The Tale of F Day : First Day

Human beings are strange creatures. We anticipate for things arriving at our doorsteps in the near future, at the same time fear for what lies ahead. The inhibition is often the most evident symptom of this behaviour. In my case, the anticipation was extremely high for the summer internship, something that will be my first major experience of a corporate career. And we all know, how excited we are about our first experiences of anything. You might still recall a few of those first timers; first bicycle ride, first picnic, first solo trip and the list goes on.

It was the same case with me. I was highly excited for my internship at Emerson Automation Solutions. I was excited for life in a different setup. The transition was drastic though; from classroom to cubicles, from Kashipur to Mumbai; from being a student to being an intern. The transition was indeed huge. But then it didn’t scare me as much because I know nothing can be scarier than the first year induction period, an opinion which I believe is shared by a lot of B-School students.

So, I reached Mumbai on 2nd April 2017, a day before the D-Day. The organisation made the best possible arrangements to ensure that this transition was smooth. I got settled in my place well. I relaxed that day after a long journey and devoted my evening in preparation for next day. I checked everything twice just to make sure that I don’t miss out on anything for the first day. I took a good night sleep so that I feel fresh in the morning.
The day finally arrived, the alarm rooster woke me up. I got up quickly, I did my routine and took a cold shower which usually keeps me energised throughout the day. Since I wasn’t accustomed to Mumbai traffic, I left well before time so that I wasn’t late on my first day. Thankfully, I reached on time despite the morning traffic. On reaching there, I interacted with some of the employees at the workplace. One of the HR professionals called all interns and got the formalities done. We were then assigned our cubicles. I got charged up seeing my own workplace. I was highly motivated, ready to take the challenge lying ahead.

After this, the company shared its charter and workplace guides with us. We were made to go through those bland pages. An hour after this each one of us was assigned a mentor. Our mentors held key positions in the organisation. So I was a bit nervous before meeting my mentor. I finally met my mentor who happens to be the Marketing division head of Emerson Automation Solutions. During my interaction, I came to know that he is also an IIM graduate. We had a general interaction thereafter. He asked me to study the organisations business. I studied the company’s business in and out to understand the nitty-gritty details of how it functions. After a couple of hours, he called me and assigned me my assignment. I could feel the work now. He emailed me the assignment’s objective and got me introduced to other professionals, whose assistance I might require for my study. Emerson is primarily into business-to-business services. They are a leading firm in the area of automation services around the world. Therefore, I had to go in-depth while studying B2B services, and the technical specification of the range of products that the company manufactures.

Doing all this work was great fun. I was gathering newer insights about the business. There were things that I didn’t know before. But, then, as they say, there are some things you learn on the go. In the meantime, the company provided us excellent lunch. The company’s canteen gives one a scenic view of the Powai lake. In fact, every day I enjoy my coffee looking at the lake. Its serenity is a visual delight for me. The day ended at 5 PM, and I could sense that with the movement of people. The first day was in all a good experience. In fact, the 9 to 5 job wasn’t boring as I perceived.

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