Online MBA

Nowadays most of the people know about the MBA programs offered by different Institutes in India and outside India. But there are different programs in MBA designed to suit different MBA aspirants. Few of the MBA programs are 2 years full time on campus MBA, Executive MBA, Online MBA, etc. Among all the other programs in MBA let us have a look on Online MBA.

What is Online MBA: From past few years there is a drastic increase in Online MBA not only at international colleges or universities but in Indian Colleges. Looking at the trend the other colleges have also started the Online MBA program. Online MBA is next step of Distance MBA which provides the following advantages to the MBA aspirants:

Customized Program:

Since the Online MBA is a program which is totally different from the traditional MBA programs; it provides a customized curriculum to aspirants to match their schedule. It gives the flexibility to students to prioritize their jobs and other works. Online Program, depending on college to college provides night classes, watch a streaming video lecture, participate in a class discussion via chat room or turn in an assignment by uploading a file. Online programs deliver the same content and require the same amount of effort from students as on-campus ones but in a different way that is a digital platform.

Cost effectiveness:

This is one of the major reasons behind students turning to Online MBA programs. Where the institutes, offers a highly good curriculum and pedagogy in cheaper fee. Students, mostly to pursue their MBA program have to travel to the other cities, because of which the total MBA course cost increases. Though it is good to travel and explore different cities and make networks. But for students who having financial crisis find it very difficult to manage the entire cost and end up with dropping the idea of the MBA. Hence the Online MBA has got them the opportunities to pursue MBA program from the premier Business School.

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Compromise – Say NO to it:

The biggest advantage of Online MBA is for women who, due to their family responsibility and customs sometimes are not able to advance their career. It gives an opportunity to them to raise their families while they complete or further their studies. Apart from the women there are many students who are already started running their businesses and start ups to enhance their entrepreneurial skills while doing Online MBA.

Online MBA offerings: Online MBA programs offer a unique and extensive learning experience customized to meet personal preferences, schedules of MBA aspirants. Aspirants who are looking for independent learning and self directed studies can opt for Online MBA program.

Colleges that offer Online MBA program:

  1. Welingkar’s Institute of management Development and Research.
    Duration: 2 years
    Course: Post Graduate Diploma in Management, Hybrid Learning mode

  2. Amity Directorate of Distance and Online Education, Amity University
    Duration: 1 year
    Course: PG Diploma in Advertising and Brand Management.

  3. Indian School of Business Management & Administration, Chandigarh
    Duration: 2 years
    Course: Master in Business Administration

  4. Universal Business School, Karjat.
    Duration: 4.Duration: 15 months
    Course: MBA + PGDM

  5. Indian School of Business Management & Administration, Bangalore
    Duration: 2 years
    Course: Masters in Business Administration