How to improve your vocabulary

How to improve your vocabulary

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Want to study abroad? Well, did you know? While learning the language English. learning vocabulary for improving one’s vocabulary is of utmost importance. If you are an aspiring student who wishes to study abroad. You must definitely consider making a vocabulary game strong. Do you know why do students struggle with reading comprehension passages? What fills in the blank questions? recently due to the fact that their vocabulary is not as rich as the essays passages or questions are. Does the key to scoring good marks in GRE or GMAT. Or even the CAT is having a superb vocabulary.

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The one way that promises to improve your English and vocabulary in the easiest way possible is ‘reading’. Yes believe it or not. Reading is the easiest form of learning English and improving your vocabulary. It is imperative that what you absorb and from what materials. Start by reading anything from a novel a book a magazine or even a newspaper. The best way to learn a new watch is to focus on the words that you cannot decipher. Every time I come across a new word. Look them up in the dictionary and write it down somewhere. Glance through the new words every now and then. 


For example, you come across a new word called juxtaposition. Now, what do you do? Ignorant and continue to read? No. You must instantly look up the dictionary mark it down somewhere. Or even try to make a new sentence with it. This will help you memorize a new word. Also, the best way to remember the word is to use it in your daily life.

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The root word

Remember every word has a root word. Every e word in the English dictionary is derived from somewhere. Be it Greek or Latin. Now if you want to master the art of learning vocabulary words. You must know some of these root words. Because most of the words originate from a particular root word. So if you know this you would be able to recognise a lot of new words. That you might not know otherwise. 


For example, let’s take the word ‘malicious’. you might notice one thing that most words starting with the prefix Mal. Turns out to be a negative word. So thus mal here is a root word. Other words from that are formed from the prefix Mal, include malodor, malefactor, malign, malformed, malafide, maleficence, malady, etc.


This is the most important part of learning new words. Unless and until you practice this you will not answer the art of learning new words. For example, if instead of using a sentence like “she made a whole mixture of salad”. Use a sentence like ” She made a whole concoction of salad”


The correct usage

Every time you need a new word on a new word. Make sure you notice the context has been used in. It will help you to form a new sentence and use the said word in future. So if you want to study abroad make sure you have the correct usage!


Exam tip

if you are in on learning new words for a particular exam or even in general. You may use flashcards. Flashcards enable you to constantly memorize the words. I check where exactly you are making a mistake. 

The best part is that they are quite handy and easy to carry.  

The only piece of advice you would like to give you here. Please be consistent in your attempt. Learning new words would only be successful if you are consistent enough. Write sentences with these words and use them in your daily life. Hope you manifest your study abroad dreams into reality soon.


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