What is the syllabus for MH CET?

What is the syllabus for MH CET?

MH CET is Maharashtra Common Entrance Test which is a state level engineering entrance exam for admission into various B.Tech programmes across the state. It is an offline test or pen and paper mode; no online test is conducted for the entrance exam. The MH CET will be based on the curriculum of 11th and 12th of the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education. 20% weightage will be given to 11th standard and 80% weightage will be given to 12th standard syllabus. Candidates will have to face questions from Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology from the above-mentioned syllabus.

Exam Pattern

The paper will be consisting of 3 papers and each paper has a time allotted of 1:30 hours. There is no negative marking in the exam. Each paper has 50 questions each per topic. Each correct answer to question in paper 1 will be awarded 2 marks and each correct answer in paper 2 will be awarded 1 marks. Other details are mentioned below about the pattern of exam-


Subject Approximate number of multiple choice questions (MCQ) based on class XI & XII Syllabus Marks per question

Total Marks

Duration in Minutes

    Standard XI Standard XII
Paper 1 Mathematics 10 40 2 100 90
Paper 2 Physics 10 40 1 100 90
Chemistry 10 40
Paper 3 Biology (Botany) 10 40 1 100 90
Biology (Zoology) 10


This year MH CET will be conducted on May 10, 2018. Paper 1 will be held in English only whereas Paper 2 will be held in English/Hindi/Marathi languages.

Previous Year Statistics

As per data collected officially, out of registered candidates of 389520 candidates for state level engineering entrance examination a total of 376282 candidates appeared for exam. This is nearly 97% of the total number of students registered.

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MHT 2018 Syllabus for Physics

S.No. Class XII Syllabus Class XI Syllabus
1 Circular Motion Force
2 Rotational Motion Measurements
3 Oscillations Friction in Solids and Liquids
4 Gravitation Scalars and Vectors
5 Elasticity Ray Optics
6 Electrostatics Refraction of Light
7 Wave Motion Magnetic Effect of Electric Current
8 Magnetism Magnetism
9 Surface Tension  
10 Wave Theory of Light  
11 Stationary Waves  
12 Kinetic Theory of Gases and Radiation  
13 Interference and Diffraction  
14 Current Electricity  
15 Magnetic Effects of Electric Current  
16 Electromagnetic Inductions  
17 Electrons and Photons  
18 Atoms, Molecules and Nuclei  
19 Semiconductors  
20 Communication Systems  

MHT Syllabus 2018 for Chemistry

S.No. Class XII Syllabus Class XI Syllabus
1 Solid State States of Matter: Gases and Liquids
2 Chemical Thermodynamics and Energetic Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry
3 Electro-chemistry Surface Chemistry
4 General Principles and Processes of Isolation Redox Reactions
5 Solutions and Colligative Properties Nature of Chemical Bond
6 Elements Hydrogen
7 p-Block elements Group 15 elements s-Block Elements (Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals)
8 d and f Block Elements d-Block Elements Basic Principles and Techniques in Organic Chemistry
9 Chemical Kinetics Alkanes
10 Coordination Compounds  
11 Halogen Derivatives of Alkanes (and arenes)  
12 Aldehydes, Ketones and Carbooxylic Acids  
13 Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen  
14 Alcohols, Phenols and Ether Alcohol  
15 Polymers  
16 Chemistry in Everyday Life  
17 Biomolecules Carbohydrates  

MHT 2018 Syllabus for Mathematics

S.No. Class XII Syllabus Class XI Syllabus
1 Mathematical Logic Statements Trigonometric Functions of Compound Angles
2 Matrices Factorization Formulae
3 Pair of Straight Lines Trigonometric Functions
4 Circle Straight Line
5 Line Circle and Conics
6 Conics Sets, Relations and Functions
7 Trigonometric Functions Sequences & Series
8 Vectors Probability
9 Three Dimensional Geometry  
10 Plane  
11 Linear Programming Problems  
12 Continuity  
13 Applications of Derivative  
14 Integration  
15 Differentiation  
16 Applications of Definite Integral  
17 Differential Equation  
18 Probability Distribution  
19 Statistics  
20 Bernoulli Trials and Binomial Distribution  

Best of Luck for MH CET 2018!!!!


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