SIBM Bangalore GE-PI Experiences

SIBM Bangalore GE-PI Experiences

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SIBM Bangalore GE-PI Experience 1:

There were 2 panelists one male and one female both seem 60 +
First they asked me my 1) basic graduation
As I told them I did my graduation in B.Com
So they asked me Do you have the topic ” Ratio Analysis in ”
I answered Yes
So they said Ok explain to us 2) Current Ratio and Quick Ratio
And then they asked the difference between 3) Expenses and Expenditure
After that they asked me
4) Name of Health minister, sports minister and Finance minister of India
5) They asked me Financial Capital Of India
6) They asked me India’s current GDP and what is GDP
7) Do you know Latin America? Name Some countries that come under Latin America?
8) Our Finance minister recently issued Budget 2023 so tell us names of some schemes that launched under budget 2023
9) then they asked me tell us Full form of GST and tell us some items on which GST is not applicable
10) Then Male panelist asked me Do you know What is Oxymoron when I told them it is a figure of speech he said not exactly and told me It means two words contradictory to each other and then continuing it he asked me
” Inventory is a necessary evil ” This is a Oxymoron
Explain this statement
He was not satisfied with my answer
11) Then they asked me What is Inflation after that they asked me Is there any word like Deflation I answered Yes so I was asked to explain it
12) Then they asked me whether India is going through Inflation or deflation and why?
13) Since India is going through Inflation when I explained to them they asked me to name one or two countries which are under deflation
13 ) I told Japan , so they asked me to name some Japanese originated companies

Lastly they said Good luck for your Future and asked me to exit the meeting.

SIBM Bangalore GE-PI Experience 2:

Most students have done a 4-year program as a part of their Undergraduate education. Hence, a 2-year Master of Business Administration (MBA) is not very meaningful since the essence can be compressed into a 1-year MBA itself. Plus, most students who enroll for the MBA have a couple of years of corporate work experience, which has already added to their learning. Provide your viewpoints on the ideal duration of the MBA program.

There was a video talking about backpack of life… How we keep filling up the things.. From small things such as drawers of the furniture to huge rooms and spaces..
At the end questions were shown.
One final ques was
Is Indian society getting materialistic?

One by on candidates were asked to speak. On a random basis.
After each has spoken there was open discussion.

2 panelists. Both Male. First around 40, the other one around 30s

Q: Give brief intro which is not mentioned in cv?

Q: Fav subject ?

Q: Then it revolved around Accountancy.

Q: 1 person in India who is not asked for any Audit?

Q: How many security rings does the President have?

Q: What is P&L Acc?

Q: How would you determine if a company is doing well or not?

Q: Can u check P&L whenever u want to (grilled here a bit…. Eventually u can check but u dont do it often)

Q: What is Contra Entry?

Q: Who is Father of Accountancy?

Q: Why is He?

Q: What is Double Entry and why is it better?

Q: Entry of Purchase Return?

Q: What is Inflexion?

Q: What is Optimum production?

Q: What is Consumer Surplus?

Q: Some current affairs

Q: Russia India crude oil mechanism name

Q: Which Adani shares had a great fall after the Hindenburg report?

Q: Which Adani Group has the highest debt?

SIBM Bangalore GE-PI Experience 3:

Engineer | fresher

GE: A video was shown related to Is social media creating social distancing


1) Introduce yourself

2) What happened in Sem 3 other semesters you were good with your marks.

3) Some quants related questions

4) General awareness questions

5) How is budget passed

6) You are a Fresher so what do you expect from MBA college

7) Automata theory related questions (subject in IT Engineering)

8) Fav chef

9) Food blogging related questions

10) Cricket related questions

SIBM Bangalore GE-PI Experience 4:

GD based on topic – “Is deglobalization more harmful for developing nations than developed nations”
Everyone had to speak for 30 seconds individually and then move to a group discussion.
Fish market. Besides a few people who were dominating the interview, not many got to speak at all.

Interview (short interview. I think 7-8 minutes max. Didn’t give me more than 30 seconds for any answer at all.)
2 panelists. Both male. One in his 50s and another in his 60s i think.

P1: Tell me about yourself (only gave me around 30 seconds to speak. Told me to talk about past academics. No extra-curriculars or co-curriculars at all.)

P1: Why business analytics

P2: What’s the difference between Deep learning and Machine learning (i did a course on it). Which platform was used?

P2: How familiar are you with statistics and Excel

P2: Tell me the statistical tools used in Excel

P2: What is standard deviation? (had mentioned this in statistical tools).

P2: What other database softwares do you know of?

Then, Rapid fire GK
P1: What are your views on farm laws? Are they beneficial for the farmers or beneficial for the economy?

P1: Where did the chinese troops enter into the country from?

(Had answered Galwan Valley but they said that’s where the clash happened. Not the infiltration)
P1: Name 3 apps which were banned?

P1: Did the banning of apps help the people?

P1: Vice President of India

P1: Vice President of US

4-5 other GK questions that I can’t remember right now.
Could only answer about half of the GK questions.

The panelists were courteous and polite. Whole process was smooth (minus the GE). Didn’t really grill.

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