What was Sheena Jain’s approach to prepare for NMIMS CDPI?

What was Sheena Jain’s approach to prepare for NMIMS CDPI?

Honestly this was my first ever shortlist in the year 2016. I know about 75% student go for coaching: they learn the etiquettes required to deal with this round and how to prepare for NMIMS when to enter a CD/GD

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I didn’t expect a shortlist. So, this came as a shocker!

What did I do? I had a few senior friends who sort of helped me to prepare for NMIMS CD, told me what and how to approach a case. This helped me improve or at least sound good and reasonable. I got to know about various cases discussed during previous year interviews through online channels like Facebook and Quora.

PI: I spent quite a lot of time preparing for a set of hygiene questions and practiced them thoroughly.

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If there is one thing I regret, then it’s the fact that I did not give any mock PIs or GD/CDs. Though I am already a student of this college, I believe that mock PI/GDs would have helped me become more confident.

No don’t act cool and don’t be like me. Practice CDPI properly. One must go for mock GDs and take mock PIs. You get to know the perspective of so many people which is only going to help you in the long run.

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