SNAP 2011 Analysis

SNAP 2011 Analysis

Overall exam pattern:

SNAP 2011 had same pattern as previous years. It has 150 questions within 120 mins. There are four sections. Each section, except AR, has 40 questions. AR has 30 questions each carrying two marks.

A General English Critical Reasoning, Grammar, ParaJumbles, Odd Sentence Out
B General Awareness Current affair, business, socio-economical environment, awards, sports
C Quantitative Ability & DI Algebra, Integer, Geometry, Arithmetic, Modern Maths, Bar diagram, Tables, Chart
D Analytical & Logical Reasoning Data arrangement, blood relation, statement/assumption, linear circular arrangement

Detailed Sectional Analysis:

General English

It concentrated on vocabulary, usage, grammar and comprehensive. Other questions were on mixed varieties of FIB, basic grammar, antonyms, synonyms, spellings etc.  Vocabulary question is slightly difficult.



A good score in this section is about 24 marks.

General Awareness

This section contains recent happening in the world of Economics, politics, spots, science, current affairs, books and author, brand and companies etc. It is one of the least time consuming section and quite manageable by just reading daily newspapers.

A good score in this section is about 24 marks.

Quantitative Ability & DI

7A good score in this section is about 25 marks.

Analytical & Logical Reasoning

8A good score in this section is about 30 marks.


Sections Topic No. of Questions2 Difficulty Level
1 General English 40 Easy to Moderate
2 Analytic & Logical Reasoning 30 Moderate to Tough
3 General Awareness 40 Moderate
4 Quantitative Ability DI 40 Easy to Moderate


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