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CATKing Books & Mocks

Book Sets:

CATKing has a special team which designs all the study materials. We have specially designed the books in three sets to help students learn in a systematic manner. Basic books gives a good start for students to understand all the basic concepts which are a must to know. Once the students have understood the basics, we move to the Advance which increases the levels & then Intensive where you get your hands on the actual exam level questions.

  • Basic
  • Advance
  • Intensive


CATKing Mocks are well-known for their actual exam level questions, this is since they are designed by the exam toppers of the respective exams. Not only that for every mock, we have a analysis videos which will help you understand the toppers approach for each mocks.

  • 30 CAT Mocks
  • 30 CET Mocks
  • 12 NMAT Mocks
  • 10 XAT Mocks
  • 10 MICAT Mocks
  • 5 CMAT Mocks
  • Video Analysis for All Mocks

All this for Rs.7500/- Only


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