS CD-PI Experience

(A 211 NMAT scorer with 10th – 94.5%, 12th – 92.6% and B.Tech. in ECE – 9.42 CGPA).

Why do you want to get into NMIMS Mumbai?

Why MBA?

And why don’t you join research with such good marks?

When did you realize you wanted to do an MBA?

What did you do in college events?

Which things did you learn from your college activities?

What has been the biggest challenge you faced in your life so far?

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NMIMS CD-PI Experience

CD-PI Experience shared by a student (He scored 213 and converted the call)

Post-NMAT when you get a call you have to send a list of documents to NMIMS Mumbai within a deadline. (They also accept it by hand when you reach there for NMIMS CD-PI).

Part 1 -> They ask for an SOP. It’s a standard SOP which should include why MBA, why NMIMS, and why you. Make a story of your past experiences that have built you to this point where you feel that NMIMS is the best option for you.

Part 2 -> Submission of documents.

Part 3 -> Reach Mumbai for the CD-PI process.

Part 4 -> Dress well. Wear a blazer and a tie.

Part 5 -> CD – Case discussion process. The group is generally of 10 people and, the topic is detailed. Not a 2-3 line topic but a case on which you need to discuss specified points.

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Now, this discussion mostly turns into an Arnab’s NewsHour debate. Everybody shouts.

Thus, You won’t get a chance to speak if you don’t cross others. However, here is the catch. There are 2-3 panelists who will silently monitor you. Don’t shout or interrupt others if you are not getting a chance to speak. Rather, try to get in 2-3 good points and that should see you through. Try to manage the chaos and allow the silent ones to speak(brownie points). Don’t break the rules of a GD. That’s important.

Part 6 -> PI – Personal Interview – usually a panel of 3 interviewers

If you have work ex be thorough with it. Know what you do and what you want to do post MBA. Be calm and confident because they will ask you tricky questions and stress you a bit. Make sure you know what kind of industry you want to enter after MBA @ NMIMS and check on last year’s placement stats. If they ask you questions that seem to harass or derogatory, don’t lose your cool. They are testing your composure.

Know the current affairs to be on the safer side.

Checkout: NMAT Preparation Plan

Other basic questions are, Why MBA? And why NMIMS? Why Marketing? What is marketing all about?

Part 7 -> If you convert the call be ready with something like 10lacs, which you’ll have to deposit the first year fees either at their campus or through bank transfer.

Hence, the CD/PI process is not tough. They assess your personality and your clarity.

Some points to Remember –

Points to remember1) Only an excellent score in NMAT is not sufficient to convert.

2) Overconfident candidates, very strong high scores, have failed to convert in the past years.

3) There is a 1 out of 2.2 conversion rate. So, chances of converting NMIMS are quite high, as compared to other B Schools, with the number of seats in Core is 540 and HRM is 60 (provided you do well in both CD and PI processes).

4) NMIMS has a 30% reservation for girls.

5) There are 2 rounds: Case Discussion and Personal Interview. Separate CD and PI are held for Core and HRM.

6) So, If you have a low score which is just near the cutoff, you would have to ace both the rounds to get through.

7) If you have a very high score like 230+, you have to make sure, that you don’t mess up either of the 2 rounds.

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