Sectional time limits in CAT 2015: Good or Bad?

Sectional time limits in CAT 2015: Good or Bad?


CAT 2015 has re-introduced the conception of sectional limits. Master in Business Administration aspirants have to be compelled to try one hundred queries in one hundred eighty minutes. There square measure 3 sections (Quantitative ability, information Interpretation & Logical Reasoning, Verbal and Reading Comprehension) and every section must be tried in hour.

The last time CAT communication had 3 sections was in 2009 and 2010. However, there have been no sectional limits some time past. thus is that the introduction of sectional limits in CAT 2015 an honest factor or a foul thing?

Clearly, IIMs are back to 3 section pattern of 2009, however with the introduction of your time limit. CAT 2015 can still be a paper wherever choice of queries are going to be vital. while not sectional limits (like in CAT 2014), students may pay 0.5 hour on every section initially go and so return to try the tough queries.

But currently this can be unattainable.

So students haven’t any choice to focus a lot of on their weaker sections. One is forced to pay longer in every section.

Students can currently have target correct choice of queries. Clearing the sectional cut-offs can be tough challenge for college students weak in bound areas.

CAT 2015 is for college students WHO have an honest base altogether the 3 sections.


The best thanks to adapt to the present introduction of sectional limits is ‘Selection of Questions’. Going forward, aspirants can need to be further careful whereas responsive queries.

Candidates ought to devise a novel communication taking technique or strategy.

Here are many pointers:

1. we’ve hour dedicated to every section. thus do every section in 2 to 3 rounds.

Round 1

In spherical one solve solely those queries that square measure terribly straight forward or direct-formula based mostly. thus it’s like, you begin with question no 1, if you’ll solve it in but one minute, then try it. Then you progress to question a pair of and you discover that it are often solved  however can take 2-3 minutes. thus mark it for spherical a pair of. If it’s tough, you’ll leave it for currently.
Using this technique you ought to be ready to solve all the simple queries in terribly less time and you have got already marked the queries you’ll neutralise spherical a pair of.

Round 2

Next, return and try the moderately tough queries.

2. Be selective in your approach. you’ll value more highly to try simply ten -15 queries, however certify, all the answers square measure correct.

3. Repeat the four steps again for the remaining 2 sections.

4. Also, confine mind that CAT 2015 doesn’t permit you to decide on the sections. there is no choice to try the weakest section at the tip. thus prepare completely for every and each section.


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