Strategy for TISSNET

Strategy for TISSNET

TISSNET is the entrance test for the M.A. Program in Human Resources at Tata Institute of Social Sciences. This program is one of the most sought-after HR programs in the country.

Now, preparation for TISSNET is slightly different than the preparation for other MBA entrance tests. The key difference being that TISSNET isn’t that difficult as compared to the others (The General Awareness section, however, is a completely different story).

TISSNET is divided into 3 sections with Quant, Verbal & General Awareness. The weightage varies a bit between the sections.rounded_corners

Let’s take a look at what it takes to crack this exam.

1)    English Proficiency: This section is pretty easy. Like other entrance tests, this section contains Reading Comprehension. The questions in RCs are pretty direct.

Apart from RCs, you should also prepare for analogies, fill-in-the-blanks, paragraph summaries, Para jumbles, sentence correction, etc.

Also, read daily. Try out different topics every day. This will help you to get acquainted with different subjects. Along with this, keep identifying the central idea of each article that you read. And, while reading different articles, learn all the new words that you come across. This will help you in English usage as well. Reading daily will also improve your reading speed.

Focus on building strong Concepts and proper practice


2)    General Awareness: This section poses a challenge to many of the candidates. With its huge syllabus, it tends to be quite overwhelming for a student who is preparing for the test. A lot of people fail to crack this section, because of overconfidence or lack of preparation.

What you can do, is go through the past papers and analyze the questions in this section. You will then get a brief idea, about what topics are usually targeted.

Important Topics: Current Affairs, Economics, History & Geography, Fine arts, Social/Important Films, Literature, Social Awareness, Politics, Well-known personalities.

Read newspapers daily (especially articles on new laws and government schemes/policies). Make notes on each topic that you read about. Keep updating yourself on every topic that you read.

Remember, this section can be the deciding factor in your overall score.  


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3)    Quantitative Aptitude: If you have practiced Quants for the other management entrance tests, then you are more or less done with your preparation for this section.

Overall, most of the topics are covered in this section. So, do not leave out any topic in your preparation. Level of difficulty is medium. Your focus should be on variety and not the complexity of the questions.

This section also features Logical Reasoning questions like identifying number patterns, relationships, premise, and conclusions, etc.

Be well-versed with the different types of Data Interpretation questions as well. They have a tendency to show up now and then.

If you have a good calculation speed, you can zoom through this section. So keep revising tables, squares, cubes, percentage values, etc.

Focus on building strong Concepts and proper practice


Lastly, make mock tests a regular part of your preparation. In fact, solve each and every mock that you can get your hands on. It will teach you how to manage your time while taking the test. You will also get an idea about your strong and weak areas for each section.

All the Best!!

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