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Study In Australia

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If you are deciding study abroad. Oh yeah doing a preparation for gmat. You Should totally consider starting in australia. So you start your preparation of GMAT. And consider the following colleges in Australia. The English speaking country vouches by some of the world best institutions. Along with some of the most renowned teachers.

While studying abroad. Specially in Australia. student get a plethora of options to choose from. When is comes to courses. the courses range from accounting, physical science, health sciences, technology and humanities. students who wish to align themselves with a current international job market. usually prefer courses like big data, international tourism and the internet of things. Since these are the most en vogue courses, nowadays.

Since Australia is a great place to live in. And offers a plethora of work opportunities. It’s living cost is also considerably high. If you plan to study abroad. you will be delighted to know that the Australian government officer number of colleges programs. These programs can help you be of a lot of tuition and living costs. It allows students of study abroad. They are allowed to work for upto 20 hours or week during their course. even post degree one can work for upto 2 hours in Australia depending upon the visa category.

Well if you are planning to study abroad or are doing your preparation for the GMAT. In Australia. Here are the Group of Eight, that you must know about before starting your preparation for GMAT.

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1) Australian national university.

This prestige is university was found it in the year 1946. and rice first in ocean your and 24th in the world by 2019 QS world university rankings. This public university is located in Canberra which is the capital of the country. Approximately 25500 students study here on and average.

This university has seven colleges under it’s gambit. the undergraduate see rangers from AUD 24000 to AUD 45600 per year. pappu scratch relation and doctor courses it ranges from AUD 42000 to AUD 83000.

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2) University of Melbourne

this procedure university entrance text in the world by 2009 3 us graduate employability rankings. it is also public university with over 50270 students. How to make a good 40 designer international. If you want to study abroad and are doing a preparation for gmat. You should know that the under graduation fees over here, ranges from AUD 27808(performing arts) to AUD 81952(medicine) per year. Where are pc course fees live between AUD 31136 (Fine arts) to AUD 63072 (health sciences).

3) The university of Sydney

 cannot miss this. The course fee per year lie between AUD 37000 to AUD 46500. Remember and an IELTS score of 7 or above. Or a TOEFL score of 95 or above is necessary to get into the college.

4) University of new south wales

The university of new south wales much founded in the year 1949. This public university is home to 9 faculties. And offers a slew of diverse courses. If you plan to study abroad. Or start your preparation for GMAT. you must know that this university is highly renowned for it engineering program. Specially mechanical and civil engineering. The course fees lie between AUD 32400 (BA fine arts) to AUD 66480.

Having mentioned all of them. It all boils down to the fact. To what you want. If you are planning to study abroad. Or are planning to start your preparation for GMAT. You should have your goals aligned. All the best.

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