SIMC Pune GE-PI Experiences

SIMC Pune GE-PI Experiences

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SIMC Pune GE-PI Experience 1:

2 panelist, 1M, 1F.

M. What if Nandini kasera doesnt gets into SIMC, what if Nandini Kasera doesnt gets what she expects or want in life, what if Nandini Kasera doesnt gets into media and communication.
– Ans. I’ll ofcourse be a bit disheartened, since this is where my interest lies, but if I won’t get it, I’ll try to learn from the mistakes which I made in the process, and will develop that, and will focus on my work.

F. Sorry to cut , but nandini will you take a drop year, what all calls you have, and what is your plan B, and if you take a drop yr, what all skills you think you ll want to learn upon.
– Ans. Ma’am I dont think a drop yr is bad if we are utilising it properly.
Yes I have a plan B, which is to continue my work, and learn digital marketing, and simultaneously prepare for cat and other exams.

F. Since you mentioned about Digital marketing, what do you know about it.?!
– Ans. Told the 3 categories- inorganic, organic, analytics.
And in my current job role, how I’m associated with the inorganic part of digital marketing , which is mostly content creation.

F. So what type of content do you create.
– Ans. Ma’am I am responsible for handling the social media engagement , so I create content like stories, blogs related to business, add posters, and was recently associated with chanakya neeti content creation (an event hosted by LEVERAGED GROWTH) ..

F. Ok, so did you think of any of the specialization you want to do from here?
– Ans. Yes Ma’am media management.

F. What do you know about it and why now brand communication.
– Ans. (Oops moment. The only confusion I had was between these 2 courses) told her what I know about media management and that I am honestly confused between these 2 courses only.

F. why, is it because you don’t understand the meaning of syllabus.
– Ans. Ma’am I know the basic meaning, but even after getting it googled before, it didnt really solve my doubts, and even after looking at the syllabus, there were few things which looked similar to me, so I would like to come and do my first sem here at SIMC, and then with the Guidance and proper knowlegde chose the proper specialisation.

F. Ok that’s it from my side, sir you can carry forward.

M. So nandini nandini nandini, I would want to clarify your confusion between these two.
Tell me the names of media houses.
– Ans. The only name I could think was of Ogilvy. So said.

M. Is it media house, or advertising agency?
– Ans. Sir advertising agency.

M. What are the components in an ad agency.
– Ans. Didn’t really know it well, so said, sir I am not sure about it, I would like to a calculated guess about it, I believe there is designing and content team, then the execution and filming team, cost team.

M. Where would you want to join?
– Ans. Sir designing and creation.

M. I really wonder Nandini, what would your life be if there would be no social media. .your knowledge is restrained to only social media.
– Ans. Sir this is the main reason , I want to join SIMC , to learn and develop the broader knowledge of all the industry. I have knowledge of others, but since I’m working in this field, I know more about it.
And if social media wouldn’t be there,. I believe I wouldn’t get the job I m currently in, but still I would be associated with the advertising agency Only.

M. Again what if not SIMC, and why only SIMC and this course.
– Ans. Said about my communication skills, and writing blog page, and the work I did .

M. Where would you want to see yourself in Ogilvy?
– Ans. Sir in the designing and content team.

M . I meant long term.
– Ans. Sir, not yet planned, first I want to learn and develop the skills, only then I would be in a better position to answer that question.

F. Relax Nandini, don’t rush and panic.

M. Yes yes don’t , I’m not stressing you, or am I?
– Ans . I just smiled .

M. Which is the company you follow the most ? What is the one thing you like the most about it and what is something you hate about.
– Ans. Told zomato, and it’s different add campaigns, how they keep the engagement on. One thing I dislike is at times they go over the top.

M. Exactly, over the top, don’t you think that’s irritating.
– Ans. Sir not creating, maybe it’s their marketing strategy to create that hype in the media.

M. Asked few more questions, answered.

M. I believe Nandini you should know and learn more about the Difference , and not be confused, as I don’t think ma’am will take it for granted and will give you admission and wait for 7-8 months till you decide for specialization.
– Ans. Sure sir, will look upto it more, the next time we meet, I ll be prepared. But as I said, want to learn more before taking a final call.

M. Okayy great, that’s it from my side , hope you understood the difference between the two.

F. Thankyouu nandini, all the best for the results.
– Ans. Thank you sir , yes it Surely helped and cleared a lot of misconception. And thankyou Ma’am.

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