Official CAT 2017 Mock released by IIM Lucknow


Official CAT 2017 Mock released by IIM Lucknow

CAT 2017 official mock has been released by IIM Lucknow on Oct 30th. The launch was delayed by 10 days. If we are to go by the mock; we can expect less number of non-MCQ questions in CAT 2017 exam. These would be no-penalty questions; i.e. you will not be given negative marks for wrong answers.

The DI-LR in CAT 2017 exam may contain just 4 Non-MCQs as against 8. Quantitative Ability segment may comprise of 5 Non-MCQs as against 7 & 10 in 2016 & 2015 respectively. This will increase the chances of getting negative marking.

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Expected CAT 2017 Test Paper (IIMs’ CAT 2017 Mock Test)

Section Total questions Non- MCQs MCQs
VARC  34 10  24
DILR  32  4  28
QUNAT  34  5  29
Total 100  19 81

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Non-MCQs getting reduced each year:

If we are to go by the IIMs’ CAT 2017 Mock Test; there will only be 19 Non-MCQs questions

CAT year Section-wise break-up in Actual CAT exam till 2016 No. of Non-MCQs
2017* VARC-10; DILR-4; QA-5 19
2016 VARC-10;DILR-8; QA-7 25
2015 VARC-10; DILR-8; QA-10 28

This is crucial since it gives more freedom to students if there are more Non-MCQ questions. So students attempting 2015 had more advantage than that of 2016 since they had 28 questions in which they had no fear of negative marking.

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Analysis of Verbal Ability:

In verbal ability, you can expect Reading comprehensions on History, SS and Humanities. Each of these reading comprehensions will have 4-5 questions each and all of them will be MCQs. You can expect 3-4 Non-MCA Questions in critical reasoning, para jumbles and sentence odd one out.

Topic No. of Questions
RCs on History , SS & Humanities 5 RCs each with 4-5 Questions (MCQ)
Critical Reasoning 3 questions (Non-MCQ)
Para Jumbles 4 questions (Non-MCQ)
Sentence Odd One Out 3 questions (Non-MCQ)
Total 34 questions

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Example of Sentence Odd One Out:

In the following five sentences are given of which four form a meaningful paragraph, Find the odd one out:

  1. Man whether civilized or savage is a child of nature, not the master of nature
  2. He must conform his actions to certain natural laws
  3. Civilized man was able to become master of his environment temporarily
  4. When he tries to circumvent the laws of nature, he usually destroys the natural environment that sustains him
  5. And when environment deteriorates rapidly, his civilization declines

Analysis of Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning:

DI & LR are an important part of the CAT exam. In CAT 2017 you can expect to have at least 4-5 questions per set. 3 in Normal DI Sets, 2 in Bargraph and 1 in Pie Chart. 2 sets of 4 questions each can be expected in Analytical Reasoning & Puzzles.

Topic No. of Questions
DI (Data Interpretation)
4-5 questions per set
3 Normal DI Sets
2 Bar Graph DI
1 Pie Chart DI
Analytical Reasoning & Puzzles 2 sets of 4 questions each
Total 32 questions

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Example of Analytical Puzzle: 

Example of Analytical Puzzles in CAT


Analysis of Quantitative Ability:

Geometry will see more number of questions in CAT 2017 if we are to go as per the official mock. Progressions, Boats And Streams, Pipes And Cisterns & Profit And Loss will have 1 question each.

Topic No. of Questions
Functions  2
Arithmetic  4
 Percentage  3
 Geometry  10
 Ratio Proportion  2
 Permutation & Combination  3
 Progressions (AP | GP)  1
 Boats And Streams  1
 Pipes And Cisterns  1
 Time Speed Distance  3
 Profit And Loss  1
 Time And Work  2
Total 34 questions

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Key changes in CAT 2017 Mock:

The CAT 2017 sample mock will be available till the CAT Exam is over. This is one of the most authentic reference guides if you are trying to decode the CAT 2017 pattern. You can also consider practising the most out of it.  We receive a lot of requests giving an idea about the expected paper pattern. Following according to us are the prominent features of the CAT 2017 features.

  • As mentioned earlier there will be only 19 Non-MCQ type of questions
  • You can expect answer options such as NA (not applicable), ND (Can’t be Determined) and None of Above this year
  • In some of the questions (esp. in quants section) you can expect 5 options instead of 4
  • Test invigilator in the testing room will provide you with the Id & password for taking the test; you will not be able to login with CAT Registration Id and password
  • You will have 100 questions
  • CAT 2017 Mock test and the real CAT 2017 exam can be attempted in the pre-arranged order of sections moving from section-1 to Section-3 with an individual time slot of 1 hour assigned for each section.
  • The number of sections remains the same
  • There will be 34 questions in the 1st section-Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VA-RC); in the 2nd section on Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DI-LR) there will be 32 questions and the 3rd section on Quantitative Ability (QA) will consist of 34 questions.
  • Total allotted time will be 3 hours (1 hour per section)
  • You won’t be allowed to move between sections unless the  allotted time of 1 hour is over
  • 1/3rd negative mark penalty on all MCQs
  • A correct answer will be awarded +3 marks for MCQs and Non-MCQs
  • Negative marking for MCQs to remain -1 mark

Given all the above details; do keep in mind that IIMs’ made it clear that question pattern and type & number of questions as appearing in official CAT 2017 Mock may be different from what you will find in real CAT exam.

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Will the Actual CAT be different?

Although IIMs made is clear that it could be different,  CAT Mocks have been a right indicator of the topics and type of questions from past 2 years.

CAT 2017 scores will be accepted by 20 IIMs, FMS Delhi, SPJIMR Mumbai, MDI Gurgaon, IMI New Delhi, IMT Ghaziabad, Great Lakes, LIBA, NITIE Mumbai, JBIMS Mumbai, TAPMI Manipal, XIM Bhubaneshwar among others for admission to MBA/PGDM  2018-20.

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