SIBM Pune GE-PI Experiences

SIBM Pune GE-PI Experiences

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SIBM Pune GE-PI Experience 1

Date – 20th Feb 2021

WAT- Was given two statements and was asked to relate the two Statements and form a story
1. You can undo one event from the past
2. Sacrifice for the greater good

GE – Was the common 4 pictures and 4 texts thing
100 points for texts and 200 for pictures
Had to decide on a combination of pictures and texts worth 600 points
2 minutes to think
45 secs each to present individual story
7 mins for open discussion
2 minutes to conclude

GE was smooth. Though everyone had a different combination in the initial 45s given to each. We reached a consensus within 2 mins and conclude well.

PI –
Chill panel 2 Males

Started with an extempore
Topic – You are the COO and your competitor is poaching your employees. What will you do ?
30 seconds to think
1 min to speak

PI Questions –
1. What challenges did you face managing a team as a manager ?

2. 1 quality gained from workex ?

3. 2 words your colleagues will use to define you ?

4. Asked about one weakness and reason.

5. What have you read recently ? Talked about how the guy won a nobel prize for the same…(will be kicking myself soon 😅)

6. Which country is associated with nobel prize? (Said couldn’t recall, guessed Switzerland….answer is Sweden)

Thank you and all the best for the result. You may leave.

Very chilled out panel and interactive. No counter question or grilling whatsoever. Went for 7-8 mins

SIBM Pune GE-PI Experience 2

1. If u have an extra 1 hour
2. Lockdown discrupted Work life balance

Gave 4 photos and 4 texts
Pretty sorted

PI : 2 panellist, male Colonel (P1), Female 40+ (P2)

Extempore: A leading mobile phone company discontinued providing the fast charger in the box. As a growing start-up in the mobile phone industry, will you follow the same move to save on net cost? Justify your decision.

P1: Coordinates of Bermuda triangle?
Doono the exact, but told location

P1: What is Mein Kampf?
Donno (It is my struggle in German)

P1: Where do u work?
Told, some cross questions

P1: Given academic record, why dont go for CA?
Told well rehearsed answer

P1: Five rivers of punjab?

P2: 3 qualities u should like to develop while MBA?

P2: One quality why we shouldn’t select you?

P2: Goals?
Told, some cross questions about dream company

P1: Asked some things about NCC?
Donno, gave guessed answers

P1: Asked about Some Rishi/Guru since I do meditation?
Told i do unguided one, some cross questions

P1: Capital of australia?

P1: Capital of Canberra?
Told that it is not a country (Its actually capital of australia)

P1: Last ques, swore to me u will give right answer,
Who is the Speaker of lok sabha

P1: What other calls you have?

Didn’t felt like an interview, the panelist and I were laughing half of the time. ( Colonel made a few lame jokes )

SIBM Pune GE-PI Experience 3

Wat topic(12 minutes were given):
1) you have the ability to see the future

2) future generation
Link these two in 120-150 words

( 2 minutes to think
45 sec to tell why you you choose your pictures and texts
7 minutes for discussion
2 minutes to conclude)
4 pictures were shown ( each 200 points)
4 text lines were shown( each 100 points)
You have to use 600 points and make a story

1) You have 45 seconds to think on the situation
You own a company and your most prominent people are planning to leave and make a new company. What would you do?

2) tell me about your name and the place you come from?

3) you are just 21 and achieved this much. How you feel about it?

4) tell us about your internship

5) in which field you would like to do mba

6)why HRM , you have courses in various field . What’s the point of doing those courses?

7) what do you dislike about your internship?

8) if you would become a HR head ,how would you deal about it?

9) what are the things you have done in college?

10) tell us about your family?

11) would you like to join your father’s business?

12) do you have any question for us?

SIBM Pune GE-PI Experience 4

A lengthy process 🚶🏻‍♂️
Wat topic : Given a chance to star alongside your favourite actor and no one would know about it (SRK fan for life)😂
GE – On the spot thinking with pics and texts (I related cashless economy and internet boom and adaptibility to pandemic era)👨🏻‍💻

PI : 2 ladies around 35

1. How long did you work and why

2. What is reinsurance?

3. Is FDI allowed in insurance companies?

4. How can insurance companies earn?

5. Why do insurance companies not go in losses?

6. Body that governs insurance companies?

1. Why do you want to join father’s business?

2. What line are you in ?

3. What did you do after graduating?

4. How did you contribute to your father’s business?

5. Which field do you want to do MBA in?

Thankyou you can leave

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