1. NMAT gives the option to start with section of your choice. Start with the section you are most comfortable with. LR section is strenuous so I’ll suggest not to start with LR.
  2. Start with English or Quant and doesn’t matter whichever section you chose to attempt first do keep a track of time for every single question. Some questions are intriguing but never get emotionally attached to any question.
  3. Remember NMAT is more about speed not about accuracy so attempt as many questions as possible, leave the unsolved questions mark them at the end when 1-2 minutes are left for the section.
  4. For LR section I’ll suggest to solve DI questions first as they always come in a set of 4-5 questions. Its very important to keep a track of time especially in LR section.
  5. Lastly, I would say do not panic. Be positive, confident and stay calm always even if you are unable to solve a series of questions. Paper always includes difficult questions as well, strategy is to find and solve easier ones first to save time.
  6. Just like you alter between sections, try to alter your individual topics as well. Do not get stuck on one particular topic for days. Try to switch to a new topic every time you change your section. This is important while revising. Sticking to one topic will not allow you to move on other topics.
  7. While practicing, try to practice subjects in an alternate manner. Practice quant section on one day (or few days) and verbal section on the second day. This will help you in maintaining the mood for practice.



Quantitative Skills:

The overall difficulty level of this section was moderate to tough. The section included Quantitative Ability, Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency questions. The topics of the questions include Geometry, Mensuration, Algebra, Permutation-Combination, Number System, Ratio, Work Time Distance etc. According to the test takers, some of the questions were quite time consuming. Quantitative skills had 48 questions and 60 minutes. Data Sufficiency and Data Interpretation are the most important part of this section. All you need is Accuracy and practice to crack this section of the exam.

Tips to crack quantitative skills section in NMAT EXAM:

  • Clear all the concepts, fundamentals, formulas etc beforehand. Do not keep important topics to be covered in the last moment. Last moment preparation always creates confusion.
  • Try to solve as many mock test, online test, sample papers, previous year question papers you can manage. Spend at least 2-3 hours in solving problems related to all important topics.
  • While appearing for any mock/online tests, never put a habit of using calculators as this may decrease your speed in solving questions.
  • While practicing for NMAT quant questions you can set up a timer and try to solve the questions in the given time. This helps you in building your speed and saving your time.
  • Learn the short cut methods to solve the tricky questions.
  • Difficult or tricky questions can be solved with good mathematical. Try avoiding lengthy or complicated calculations.
  • To memorize all the formulas regularly, you should write them down on a piece of paper and stick it on a wall in your room.
  • Always avoid making random guesses.
  • Take feedback from people who have already taken NMAT earlier, read NMAT updates on educational blogs and forums, which are quite helpful.
  • Learn to manage your time properly. Don’t waste too much of time on one particular question. It is advisable to solve easy and medium level questions first as these questions can save some extra time for difficult level questions.

Practice is the mantra to ace the quantitative section in NMAT EXAM. Best of Luck!

With the help of above strategies and tricks it will be easy to crack NMAT Quantitative ability and Overview…

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