Best material to prepare for NMAT

Best material to prepare for NMAT

NMAT (Narsee Monjee Management Aptitude Test) is an entrance exam held for admission into all the MBA courses offered by NMIMS Mumbai and PGDM courses in NMIMS Bengaluru and Hyderabad. Apart from NMIMS, several other colleges have collaborated and are offering admission through NMAT. It is a computer-based exam and is thought to a little easier than CAT. A candidate can appear for the exam for a total 3 times out of which consist of First attempt and other two are termed as retakes. There need to be a gap of 15 days between 2 takes of NMAT. It is recommended to appear for another time if the previous attempt was not up to the level.

Test Pattern

NMAT is online based exam and gives each candidate a randomly generated test paper. So, each test taker is ensured having a different paper than other. All the things in paper are taken care and ensured their standard of paper is maintained. NMAT has 3 sections, the number of questions and time allotted to each section is as follows-:

Language Skills 32 22 minutes
Quantitative Skills 48 60 minutes
Logical Reasoning 40 38 minutes

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Preparation Strategy

Quantitative Skills

There are 48 questions of this in NMAT and 60 minutes which brings down to 1.25 minutes per question in this section. There are 4 main important areas in this section – Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and Modern maths. To start from basic coaching classes are best and the material provided by them. This would ensure basics cleared very well. Apart from these, there should be some books dedicated to rigorous question solving. Books like Arun Sharma, Old papers of NMAT available online, Arihant book by Sarvesh would be a good option for preparing. Also, some coaching centres have extensive schedule for NMAT mock test. Registering for them would be of a lot of help. This would give an idea about test pattern and how to manage time for the exam.

Logical Reasoning

There are 40 questions of this in NMAT and 38 minutes which give a time of 1 minute for a question. This section consists of verbal and analytical. Verbal is more time consuming than Analytical. For verbal section book like RS Aggarwal can help a lot apart from the material provided by coaching classes. In this section, you need to develop an understanding on how much time a question will take to attempt it. Attempting easy question first and harder ones for end ensures the positive point for questions know and not attempting them for harder ones. This section cannot be mastered in one day but requires a lot of hard work which need to be started preparing earlier.

Language Skills

There are 32 questions of this in NMAT and 22 minutes which gives only 40 seconds for each question to attempt. This section will test you in several areas like vocabulary, grammar and reading comprehension. To improve on vocabulary and comprehension, refer to the editorial section of newspaper. This will improve your reading skills as well as it comprises of good vocabulary content. There are various apps online which help in preparing for vocabulary and their test help learn faster. Also books like Wren and Martin  and Verbal Ability by Arun Sharma can be of great help.

So in NMAT test you get option on sequence of section in order of your preference of attempting. So, start with your strength in each section and overall to ensure maximum question are into your hand. And at the end of day this NMAT test is to test your overall management skill of attempting paper and how critical situation are tackled. So prepare accordingly and take the NMAT challenge!!!

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