SNAP Preparation strategy (ft. Rahan 99.76 percentiler)

SNAP Preparation strategy (ft. Rahan 99.76 percentiler)

Rahan has got 99.76 percentile in SNAP and got calls from several in elite b-schools. He has a diverse profile so he talks about why is it important to have a diverse profile from interviewer’s perspective. He says to have diverse profile as everyone there in in the interview panel has got 99 %ile when you sit among them, a lot of them will be engineers as well is to standout, have a different talking point helps the interviewer to get out of the monotony of taking various interviews.

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What made Rahan successful in SNAP:

  • Take lots of mocks and analyze them properly. It has to become reflex action to your body that you get into a habit of answering questions.
  • You need to know how to look at a question and decide whether to solve it or not.
  • He took 45 mocks in total and took out time to analyze each question especially the correct attempts because sometimes you need to be open to better strategies as your strategy solutions might not be the best ones. Also, in SNAP if you miss a question that was under your backyard then it’s a big regret for life.
  • He started giving 1 mock in April and post that, 1 mock each week until the last month where he gave 2 mocks per week.
  • He suggests a very structured advice to not let time management overwhelm you. He says divide the questions of each section further into smaller, manageable parts. It gives 40mins to 24 questions approximately so if you give 10min to 6 questions then you have time to do 2 more of them in stipulated time.
  • Develop your own strategy by giving more and more mocks and practice.



He says don’t wait for syllabus to get completed rather focus on making a habit of taking mocks as early as possible. April/ May is the ideal time to start taking mocks and do not stop taking mocks if you get a bad score. Every mock should inspire you for betterment and not disappoint you. It is very important to bounce back after every fall.

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